Amazon opens opportunities to work in Canada, recruitment in progress!

Amazon Hires 1,800 Immigrant Tech Workers in Canada

Amazon is hiring in Canada; quite a large number of tech workers to work in Canada. This recruitment drive by the tech giant is a result of Canada’s progressive policies for Canada immigration.

The tightened immigration scene in the US and a simultaneous open and welcoming Canada have sort of drawn people more towards Canada. So, Canada has been maintaining its practice of making immigration policies that attract more global talent to come, live, study, and work in Canada.

Canada is found to have 6 times the skilled immigrants that the US has when compared on a ratio drawn with the respective size of the population.

In fact, US policymakers have already been warned by Chris Albinson, a venture capitalist, He warned that Canada is in a position to dominate the tech sector, thanks to Canada immigration policies that fuel this scenario.

Growth by policies – the Canadian example

Amazon, the retail giant has announced that it will recruit 1,800 new corporate and tech employees to work in Canada in 2021 alone. This recruitment will be done to support its Amazon advertising, Alexa, AWS, and retail & operations technology teams in Toronto and Vancouver.

Amazon’s business is registering a boom owing to the surge in online shopping due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The company already has over 1,500 positions posted on Amazon jobs. These positions include:

  • program managers
  • senior software development managers
  • data engineers
  • sales & marketing executives
  • senior software development engineers
  • software development managers
  • cloud computing solutions architects
  • software development engineers

About Global Talent Stream (GTS)

The GTS is one of the many pathways available for skilled tech workers to get Canada PR. It’s a stream of the TFWP under which visa applications and work permits in Canada are processed within 2 weeks.

The Trump era, the arrest of immigration, and aftermath on recruitment

It’s well-known to the world the temperament under which the US transformed under former US President Donald Trump. The US came down hard on immigration, and an extreme pro-US attitude was making the immigration scene less hopeful by the day.

However, at the same time, Canadian PM Justin Trudeau welcomed even more immigrants and became an even better alternative when immigrants had a lack of faith in US immigration for a while.

The polling giant Gallup released a report that highlighted the difference in immigration policies made by the leaders of these 2 countries.

Canada was diligently chasing the target of admitting over 1 million Canada PR visa holders by the end of 2021 until it became absolutely necessary to take a halt due to the extreme COVID-19 situation. However, the situation hasn’t reduced the country’s enthusiasm and Canada immigration targets are increasing by the year.

In the US, at the same time, the Trump administration had cut down legal immigration nearly by half.

Thanks to what Canada did very right regarding immigration, the country’s tech sector is registering a boom due to the increased influx of tech-skilled immigrants to the country.

The history of this progression in Canada can be traced back several years. Between 2013 and 2019, the number of tech jobs created was 80,000 in the Toronto-Waterloo Corridor alone! That was more than what was found in San DC, San Francisco, Washington, and Seattle together.

The next generation is routing for inclusion when it comes to immigration and career opportunities, which Canada is offering a lot.

About Amazon

Amazon is rated the second-best employer in the world as it’s seen on Forbes magazine’s World’s Best Employers list.

A full-time employee at Amazon receives wages that are competitive. They also get medical, dental, and vision coverage, stock awards, a group RRSP plan, and bonuses based on performance.

Amazon keeps its commitment to provide its employees access to education and skills training. These help them develop their careers. They get various training opportunities funded by the company. The training helps them progress into skilled individuals ready for in-demand and higher-paying careers within Amazon and beyond.

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