Australia Temporary Long Stay Work Visa

The Subclass 401 Temporary long stay work visa is for immigrants who wish to arrive in Australia on a provisional basis through one of these four categories:

  • Exchange category: To be engaged in a skilled position through the reciprocal employee exchange agreement for
    • Giving an opportunity to the participants to familiarize themselves with a new culture
    • Increase international  associations
    • Enhance the knowledge and experience of the participants
  • Sport category: To enhance the quality of Australian sports through the participation of Australian residents in high-level competition to:
    • Take part in series of events or a specific event as a part of a team, a san individual or its support personnel
    • Coach, play or instruct under a contract in a sporting club for a season
    • Adjudicate or judge a sports show or competition
  • Category for the Religious worker: To be religious worker engaged full time in serving the religious goals of an Australian religious institution.
  • Executive category for Domestic workers: To cater to domestic responsibilities of a certain senior overseas executive’s household

The three-tier process of the visa:

  • Funding:– A government agency, an organization or overseas government agency applies to become a long duration activity funder.
  • Nomination:– You get nominated for an activity by a long duration activity sponsor
  • Visa:– You apply for the Subclass 401 Temporary long stay work visa

This is a provisional authorization. You can either be outside Australia or within Australia while applying for this visa.

Applying by staying in Australia: In case you apply while residing in Australia, you must be staying in Australia when the visa is approved.

Applying by residing outside Australia: If you apply by residing outside Australia, you must be outside Australia at the time of approval of the visa.

In case you already possess a visa that has the clause of no further stay, then you cannot apply for this visa.


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Benefits of the Program:

This visa gives you the privilege to:

  • For a maximum period of two years, you can stay in Australia for a period of the nominated position
  • Be engaged in the activity or work that has been specified through your nomination
  • Be accompanied by the qualified family members along with you to Australia
  • Arrive and depart from Australia any number of times during the period of validity of your visa

Through this visa, temporary residents are not permitted to normally extend their stay in Australia beyond a period of four years.


Applicants of this visa must satisfy the below-mentioned criterion’s to process the visa:

You might be able to get this visa if you:

  • Have sponsorship from an authorized sponsor.
  • Be nominated to be engaged in the approved activity.
  • Possess the experience and skills appropriate to the activity for which you have been nominated.


You are eligible to be a sponsor for someone for this visa in case if you are:

  • Exchange category: An organization in Australia that is operating lawfully, agency of the Australia government or an overseas government agency that is functioning in Australia having a pact with a overseas association for staff exchange.
  • Sports category: A lawfully operating sports organization in Australia.
  • Category for Religious worker: A religious institution that is approved as a charity office by the Tax Office in Australia and is functioning lawfully.
  • Executive category for Domestic workers:
    • An overseas government agency that employs a person possessing the Subclass 403 International Relations Temporary Work visa in the Immunities and Privileges category who is the National Head, Deputy National Head or Regional Manager of the agency’s office in Australia.
    • A lawfully functioning overseas organization in Australia that employs a person possessing the Subclass 457 Skilled Temporary Work visa who is National Head, Deputy National Head or Regional Manager of the agency’s office in Australia.

 You will also have to demonstrate that:

  • You adhere to the legal framework in Australia and have a good record for business
  • You possess the ability to fulfill the obligations for sponsorship

Functioning legally in Australia:

Your association must be actively engaged in business activities in Australia and be established as per the legal framework. An association can include a corporate body or a body that is unincorporated, apart from a sole or individual trader.

Adherence to the legal framework in Australia and record for god business:

To fulfill this requirement:

  • Unless it is rational to disregard the information, there should be nothing unfavorable regarding your firm or a person that could influence your eligibility as sponsor.
  • You must also possess a satisfactory record of adherence to the laws in Australia if you have earlier sponsored immigrant workers to Australia.
  • The actions of your agency or association must not be against the law in Australia.

Y-Axis Process

Y-Axis Process Includes:

Expert advice and guidance offered in submitting an appeal for Application for employer nomination, application for employer eligible sponsor and visa application for applicants.

  • Complete checklist for documents
  • Total processing of application
  • Application filing, documentation and ComForms
  • Keeping posted and track of the appropriate departments in case if required until the result is acknowledged

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