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Posted on January 19 2023

Canada announces clearance of visit visa backlogs by February 2023

By  Editor
Updated August 24 2023

Highlights: Clearance of Canadian visit visa backlogs by Feb 2023

  • IRCC plans to ease the eligibility criteria for visit visas in 2023
  • More than half a million pending visit visa backlogs are to be cleared by February.
  • Canada to reintroduce Flag poling.
  • Strategies have been considered to reduce the processing time for visit visa applications.
  • Canada to process over 195,000 visit visa applications in bulk
  • Nearly 450,000 candidates could have a relaxed eligibility criterion with a short waiting time.

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Flag poling: A new way of reinstating Canadian visas

Flagpoling is a term that arises when an immigrant living in Canada leaves the country and returns at a later stage without crossing the borders of The United States of America. Flagpoling is used by individuals who already have study or work permits and are seeking to renew them. Flagpoling lets you acquire a new visa, such as a temporary residence, or revive a work permit or study permit.

Canada reintroducing Flagpoling

  • Canada has actively decided to reintroduce Flagpoling to compensate for the growing need for skilled workers.
  • According to the reports, specific visa applications for Canada have been pending for over a year.
  • The delay in the application processing time has caused business visa setbacks, contributing to the economy's growth.
  • Canada in 2023 requires more foreign professionals that are skilled and can participate in building up the Canadian economy.

Why consider Flagpoling?

Flagpoling comes with long-term benefits that can promote better career lookouts for individuals seeking to settle in Canada.

  • During the tenure of your travel, if you happen to find a job in Canada, you can easily convert your visit visa to a work permit visa.
  • This can be conveniently done at the USA-Canada border.
  • Students can renew their student visas through Flagpoling.
  • Business professionals can renew their work permit visas through Flagpoling.

*Flagpoling is advantageous for Canada as a country and foreign nationals, provided you match the criteria.

Canada visitor visa: Eligibility

To qualify or become eligible for the Canada visitor visa, the candidate must adhere to a set of criteria –

  • Proof of funds – The candidate must show evidence of sufficient funds to provide for themselves throughout their visitation.
  • No criminal history – The candidate should not have a record of illegal activity and must obey Canadian rules.
  • Letter of Invitation – This applies to candidates who wish to stay with their friends or relatives. The Canadian resident sponsor must provide a letter of invitation.
  • Temporary resident visa – This is only applicable to people belonging to certain countries.
  • Additional criteria – Some profiles and applications would have different standards and requirements that have to be met.

Canada visitor visa: Documentation

  • A valid passport
  • Proof of nationality.
  • Proof of sufficient funds
  • Letter of Invitation (If you plan on seeking accommodation at their place)
  • Proof of medical clearance.

How Y-Axis can help you travel to Canada?

  • Identifying the best strategy to get your visit visa
  • Advising you on finances to be shown
  • Advising you on papers to be presented
  • Help in filling of forms
  • Review of all your papers before their submission

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