Australia Skilled Recognised Graduate Visa


Temporary Subclass visa 476 is an authorization to reside in Australia for eighteen months. It permits you to travel, pursue higher studies and work. You can also be accompanied by your family through this visa.

If you intend to launch your career overseas, then Australia is an excellent destination. The experience will make your resume stand out in the job market and enhance your proficiency in the English language. You may even get an opportunity to be permanently employed in Australia if your inputs are valued by the employer.

Overseas immigrants who possess a bachelor’s degree can be employed in Australia for a period of 18 months in case if their skills and qualifications are demanded in Australia. You will have the opportunity to work in one of the most flourishing economies in the world and will enjoy the way of life and climate in Australia. This is something which every career aspiring graduate would look forward to.

You can avail assistance from Y-Axis to obtain this visa. You can reach out to us at any of our offices in India or our Melbourne’s Australia office. Our Registered Migration Agents will process and represent your visa application to the appropriate authorities processing your visa. These Registered Migration Agents will communicate with the immigration department in Australia on your behalf regarding your visa application with your prior consent.


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Program Benefits

The graduates who avail the Subclass 476 Visa are eligible to:

  • Gain valuable experience in Australia
  • Study, work and live in Australia.
  • Convert their provisional visa into a permanent visa by securing a job in Australia.
  • Pursue higher studies in Australia.
  • Include their spouse or legal partner or partner’s dependent children and other family members who are dependent.


The immigrant applicants who wish to secure the Subclass 476 Visa must satisfy a diverse range of eligibility criterions that include:

  • Educational requirements
  • Requirements for skills
  • Age requirements
  • English language proficiency requirements
  • Requirements for character and health

The major requirement is that the applicants must have completed their engineering or higher degree within two years of the submission of the visa application. The eligibility will also be based on whether Austria has demand for the skills that you possess and you have pursued your studies from an accredited university. All over the world, there are thousands of approved universities but you may not be eligible if in case if the institution that you have attended is just associated with an accredited institution.

The qualification that makes you eligible for the visa must also be in the engineering stream. You will not be eligible to apply in case you possess the qualification from an accredited university but your engineering degree is secured from another institution.


  • Applicants must not be above the age of 31 years
  • They must have secured a degree in engineering from a renowned educational institution in the past two years
  • Applicants must not have held the Provisional Graduate Subclass 485 or Subclass provisional recognized graduate visa 476 except if they had been dependent members of the family
  • They must be able to demonstrate the proficiency in the English language
  • Applicants must cater to requirements of character and health

 Engineering qualifications:

The applicants of this visa must also satisfy any one of the below-mentioned credentials in engineering stream:

  • Degree of Bachelor’s
  • Degree of Master’s
  • Degree for Doctoral
  • Diploma for Post-graduate

The applicants must possess a major specialization or sequence of study in engineering such as:

  • Engineering in Civil stream
  • Engineering in Structural stream
  • Engineering in Chemical stream
  • Engineering in Environmental stream
  • Engineering in Electrical and Electronics
  • Engineering in Production and Plant or Mechanical

•    Engineering in Material engineering and Mining

Accredited institutions:

Applicants of this visa must also have secured the engineering degree from an accredited institution. Mere studying at a college or institution that is affiliated with an accredited institution does not meet this requirement.

Proficiency in the English language:

Applicants who possess a valid passport of Canada, US, New Zealand UK or Ireland or are citizens of any one of these nations are considered to have compliance with the requirement for proficiency in the English language.

If not the applicants must give proof of having achieved appropriate level scores from any of the below-mentioned tests for the English language:

  • A score of minimum six for individual four categories in the International English Language Testing System.
  • A score of minimum B in every four test categories of the Occupational English Test.
  • A score of the flowing levels in the test of each of the four components: Speaking–18, Reading–13, Listening–12, Writing-21 in internet-based a Test of English as a Foreign Language.
  • A score of minimum 50 for individual four components of the test in the Pearson Test of English Academic

The English language tests must have been completed prior to applying for the visa. The scores must be from a test for which you have not attempted more than three years prior to the application for the visa.

