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Australia Skilled Work Visa
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Australia skilled migration visa is a process that involves diverse stages. The first requirement is that you should possess one of the skills that are mentioned in the skills shortage list for Australia. There is huge demand for people with diverse skills in Australia. To facilitate the immigration of skilled workers across the globe, the Australian government has formed a list of skills occupation that elaborates on different types of occupations and required skills. Y-Axis Dubai will assist you through a free assessment to determine whether you possess one of the skills required for Australia Skilled Visa.

For Australia Skilled Migration from Dubai, once it is assessed that you have the required skills, the next step is that you must secure a minimum score of points in the assessment for points. The various factors for which you will secure points are work experience, age, linguistic ability in English and nature of the job. In case you have close relatives in Australia or you have studied or worked in Australia you are eligible for additional points. Australia visa for skilled workers also awards points in case you are sponsored by one of the states in Australia that requires workers with your skills.

Australia Skilled Visa requires that you must file an application for skills assessment once you are assured that you possess the required skilled for the visa. The assessment for skills is dependent on work experience and post-secondary educational background. The assessment for every job on the skills occupation list is done by the respective assessment bodies.

Australia visa for skilled workers mandates that once you obtain a positive assessment for skills, you must file your expression of interest. This will place you in a pool that will make you eligible for being invited for a visa. The time period for acceptance of your expression of interest varies between four to eighteen months.

Y-Axis Dubai is authorized Dubai Visa Processing Center agents. We will first carefully study your profile for determining your prospects and drawbacks. Our counseling is free and you can avail technical evaluation from our consultants for a nominal fee. You can also avail complete service of our Accredited Immigration Agents for your Australia Skilled Migration from Dubai on a success fee basis.

At Y-Axis we assist all our clients to avoid the hassles of the process of immigration and assure success. Our immigration consultants will be your trusted aide in the entire process from preparing the documents and compliance with the requirements of Australia Skilled Visa.

Being experts in the immigration process having several years of experience, we have facilitated the processing of Australia visa for clients with diverse backgrounds and situations. More and more individuals in the UAE are opting to avail our services for immigration and visa processing as they are highly benefited. With the counseling team in Dubai and registered MARA agents in Australia, Y-Axis efficiently facilitates your journey for Australia Skilled Migration.

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