UAE passport holders can enter 138 countries visa-free

UAE passport

The passport of the United Arab Emirates made it to the 25 most powerful in the world as it moved to the 22nd rank, a rise of three places.

With this, the UAE has become the highest-ranking country in the MENA (Middle East and North African regions) and in the Gulf in the Arton Capital’s Global Passport Power Index.

Now, nationals of Emirates can travel visa-free to 138 countries as against 162 by Singapore’s passport holders.

Passports of both Singapore and South Korea are the most powerful in the world.

Passport of the United Kingdom is the fourth most powerful, followed by the United States at the fifth spot, which ties with Canada, Ireland and Switzerland.

According to Khaleej Times, other GCC countries holding reasonably powerful passports are Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, which rank at 49 and 60, respectively.

Meanwhile, the Philippines, which ranks at 68, is tied with Zimbabwe and Zambia, whose citizens can visit 63 countries visa-free.

An Indian passport is ranked at 74, as its holders can enter 57 countries visa-free, and Pakistan ranks 95, allowing its passport holders to visit 30 countries without a visa.

The UAE passport reportedly did also creditably in the Henley passport index which was issued in January 2018, as it was ranked 32nd.

As the passport of UAE inched up 29 places in the past decade by moving up six places year-on-year, it is said to be the biggest jump of any passport in the world.

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