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Australia work visa change

Australia has lately made an effort to pep up its reputation as the world’s favorite destination for studies. For this, the Government of Australia has introduced a major incentive for international students. In July 2020, the eligibility requirements for post-study work visas have been relaxed.

Now, the online classes taken by existing and new students due to COVID-19 travel restrictions will be considered valid towards requirements for study in Australia.

This helps international students who had to do the course remotely from their native countries. They will now be eligible to apply for the Temporary Graduate visa even while staying outside Australia.

This change in policy brings Australia in line with its competitors like the UK and Canada. These nations have also launched similar incentives. They have the aim of retaining students in March 2020 and attracting overseas students in June 2020. With an intention to motivate more international students to study in Australia, the country has made new decisions.

A research conducted by Deakin University in 2019 found that the post-study work visa came up as a significant factor that drew foreign students to Australia. The visa allows international graduates to stay and work in Australia after their studies.

During the research, 76% of the participants assigned the importance of access to the post-study work visa program.

It’s interesting though to notice a difference in Australia’s measures and that of the UK and Canada. The UK has kept its borders open for students.  Canada also permits chosen set of students under limited conditions. But Australia has not gone ahead with any such option.

The fact that Australia has fared better in containing the virus when compared to other countries gives it a competitive edge. It makes Australia a safe nation for international students to come and study. Phil Honeywood, the Chief Executive of the International Education Association of Australia even stated that this is true when Australia is compared with countries like Canada, the UK, and the US.

He also expressed hope that the existing students will be permitted to come back in the next couple of months while new students will return by January-February 2021.

All this makes it impossible to deny that with a student visa Australia can be a great destination for international students now and in the future.

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