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Tomorrows belongs to all those who prepare for it today all you have to do is pursue and trust yourself. And everything in our lives is just a reflection of a choice we make. This determines a student’s ability and efficiency irrespective of what streams of academic excellence they represent. Each year hundreds and thousands of students attend Canadian colleges and universities offering the best quality education for degrees and diplomas from any discipline.

As a matter of fact, students from Canadian universities are highly regarded globally with ultra modern campuses. Undoubtedly Canada is a friendly and safe country with affordable standards of living and additional health benefits. Canada is recognized amongst the top safest countries in the world.

Each year Canada plays the perfect host for 130,000 students who stride from various parts of the world. Let’s make the research feasible for you. Initially, for getting a student visa for Canada a letter of acceptance is first to obtain which is needed before the Visa is applied. Then the students should be completing an application form, including the submission of academic credentials, passport copy and a proof of English language ability. After all, these documents are submitted to the university an acceptance letter is released.

After the student receives the acceptance letter the tuition fees mentioned on that letter has to be paid which can be made through an international wire transfer. Then the respective institution sends an acknowledgment which should be submitted as evidence at the time of applying for the student visa. The best place to live and the best place to study also presents to students a greater opportunity to avail scholarship opportunities which would make the big costs small.

A Canadian student visa authorizes to work on a part-time on and off campus as long as the academic records are satisfactory. The awarded hours of work are 20 hours per week. This would enable the student to meet their educational costs. Students are also advised to acquire a guaranteed investment certificate (GIC) which is an added support for students who get beneficial support on a monthly basis.

A quick walk through the documents needed for a student visa to Canada begins with the visa application form, a valid passport, a family information form, letter of acceptance from the institution, proof of English proficiency test, academic documents, acknowledgment of the tuition fees paid, Proof of the GIC which can be obtained from recognized banks, A student questionnaire has to be filled by the applicant themselves last but not least medical certificate is mandate.

If a postgraduate program has opted, then the students must have a minimum of 50% from the bachelor’s degree, An IELTS score of 6.5 bands, evidence of the tuition fee being paid, and an Educational loan covering 80% of the one-year tuition fees.

International students can also apply for a permanent residency after completing a stay of 15 to 18 months within Canada. The processing time it takes is 3-4 weeks approximately for the visa cycle to complete.

Canada has been an international leader in computer and information technologies and a great amount of reputation in sectors such as telecommunication, transportation, and engineering. Precisely meaning a student’s life will on a higher acceleration after the completion of studies. Studying in Canada opens up a wealth of innovators from various disciplines.

With scores of best universities in Canada, you might find it tough to select the best one. Y-Axis would do all that gritty research for you. And we assure that you would discover how we customize the best solutions for your every immigration need.

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