Greece Business Permit

If you are planning a short-term business trip to Greece you should apply for the Greece business permit. You may need to apply for a short-stay permit that’s valid in all Schengen states, which allows you to stay in Greece for up to 90 days. You will need to apply for a long-term stay permit if you intend to stay longer than 90 days.

Eligibility requirements
  • You must have a legitimate and good reason for visiting the country.
  • You must have enough money to support yourself and any dependents during your stay.
  • You must have strong links to your home country that will allow you to return home after your stay.
  • You must have a decent character and a clear criminal record. You may be required to have a PCC (Police Clearance Certificate).
  • You must have a valid invitation from a legitimate company in the country with which you are doing/will do business.
  • You can apply for the permit at the Greek embassy or consulate nearest to you.
Validity and processing time

You can stay for a maximum period of 90 days in Greece or any other country in the Schengen region with the business permit.

The processing time of the permit is usually 15 calendar days and can even extend from 30 to 60 days based on individual cases.

What are the passport requirements for applying for business permit for Greece?

When you apply for a business permit for Greece, your passport must

  • Be valid for at least 3 months beyond your scheduled stay in Greece
  • Have at least 2 blank pages
  • Be original and genuine
  • Not be damaged in any way
Which permit do I need to go to Greece on business?

A Type C business permit valid in all Schengen states will have to be applied for. It will allow the permit holder to stay in any of the countries that come under the Schengen Area for a specific period of time as per the validity of the permit.

Is there a different permit for Schengen area to go to Greece on business?

While the application form is similar in case you are travelling for tourism or business, the specific reason will have to be clearly mentioned on the application form. You will have to state “Business” as the reason in this situation.

What is the fee for Greece business permit?

As of December 2021, the fee for Greece business permit is EUR 80.

What is the processing time for Greece business permit?

Generally, in most cases, a decision on the Greece business permit application can be expected within 15 days of having successfully submitted the application.

In certain situations where further scrutiny is needed, the processing time can go up to 30 days, or even 60 days in rare cases.

Can I extend my Greece business permit?

Yes, but only in exceptional cases. Exceptional cases are situations wherein certain special reasons or new facts come up after the Greece business permit holder’s entry into Greece.

Do I need insurance for Greece business permit?

For a Greece business permit, you will be required to have a travel medical insurance of at least EUR 30,000. The coverage should be applicable within Greece as well as the entire Schengen Area.

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