Route to Obtain Resident Visas in UAE

Resident Visa UAE

One can obtain a resident visa through investment or employment in the UAE. Of the two, the easier route of getting the visa is by establishing a company in the Emirates. The companies can be setup in UAE with 100 percent foreign ownership.

But it is needed for investors to have physical premises for obtaining and holding the licence. In addition, the authority’s selection of the premises where it would be established is vital to maintaining establishment costs reasonable. There are various options among authorities of northern Emirates and Dubai’s young free zone bodies.

Investors need only to stay between five and eight working days in the jurisdiction to be able to receive their investor visa once the company’s establishment is completed.

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After getting the visa, its holder can sponsor family members as her/his dependents. Residence Permits of dependents are valid for a maximum of three years.

Even the Residence Permit is valid for a maximum of three years, but it can be extended subject to the company’s licence renewal and if the visa holder re-enters the UAE compulsorily once in every six months.

The resident visa holder will be able to enter and leave the country any number of times and is allowed to reside in any part of the UAE.

The UAE authorities do not mandate that resident holders spend a for a stipulated number of days in the jurisdiction, but have to visit the UAE twice a year as mentioned above.

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