Australia Temporary Work Entertainment Visa


Immigrating to Australia through a provisional work authorization permits you to discover a diverse range of prospects in the entertainment industry. The Subclass 420 visa will permit you to be employed in television, film or live productions. You also have the choice to be employed in a behind the scenes vocation or perform on screen. In these aspects, you get a wide range of choice through this authorization.

The eligibility criterions:

If you secure this authorization to Australia, you could be a production personnel, producer or director in Australia. The eligible applicants in this category of visa include still photographers, supporting staff and actors. This visa application is divided into various stages. These are:

  • Funding: The eligible applicants of sponsoring the entertainment visa are a government agency in Australia, an organization in Australia, overseas government agency or an eligible individual.
  • Recommendation: The eligible sponsor of the entertainment visa recommends your name for being engaged in a vocation.
  • Visa: You submit your application for the Subclass 420 Work entertainment visa.

This is a provisional authorization. You have the option to reside in Australia or outside when you apply for the visa. Even the choice of applying from Australia or from any part of the world is available to the applicants.

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Program Benefits

This visa permits you to be employed in the entertainment sector:

  • As an actor or performer in television, film, theater, radio production, recording or a concert.
  • With respect to a performing contract, to support an entertainer or group of entertainers.
  • To be employed in a production role rather than as an actor in television, film, theater, radio production, recording or a concert, to be enacted or aired in Australia. For instance producing or directing.
  • To produce a commercial or a documentary.

This will enable you to:

  • Reside in Australia for a maximum period of two years in the position you have been nominated for.
  • Be engaged in the activity or work that your nomination specifies.
  • Be accompanied by your family members who are qualified to arrive in Australia.
  • Arrive and depart from Australia any number of times during the validity of your visa.



The eligibility criterions for the applicants of this visa are:

  • Have experience in the entertainment sector.
  • Be nominated by an authorized sponsor for the entertainment visa or by an individual who has submitted an application to secure the sponsorship for entertainment visa.
  • Possess the skills or experience that is required for the position for which you have been nominated.
  • Have the monetary resources to support you and your family’s stay in Australia.
  • Possess the insurance coverage for health for you and your family who will accompany you to Australia.
  • Satisfy the character and health requirements.

To secure this visa you must be nominated and sponsored for a definite position by an entertainment sponsor who satisfies one of the below criterions and is a:

  • Lawfully operating association in Australia
  • An agency of the government
  • An overseas government agency
  • A qualified individual


The sponsor of this Australian visa must satisfy any one of the below criterions:

  • Must be an association in Australia that is operating and established legally such as a corporate body, a business, or unincorporated body apart from a sole trader or individual.
  • An association of the government of Australia or a regional or territory government of Australia.
  • An overseas government association functioning in Australia.
  • A citizen of Australia, a permanent resident of Australia, or an eligible citizen of New Zealand who normally resides in Australia.

In case you are an association in Australia, you must demonstrate that you possess a record for good business in Australia.

This implies that:

  • There must be nothing undesirable acknowledged regarding you or a person associated with you that could influence your eligibility as a sponsor, until it is rational to disregard it.
  • In case you have earlier been a sponsor for overseas workers to Australia, there must be satisfactory evidence of compliance with all the obligations for sponsorship as per the legal framework in Australia.
  • The actions of your agency or association must not be banned in Australia.

It must also be possible for you to adhere to the obligations for sponsorship in Australia.

Overseas government associations include:

  • Associations that function under the official patronage of an overseas national government and functioning in Australia. This includes trade offices, media bureaus, overseas traveler bureau, and other entities of the overseas government.
  • Overseas consular or embassy missions functioning in Australia.
  • Associations that function under the patronage of a global organization, accredited and functioning in Australia, for example, the UNO.

Y-Axis Process

Y-Axis Process Includes:

Proficient counsel and facilitation offered in furnishing application for your applicant visa, application for nomination by employer and application for qualified employer sponsor.

  • An exhaustive list of documentation.
  • Fully fledged processing for the application.
  • Furnishing application, forms, and documents.
  • Informing regarding updates and tracker from suitable departments till the receipt of the result, in case if so required.

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