Why is Canada a good choice to study abroad?


In the last decade, the international student population in Canada has increased three times. In 2018, Canada had 570,000 international students.

As per the ICEF, Canada is the fourth-largest host country for international students after the US, UK and Australia.

UNESCO says that in 2017 there were 5.3 million international students in comparison to just 2 million in 2000. With household incomes increasing, the middle-class population in source countries is more interested in studying abroad now than previously.

Why is Canada a good choice to study abroad?

Low cost of education in comparison to other countries like the US and Australia is the major advantage of Canada. International students still need to pay more than domestic students, yet, it is cheaper than other popular countries.

Canada is also well-known for its quality of education. The country houses some of the most reputed Universities in the world.

Canada has immigration friendly policies and is very welcoming towards new immigrants. While other Western countries are adopting an anti-immigration stance, Canada is welcoming newcomers with open arms. No wonder more international students are choosing Canada over other countries.

International students in Canada can work part-time during their studies. Not only does this help finance their education, but they also gain valuable Canadian work experience.

Canada also offers the Post-Graduation Work Permit which allows students to live and work in the country after they graduate. International students are allowed to live in Canada for up to three years on the PGWP.

Another advantage of studying in Canada is that international students get an edge while applying for PR through the Express Entry Program. International students get additional points for education in Canada. Also, there are many provincial nomination streams through which international students can apply for PR.

Statistics Canada’s research shows that due to its ageing population and low birth rate, Canada is in need of more immigrants. International students have higher chances of being more successful in the Canadian labour market. That is because they are generally young, well-educated, are fluent in English or French and have Canadian work experience.

Canada also acknowledges the fact that international students can bring immense benefit to smaller communities. International students living in smaller communities tend to make closer connections than the ones that don’t. That gives a sense of belonging and such students are more likely to stay back in Canada.

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