Manitoba mulls new changes to do faster registrations

Manitoba legislative amends

Manitoba government has proposed new legislative amendments in order to speed up the process of foreign credential recognition. Ralph Eichler, Minister of Economic Development & Training in Manitoba announced the new proposed process. The announcement came on November 2, 2020.

Manitoba mulls new changes to do faster registrations

The new amendments are applicable to the Fair Registration Practices that are included in the Regulated Professions Act, 2009.

Regulated Professions Act, 2009
To help ensure that there are applications and registration processes in regulated professions. This is meant for people who were educated outside Canada and trying to join the labor force In Manitoba. The Act will ensure that the processes of application and registration are fair, impartial, objective, and transparent.
Self-regulated professions
Colleges of

  • Registered nurses
  • Licensed practical nurses
  • Physicians
  • Pharmacists
  • Surgeons
  • Manitoba College of Social Workers
  • Chartered Professional Accountants Manitoba
  • Manitoba Veterinary Medical Association
  • The Manitoba Dental Association

The amendments proposed now will help internationally trained applicants. They will be able to register into regulated professions successfully and on time. Besides, the regulated professions will now have registration practices that are in-line with domestic trade agreements.

In fact, the registration process of regulated professions will get shortened. Regulators will have to ensure that the requirements for registration and assessments thereof are practiced compulsorily to practice the profession.

Also, these professions should have reasonable measures to work with post-secondary institutions and employers. Manitoba will be aligned with fairness legislation in Quebec, Nova Scotia, Ontario, and Alberta.

Regulated professions will have to comply with the New West Partnership and the Canadian Free Trade Agreement.
It will be in the new changes that there will be a Director appointed and responsible to clarify the reporting structure. This will be administered using additional staff in a supporting role.

Manitoba mulls new changes to do faster registrations

The amended Act is also intended to improve the pathways for newcomers seeking to work in Canada and build a career in Manitoba. The skilled workers arriving in Canada via MPNP will get help to find jobs in their line of profession. This will enable them to fill the gaps in Manitoba’s labor market.

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