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Posted on August 27 2020

Canada extends its border closure with the US for good

By  Editor
Updated July 25 2023

The border closure between Canada and the US with a mutual understanding in the context of COVID-19 prevention is already well known. Now, Canada is extending its border closure with the US for another month to achieve the same objectives.

For now, Canada travel visa is hard to come by for US travelers unless they are traveling for essential purposes.

Bill Blair, Canada’s Minister of Public Safety, has announced the extended closure that will run till September 21, 2020. Considering the epidemiolocal condition of the USA, Canada has been extending the border closure 4 times. The current extension is the fifth.

Canada had imposed more stringent rules for US travelers since July 2020. These travelers were those transiting between Alaska and the contiguous states. In the present state of affairs, travelers from the US are only allowed to enter Canada for essential purposes only. So, Canada tourist visa is not yet usable.

The exemptions granted are to certain US students, immediate family members of Canadians, and Canadians arriving from the US.

Even temporary workers critical occupations as with roles to support supply chains and workers in infrastructure projects. But those from the US seeking immigration in Canada could still enter Canada.

Travel for recreation, tourism, and entertainment will have to wait. This policy is in place as it is necessarily adopted by the concerned governments to keep people in both countries safe from the pandemic.

Consider it natural or quite interesting, a Nanos survey from July 2020 shows that the majority of Canadians are in support of border closure extension.

The whole world witnesses the exponential surge in COVID-19 cases that have happened in the US. As of August 17, 2020, 5,258,565 cases were confirmed positive. At the same time, Canada had only 121,652 confirmed cases at that point in time.

There have been surveys that nevertheless revealed an increasing percentage of people worrying about getting infected by the pandemic. Hence Canada has been stepping up border closure to foreigners outside of the US until August 31, 2020. Nevertheless, this comes with exemptions but despite an open letter from international airlines. They urged the Canadian government to ease its restrictions to European travelers.

But there’s a regular monthly review of travel restrictions done by Canada. It’s still to be known what change in the restrictions will be applied to whom, in the next review.

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