Apply now to open work permit Canada offers under TR to PR pathway

Canada to introduce new open work permit starting July 26-1

Lately, Canada gave out a guide for how international students and essential workers can file applications for an open work permit Canada offers.

The new instructions from IRCC, now published online, were directed at those who applied for the new TR to PR pathways.

6 new TR to PR programs were launched in May 2021. They offered immigration pathways to essential workers, international student graduates, and French speakers in Canada.

The ones permitted to apply for the new programs were already holding documents of temporary residence in Canada like a work/study permit. The new open work permit Canada offers aims at those who applied for these programs and had a short amount of validity remaining on their current documents. The new open work permit works like a bridging open work permit Canada offers. It allows applicants to stay in Canada while IRCC contemplates the approval of their application.

The validity of these work permits will be till December 31, 2022. If the applicant’s common-law partner, spouse, or dependent child above 18 years of age is present in Canada, they also can file an application for the permit.

More about the program

The new Canada work permit visa is applicable to the pathways for TR to PR. Out of the 6 programs they are, 3 have caps on intake, catering to English speakers. The other 3 apply only to French speakers, featuring no limit on the number of applications allowed.

The following are the programs with their quotas:

  • International graduates – 40,000 applications – Full
  • Workers in Canada
    • Stream A – for healthcare workers (French-speaking) – no cap
    • Stream A – for healthcare workers – 20,000 applications
    • Stream B – for essential non-healthcare workers (French-speaking) – no cap
    • Stream B – for essential non-healthcare workers – 30,000 applications – Full
  • French-speaking international graduates – no cap

The new programs are set to close on November 5, 2021, or until the maximum number of applications is reached for IRCC for each program.

Time to apply to TR to PR program

As per the IRCC, eligible individuals can apply up to 4 months prior to the expiry of their current temporary status. Family members can file an application at any time. Those on a maintained status who are eligible to restore their status are also allowed to apply any time.

Application procedure

Applications to the program can be made only online. No applications can be made at a port of entry. In case one can’t apply online owing to a disability or due to poor internet connection, IRCC is ready to accept paper applications.

Step 1: Be ready with all necessary resources to apply

This step involves the applicant being ready with a camera or a scanner. The applicant must also be ready with a debit or credit card in order to make payments online.

Also, to go through the instruction guide provided by IRCC, the applicant will require Adobe Acrobat Reader on the computer.

Step 2: Pay the fees

An amount of $155 has to be paid by the applicant for an extension of the Canada work permit visa. This will be done on the government website. Due to the exemption available from paying the open work permit holder fee of $100, the applicant has to pay before applying online.

Step 3: Log in to the IRCC account

To start applying, the applicant must have an IRCC account. The applicant can use this account for the submission of the application forms and check status.

Step 4: Get document checklist

Once the applicant creates an account, he/she will then need to answer few questions so that he/she gets a personalized checklist for documents.

The applicant must state that he/she wants to work temporarily for over 6 months. Both workers and students are required to select the status as “worker”. It’s expected of students as a temporary measure while the application system is updated by IRCC.

Step 5: Fill out the forms

With the help of the instruction guide provided by IRCC, the applicants must fill out the forms once they have readied their checklist for documents.

When the applicants are asked for “Duration of expected employment,” they can ask for an end date that’s no later than December 21, 2022. However, they cannot ask for a date that falls beyond the expiry of their passports.

Step 6: Upload the correct documents

Documents principal applicants have to upload include:

  • a copy of your fees receipt
  • copy of passport
  • proof of working legally when filing the application (e.g., Canada work permit)
  • proof of the result of language test
  • a Family Information Form
  • a digital photo

The applicants may also require a medical exam or other documents like a birth certificate or a marriage certificate for any accompanying family members.

Family members present in Canada will have their own checklist for documents (the IMM 0008).

After filing an application

After filing an application, an immigration officer will review it in time. The compliance history of the employer is checked to ensure that they are eligible. Also ensured is that the applicants qualify for the open work permit Canada offers.

The application will be returned in case it’s determined to be incomplete. The applicant may be asked to send more information.

For approved applications, the Canada work permit visa will be sent to the Canadian address given to the authorities.

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PR – Permanent Residence/Permanent Resident

TR – Temporary Residence/Temporary Resident

IRCC – Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada

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