Australia Parent Visa

Australia’s migration programs have an important motive to reunite families of permanent residents and citizens living in Australia by helping their close relatives to join them. Parents of Australian immigrants can join their children living in Australia under the parent visa category.

The Australia parent visa is designed to help migrants bring their families to the country. The government offers many options in the parent visa category.


There are 3 categories of Parent Visas:

Parent category: To apply under this category, you must be sponsored by your child.

Visa holders under this category can:

  • Shift to or stay in Australia as a PR visa holder
  • Help eligible family members to come to Australia by sponsoring them
  • Apply for citizenship
  • Access subsidized healthcare schemes in the country through Medicare
  • Receive certain social security payments

Contributory parent category: This was introduced in 2003 to facilitate the expansion of the parent migration program. Applicants will have to pay a higher visa application charge for this visa. Applicants to this visa must provide an Assurance of Support and an Assurance of Support bond (held for 10 years).

Visa holders under this category can:

  • Stay for an indefinite period in the country
  • Study and work in Australia
  • Become a member in Australia’s public health care scheme
  • Sponsor their relatives to come to Australia
  • Can apply for citizenship
  • Travel to and from Australia for five years, from the date the visa is granted

Sponsored parent category: The Sponsored Parent (Temporary) Visa (Subclass 870) was introduced early last year to enable parents to live temporarily in Australia.

Visa holders under this category can:

  • Live temporarily in Australia for either 3 or 5 years
  • Can apply for further visas to enable a maximum stay of 10 years
  • Not work in the country

Eligibility criteria for parent visas

  • Applicant must have a child who is an Australian citizen, an Australian permanent resident, or an eligible New Zealand citizen
  • Applicant must have a child who has been living in Australia lawfully for at least 2 years before submitting the visa application
  • Applicant must have a sponsor
  • Applicant must meet the Balance of family test criteria
  • Applicant must meet health and character requirements

Parent visa holders in Australia get the same benefits as permanent residents. With this visa they can live, study and work in Australia. Once they get their permanent residence, they gain access to certain benefits such as social security benefits, subsidized healthcare from the government and a chance to apply for Australian citizenship.

However, those who come to the country on a temporary parent visa can avail the subsidized healthcare, work and study rights only for the period the visa is valid.

Processing time

The processing time for each visa category varies. The processing time for the non-contributory parent visas is usually longer than the contributory visas. Non-contributory visas have an undefined processing time while contributory visas have a processing time between 2 to 3 years provided the visa application process has been followed diligently.

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