A study by CBRE finds Toronto on top among best cities for tech workers

Toronto an IT hub for attracting high-skilled workers Report

A study, the findings of which were released lately states that Toronto attracts the best among highly-skilled tech workers in North America to work in Canada.

The Scoring Tech Talent report 2021 presents some very interesting data. In the report, CBRE placed Toronto at a high position on the list of top cities for the tech sector. Toronto attracted 81,200 tech jobs in the last 5 years. The city also produced 26,338 tech degrees in the same period. This means that the city attracted a net population of 54,862 tech workers.

The word CBRE coined for this phenomenon was “brain gain”.

This was how North American and Canadian cities were placed in the annual ranking for the top cities in the tech sector.

  • Toronto – 4th
  • Ottawa – 10th
  • Vancouver – 11th
  • Montreal – 16th
  • The Waterloo region – 21st
  • Calgary – 28th
  • Quebec City – 34th
  • Edmonton – 38th

The above ranking list shows how Toronto is a top favorite of international job seekers looking for the optimal place to get jobs in IT.

The locations in the list possess the best combination of characteristics that the technology sector needs to develop. These include a high concentration of tech employment, as is found by the CBRE Research.

About the Global Talent Stream (GTS)

Pathways available for highly-skilled tech workers to get Canada PR are quite a few. These include the GTS of the TFWP. Under TFWP, the processing of work permits for Canada and Canadian visa applications are done within 2 weeks.

In 2020, many IT industry watchers in the US have been desiring to achieve the success of Canada’s immigration processes. These North American observants have been wishing that they possessed the means to be attractive to international tech workers at par with Canadian tech companies.

Canada has implemented its open-door policy as well as easy access for tech workers effectively. This has been a reason for the retail giant Amazon to have announced recently that it will employ 1,800 new tech and corporate workers in Canada in 2021 alone. This move will be to lend support to its Alexa, AWS, Amazon advertising, as well as retail and operations technology teams in Toronto and Vancouver.

Amazon, the retailer driven by technology, having a business going up consistently due to online shopping prompted by the pandemic, already has over 1,500 positions on offer including:

  • software development managers
  • senior software development engineers
  • cloud computing solutions architects
  • senior software development managers
  • data engineers
  • sales and marketing executives
  • software development engineers
  • program managers

Performance of smaller cities

Among the smaller cities that CBRE found potential to develop into one of the emerging tech markets, Halifax ranked 7th. Even London came 10th.

The Waterloo region was ranked first on the list of emerging 25 places in 2020. In 2021, it’s in the top 50. In 2022, Halifax is expected to do the same.

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