Canada announces new guidelines for expired visa holders

Canada COPR PR visas

Canada immigration department has brought out new guidelines for those who hold expired permanent residence (PR) visas.

Now, people possessing PRV (Permanent Resident Visa) and COPR (Confirmation of Permanent Residence) but with the expired documents will still be allowed to enter Canada.

Canada’s policies regarding holders of expired visas are different for those coming from the US or any other country. Those from outside the US must have procured their visas on or before March 18, 2020. Only then they will qualify for the new measure now declared.

US visa holders will in any case qualify for entry, no matter when they got their visa.

If anyone wants to arrive in Canada and become a permanent resident now, they must have the intention to stay and settle in the country. Unless a traveler is exempt from restrictions, he/she cannot come to Canada temporarily.

The trip to Canada must be non-discretionary. Examples of non-discretionary travel that the Canadian government gives include:

  • Travel with a valid PRV and COPR, from any nation except the US
  • Travel with a valid PRV and COPR, from the US
  • Travel with an expired PRV and COPR, from any other nation except the U.S.
  • Travel with an expired PRV and COPR,from the US

An applicant for permanent residence in possession of an outdated PRV and COPR and is ready to travel to Canada are instructed to contact IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) via a web form. The applicant should provide the expiry date of the COPR along with the non-discretionary reasons for travel.

IRCC will then refer the web form application to the appropriate processing network. Then, the network will assess the application on the basis of the following eligibility criteria for which proof must be gathered that:

  • you have a proposed travel itinerary
  • you have an acceptable plan for 14-days quarantine in Canada
  • you have an acceptable plan to settle

The applicant and applicant’s family members must meet criteria like:

  • The person held a valid PRV and COPRon or before 18thMarch 2020, but those documents have now expired (US-based applicants need no specific date)
  • The person has an important reason to travel to Canada now, like:
    • critical infrastructure support
    • for economic reasons such as to support economic services and supply chains
    • need to tend to non-discretionary family matters
    • expiring status in the US
    • need of immediate medical care
    • family reunification
  • The country where the person resides does not restrict the ability to travel to Canada

IRCC will prioritize clients who have a travel plan either proposed or confirmed. Such a plan has to be detailed. Priority will also be given to clients who show a willingness to make booking and confirm travel plans the sooner they are approved.

Canada is accepting new applications for permanent residence now. New applications that are incomplete owing to missing documentation will be kept in the file and subjected to review within 90 days.

But if a new application does not have supporting documentation, it should accompany an explanation with a reference to the interruptions in service owing to COVID-19-related travel restrictions. Such an explanation is important. It may result in the promotion and reviewal of the application within 90 days. The processing of new applications will be done in the order of their receipt.

New applications for permanent residence that are completed are still under processing as per the normal procedures.

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