Canada Child Visa

The government of Canada tries its best to reunite the families of migrants together. It offers a Dependent Visa under the Family Class Scheme which allows Canadian citizens and Permanent residents to sponsor their dependent spouses, children or parents to join them in the country.

The Canada Child Visa comes under the Dependent visa category.

Eligibility conditions to sponsor a dependent

If an individual wants to sponsor a Dependent Visa for Canada, he must submit documents that provide information about his finances for the past 12 months to the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). This will help the authorities to determine if the sponsor has the means to financially support the members which includes his dependent children.

 Conditions that make the applicant ineligible to sponsor a child:

If the sponsor has been a permanent resident for less than five years

If the parent does not intend to live with the sponsored child in the country after they become a permanent resident.

If the parent is a permanent resident and is living outside Canada. However Canadian citizens can file for the sponsorship application from outside the country.

If the parent is a recipient of social assistance for reasons other than having a disability.

If the parent is in jail for a criminal offence.

Eligibility conditions for child visa:

  • The child must be under 22 years who does not have a spouse, or a common law or conjugal partner.
  • The dependent child must be the biological child or the adopted child of the sponsor.
  • The child must prove he is dependent on the sponsor/parent for his financial needs.
  • Dependent children who are not able to support themselves due to a physical or mental condition have no age limit for seeking sponsorship.
  • The sponsor must submit proof of his relationship with the dependent children.
  • The children who are being sponsored must undergo a medical examination and also submit proof that they have no criminal cases pending against them.
  • The medical examination must be done by a physician who is approved by the Canadian government.

 The dependent visa allows sponsors to bring to Canada:

  • Child adopted outside Canada when the sponsor was a Canadian citizen or permanent resident living in the country
  • Child that they intend to adopt in Canada
  • Sponsor’s brother or sister, nephew or niece, grandson or granddaughter if they are an orphan and meet the eligibility criteria
Steps to apply for a Child Visa

The applicant must first prove that he meets the eligibility criteria for sponsoring a child. The next step is to prove the child is eligible to be sponsored.

After this, the application can be submitted to the IRCC. The IRCC has country-specific requirements for sponsorship. The applicant must adhere to them for a successful outcome

Using the Express Entry system to bring your child to Canada

Individuals can include their spouse and children’s profiles in their Express Entry and other aligned immigration programs when making an application for permanent residence.

If they succeed in getting the PR visa, then there is no need to apply for a dependent visa later.

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