Only the general training test of the IELTS must have been attempted for by the applicant.

Requirements for health:

The applicants are required to comply with certain requirements for health. The health tests depend on the individual circumstances of the applicant that includes intended activities in Australia, the period of stay in another nation in the last five years and the nationality. The health tests results are normally valid for a period of one year.

This holds good for the applicant as well as the family members who are included in the application.

The applicants are required to obtain the health test results prior to filing the application for visa processing.

Requirements for Character:

Applicants are also required to comply with certain requirements for the character. They must be able to produce the certificate from the police of each nation that they have resided in the last ten years for at least one year after completing 16 years. These must be produced only if demanded.

It is applicable to all co-applicants of the application who are dependent family members and above 16 years.

Unpaid dues to the government of Australia:

The applicant must not possess any unpaid dues to the government of Australia or must have arranged to pay any debts to the government of Australia prior to the application of this visa is processed.

It is applicable to all co-applicants of the application who are dependent family members and above 18 years.

It is advisable to arrange all the required documents before submitting an application for visa processing. The visa charges must be paid through a credit card. The facility to lodge the application through courier must also be accessible to the applicant. The applicants also have the possibility of being interviewed. In case the applicants are asked to appear for an interview, they must carry the passport, documents for identification and any other requested documents.

There are several options available to the applicants at the expiry of the validity period of this visa. In case the applicants intend to return to the native nation after obtaining the valuable experience of work, they can just do that prior to the expiry of the visa. In case the applicant intends to stay back in Australia, the choices of visa will depend on the circumstances of the employment.

If the employer is desirous of offering you a permanent job, you can apply for the sponsored visa and remain for another four years in Australia. In case you do not possess an offer for a job, you can just seek guidance from our consultants regarding your circumstances and they will advise the best possible options suitable for your situation.

You may be required to return to your native nation and apply for a particular visa for skilled workers from there, but even other options will be available to you.

Y-Axis Process

Our deliverable if registered for an Australia visa process: 

  • You will be assigned a Registered migration agent soon from our office in Melbourne Australia who shall initiate your application process, after your details are checked by our agent and receiving a signed service agreement.
  • You will also be assigned a Process executive from India, who will be assisting your Registered migration agent to co-ordinate with you and providing required assistance on the application documentation and related queries with RMA’s consent and approval.
  • Advise on the complete process stage-wise by RMA.
  • Provide you the document checklist stage-wise and assisting you with the requisites and the alternatives.
  • Provide documents samples and assist you with inputs wherever necessary.
  • Representing your file and submission of your application with the concerned Australian assessing authorities (where applicable) and immigration department.
  • Advise on health and character requirements.
  • Our offices across the Indian Subcontinent and Overseas make us the only consultant in India with a widespread presence, because of which we file the highest number of application from India. Y-AXIS also employs and works with regulated & accredited immigration lawyers in our own offices in London & Canada and partner offices in Australia and New Zealand. We have the highest success rate in India & over 50% of our business comes from referrals & word of mouth.

They are five countries that currently have a point based immigration programme. Point based immigration is a good option for those who want to work & settle overseas.

There are a number of categories under which an applicant can file his/her application. You can either apply independently/a relative sponsor you/an overseas Employer sponsor you Or the country itself sponsor you. Applicants whose occupations are in demand usually get bonus points & faster processing. Each country has their specific list of occupations.

10 Good Reasons Why Choose Y-Axis

  1. We are the established Market Leaders in overseas careers with company owned and operated branch in your city. We do not have franchisees. Most of our customers come to us through word of mouth which we built based on trust and quality over the years.
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  3. You get the benefit from our deep and extensive knowledge base which we have accumulated from processing thousands of cases similar to yours.
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  7. We conduct business in good faith and you will notice that our agreements are fair and reasonable.
  8. We help you search for a job and settle down. Our Job Search Services Department is one of the strengths of our company.
  9. We have the best consultants in the market who are competent, committed and experienced. You will notice this yourself.
  10. We are competitively priced and offer flexible payment options and charge on a success fee basis. If we don’t deliver, we refund.
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