3 countries you should consider moving to post-COVID

3 countries you should consider moving to post-COVID

The COVID-19 pandemic has come a long way and changed the world in an unprecedented way. But the hope to overcome the pandemic is still up and with the vaccines around the corner, it’s time to go back to old times of travel, trips, and immigration.

Once the global pandemic ceases to be and travel restrictions across the world gets done with, you will be free to travel as extensively as you could before COVID-19. That will open up your opportunity to move to a new nation too.

Your considerations and priorities will decide the country you will choose to immigrate to. But as immigration experts, we have a few suggestions for you.

Here are 3 countries we would recommend you to immigrate to.


When it comes to immigration Canada is a country you will be most familiar with in all possibility. Even with the COVID-19 pandemic, Canada has shown the courage and determination to keep its immigration scene alive and have kept up the hopes of aspirants worldwide to arrive in Canada.

Canada is the perfect nation to adopt as your second home for many reasons. This country has some of the easiest pathways to get a permanent residency. Canada PR allows you to live and work in Canada and be a part of its rich multicultural society.

Around 40 countries have contributed to Canada’s population and the number is only growing. One-third of those who study in Canada are foreigners.

The HSBC survey has ranked Canada third in overall most recommended countries for immigration. The survey ranked Canada as second among the most welcoming communities.

Besides boasting of world-class education and a rapidly developing economy, it offers goodies like free healthcare to the people residing in the country.


HSBC’s survey has ranked Australia as the 6th best country for expats. In terms of mental and physical well-being, the country is ranked in second place. For the quality of life, Australia is ranked third by the survey.

Affordable property and groceries, low crime rate, free high-quality healthcare, and great sights to see all add to the reasons to love to live in this wonderful country. Don’t miss the barrier reefs and the wilderness only Australia can offer!

The country is naturally blessed. While you can work in some of the most promising world-class enterprises in the world here, you can take your kids along to enjoy the outdoors to your heart’s content.

The country has had a comparatively low incidence of COVID-19. As the country is a naturally isolated one, the chances for pandemic spreading here can be controlled much more effectively.


In Asia, Singapore is a major spot for those who seek work and opt for business. It’s a young country that has done a great job of turning itself into a global hub of business in a few decades.

The country features an urban culture that’s inclusive. The country is also very much open to business from other countries. Besides that, the country’s transportation is fast and easy.

There are tourist attractions like the Merlion Park and the rainforest zoo, besides the beautiful gardens by the Bay. Its iconic national symbol, the sculpture fountain is a major attraction.

The schooling in Singapore is phenomenal and hence will benefit your kids if you move there. Singapore also ranks quite high on quality of life and security, sitting among the top 5 in world rankings.

Singapore is also a great place to give your career a boost.

Check out these 3 countries to immigrate to in 2021.

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