Australian Temporary Short Stay Work Visa 400


The Subclass Visa 400 is a provisional authorization in Australia for short term stay and work that allows you to:

  • Work on short-term, highly specialized, one-time projects
  • Upon invitation from an organization in Australia, participate in one-time events
  • Participate or work in an activity or work in the interest of Government of Australia, under restricted circumstances

Classification of highly specialized work is as follows:

  • Being employed in a vocation that is listed by Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations in its lists 1, 2 or 3 Chief lists
  • Skills and knowledge those are vital to an overseas firm such as the servicing of imported equipment, emergency repair, etc

This visa permits you to stay in Australia for a period of 90 days but it can be extended for a period of 180 days. At the time of applying for this visa, you must not be residing in Australia and must arrive in Australia within 180 days from the date of approval of this visa.

Subclass Visa 400 requires that you should bear in mind the visa approval time processing and you should furnish your application for visa processing not prior to 180 days of the travel date as this visa is valid for only 180 days from the date of approval. It may take more than four weeks for the processing of your visa application by the DIBP in case it involves assessment of character and health. You can shorten this process by submitting all the required documents at the time of submitting your application for the visa.

The number of visits that you can make to Australia on this visa will be mentioned by the DIBP:

  • You will have to apply for a new visa to revisit Australia in case if you apply to visit Australia only once.
  • You may be instead permitted to avail the multiple entry visas that will authorize you to visit Australia as many times as you wish, subject to the validity of the visa. In case you require multiple visits to Australia during your stay, you will have to mention the valid reasons for your frequent visits
  • The validity of your visa for the stay in Australia will be as per the date mentioned on the stamp. It will commence from the date you first arrive at the port in Australia. Re-entering Australia will not be counted as a period of fresh stay.


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Program Benefits:

This visa permits you to:

  • Be accompanied by your family to Australia. Their details will have to be included in the visa application.
  • Work on one-time projects that are short-term in nature and highly-specialized
  • Upon invitation from an organization in Australia, participate in ongoing social or cultural events


The required qualifications for this visa are:

  • You must not be a national of Australia
  • You must possess the experience, knowledge or specialized skills that are significant for businesses in Australia
  • Having received an invitation from an organization in Australia to participate in an event
  • Your presence is needed by the Government of Australia in extraordinary conditions of national importance which could include assisting the government after a natural calamity

Y-Axis Process:

Y-Axis Process Includes:

Advice and expert guidance offered in preparing an appeal for Applicant visa application, Employer nomination application, and Employer Eligible sponsor application.

  • Checklist for documents
  • Total processing of applications
  • Application filing, documentation, and forms
  • Follow up and updates with the appropriate departments in case if required, till the receipt of the decision

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