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Posted on April 18 2022

A huge budget allocation to develop Manitoba PNP and immigration in 2022

By  Editor
Updated September 01 2023

 It’s a great achievement for Canada that everybody expects a new positive development in the country every other day on the Canada immigration front. Manitoba PNP is one way for skilled and determined immigrants to immigrate to Canada and settle in a potential Canadian province. In the latest news from Manitoba, we have come to know that the province is investing CAD 5 million into its immigration program via its 2022 budget. The aim is to attract new immigrants to the province so that those skilled professionals can fill the job vacancies that exist there. This becomes all the more important as the labor market requirements cannot be filled by domestic workers skilled enough to do the jobs. Know your eligibility to immigrate to Canada, through Y-Axis Canada Immigration Points Calculator. Some significant developments Manitoba is in talks with Ottawa for the renegotiation of the Canada-Manitoba Immigration Agreement. This agreement was drafted in 2003 in its current form. To expand the current Manitoba PNP program, the province is considering revising its targets in 2022. A new task force on immigration will be guiding the province in this process. Manitoba created a new Immigration Advisory Council in March 2022. This body is concerned with improving the policies and procedures of immigration in Manitoba. The Council will be headed by Jon Reyes, the Immigration Minister of Manitoba, and Dr. Lloyd Axworthy, the Chairperson of the World Refugee Council. There are 20 other individuals belonging to Manitoba too in the Council. What does the Immigration Advisory Council state? The Council is made up of eminent individuals. They are experts in immigration services, economic development, project management, governance, community integration, and analysis. The Council works towards:

  • Promotion of Manitoba and attracting more immigrants as well as business investors to Manitoba
  • Streamlining the Manitoba PNP with a special focus on setting the right balance between factors such as
    • economic development
    • the regional labor market
    • community needs of the province
  • Fostering Manitoba’s settlement and integration programs and services and programs for recognition of foreign credentials in order to give encouragement to labor market attachment, bring improvement to recognition of foreign credentials, and increase the number of immigrants retained in the province.

Manitoba is planning to invest significantly in training, education, and job creation. The province will also support immigration and investment. Manitoba will review the existing immigration system in the province. It will develop creative new ways to bring people to the province. Manitoba will create a conducive environment for skilled foreigners to arrive, live, work, and prosper in the province. The final report of the Immigrant Advisory Council is expected by the end of 2022. If you are willing to migrate to Canada, talk to Y-Axis, the leading immigration and career consultant in the UAE. If you find this blog engaging, you may also like: Importance of your surname in Canada immigration application


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