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Posted on September 23 2022

13 essential tips to get high scores in last-minute preparation for the PTE exam

By Editor
Updated July 25 2023

Objective for the last-minute preparation for PTE exam

If you are planning to write the PTE exam, you have had enough preparation with the right material and practiced with mock tests and all. But yet, when the exam date is nearby, then things get a little shaky. The confidence will get bloated away and you tend to get doubt if you could give the exam or not.

If this sounds similar and familiar to you, then it’s time to calm down as you are not alone. This is not the first time that you have faced anxiety and nervousness. Because we have experience in school or college. Although you have prepared well, you need some last-minute boosters for your confidence.

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PTE determines the command of your English language by testing your communication skills in various skills. The candidates who have succeeded in proving their proficiency in English will be able to get opportunities for study, work, and staying.

This article will help you in getting PTE high scores and making yourself ready for the PTE exam confidently. This provides the tips that boost your confidence and you will clear the test with flying colors.

13 tips to score high in PTE

1. Never strive for excellence in PTE preparation

Many students overthink about their PTE test hoping for cent percent perfect preparation. This will not be possible. Try to follow your schedule for the preparation and try to make out most of it. Everything depends on the performance of your test on the test day.

 Take one step ahead by preparing one task after another. Don’t be under-confident or get tensed which might affect your test performance. Trust yourself and your abilities and you will be fine.

2. Get expertise by practicing before the test

As the test date arrives near, stick to your timetable and try to get enough practice for the test. Always begin with tasks that have more weightage in each section/module and keep solving the unique questions

As the practice goes on, try to keep at regular practice neither high nor low but at an equal pace. Do not practice for the test just for the sake of practice as you have the test to appear soon. Try to be as natural as you can.

3. Go through the notes

The notes you prepared during your PTE study can be used during the time of your revision. Make sure you include the topics like the idea, structure, and vocabulary in it your revision. Try to keep the notes short and simple, this will help you to have a glance on the test day.

4. Don’t overthink and relax a bit

Most of the test takers lose their calm during the test day. Though the result is not useful they will divert you from the positive ideas in the test.

Relax your mind and body and your best performance on the PTE test day. Involve yourself in activities that calm and refreshes your mood. Take the help of meditation or take a walk with your friends and family. Listen to your favorite music that soothes your mind and releases happy hormones in your body.

5. Take a lot of practice tests

Schedule your practice tests during the second phase of your exam preparation which needs to be continued till the end of your actual test. This helps you to take an analysis on your skills, be alert, to learn, and can keep your mind active.

You will get habituated to timelines of writing the PTE test. Invest as much as time you can to get unique practice tests. This keeps you facing the competition and you will learn continuously.

6. Ensure to have good rest and don’t forget to turn off the technology

Stress during the exam is something that we cannot avoid or not be neglected. Don’t get yourself exhausted physically or mentally before appearing for the test. Have a good sleep, eat well, and stay focused for the exam as you have to do a lot on the test day.

Due to less rest, you get anxious which might affect your performance during the test and negatively affects your PTE score. Switch off our mobile phones and shut down our laptops to avoid unnecessary phone calls from friends and unimportant notifications that distract us from our goals.

7. Value the time you spend and determine topics that need more attention

Time is precious, which everyone believes but need to respect it too. Value your time whether you are at writing the test at home or in the test room. 15 minutes refreshment break is absolutely fine.

Do not waste your time roaming here and there or gossiping at the test center or even at home. Instead of that concentrate on the things that help you score high.

8. Plan for the Exam Day

Be ready for the test at least a day before. Pack your bag with necessary items like a hall ticket, pen, and passport, pencil a day before. Plan your schedule properly for the test day, for last-minute hurries.

Revise the topics that you are willing to focus on. Work on this by identifying your strengths and weaknesses.

9. Be prepared for a noisy test room

 One had to be mentally prepared to give the test in a noisy room. Especially during the speaking module. All the candidates will be speaking loudly into their microphones trying their best to make the software understand their words.

There may be many things that might get distract you from focusing on the test. Hence speak properly and confidently with is audible clearly in the microphone. So that the software picks the right word from what you are saying.

10. Check your microphone connection before the test begins

Ensure that the microphone that is assigned to you is connected well and working fine. For any doubts, raise your hand and ask the test invigilator. If you need to change the microphone, ask for it before the test starts, you cannot ask for one, once the test begins.

11. Watch over the clock

Respect the clock that displays the time for each task. Keep an eye constantly on the clock. Remember you have to finish each task within the given time. There is no possibility of providing extra time for any module of the test.

Complete each task in the stipulated time. It will help to know the time that is remaining while you finish each task.

12. Don’t attend the test late

One more important thing you should not wish for is not to end up reaching late on the test date. This will add up to your tension and hamper the test preparation. So make sure you start early from your place and reach the venue on time and get everything under your control.

13. Take some time to verify your answers

Make sure that you complete all your tasks before the time. Utilize the remaining time to find out if there are any errors. Verifying your responses before submitting is a good practice, as it will help your correct your answers in case if made a mistake.


The main motto of the last-minute tips on the PTE test is to help you to get a good round of preparation. You must not completely rely on these and try investing a good amount of time in preparing relevant materials before opting for last-minute preparation.

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