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Atlantic Provinces (Canada) strive to retain skilled migrants

canada immigration

canada immigration

Three other provinces of Atlantic Canada are taking a leaf out of the book of Nova Scotia to make international students stay back.

Ahmed Hussen, Federal Immigration Minister, said that the retention rate for Atlantic Canada for skilled immigrants was lingering around 60 percent compared to 90 percent or more in Alberta and Ontario.

Hussen was quoted by CIC News as saying that the region-wide extension of ‘Study and Stay’ program of Nova Scotia will balance the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Project, which was announced in 2016 to link immigrants and companies.

Hussen, speaking at a news conference on 20 February in Moncton, New Brunswick, said that it was unambiguously about retaining skilled immigrants in Atlantic Provinces.

He said that even as Atlantic Canada did not find it tough to attract skilled immigrants, it was finding it hard to retain them.

According to him, such programs were crucial as they let companies assist in setting up local roots for skilled immigrants and their families. Hussen said that with this, the retention rates will improve a lot.

Targeted support and services are provided by Nova Scotia’s Study and Stay program for up to 50 foreign students during their final year of post-secondary education.

Included in this program are career mentoring and path to employment-related activities, and a subsidy is also in place to aid local employers to compensate for the cost of recruiting students for a work-term after graduation.

Karen Casey, Nova Scotia’s deputy premier, said 700 enquiries were received for the program from foreign students, 49 of whom were chosen for participation.

She said that they were looking to have more numbers each year, as the numbers show clearly that interest is being shown in it, and this could be made applicable to international students.

The pilot program would be tweaked to satisfy the particular needs of the other Atlantic Provinces, the Federal officials said.

Wade MacLauchlan, Prince Edward Island’s Premier, said it was necessary for all the provinces of Atlantic to concentrate on steps that will increase the population, which would cause the economy to develop further.

Dominic LeBlanc, Federal Fisheries Minister, said that until now, the Atlantic Immigration Pilot had assigned over 900 Atlantic Canadian firms to hire international graduates and skilled foreign workers.

Saying that through the program 1,300 immigrants were hired to the region, LeBlanc said that job offers were received by more than 1,100 of them, making them eligible to apply for permanent residency.

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Nova Scotia (Canada) introduces immigration scheme for doctors

Canada immigration news

Canada immigration news

The province of Nova Scotia is introducing a new immigration scheme for doctors. This scheme is, however, applicable to applicants who are allowed to work there. It is said that physicians are currently accepted by Nova Scotia from 29 jurisdictions, including the US and the UK.

Lena Diab, Immigration Minister, announced this at a news conference on 22 February, said that it will benefit the province as it is trying to hire more doctors. She was quoted by the CBC News as saying that with this new process, bureaucratic hurdles would be done away with. According to reports, to hire immigrant doctors, the applications can be processed within five to ten days.

Diab said that they do not need to check their educational qualifications, their language or credentials. She says it has been made possible because they have been collaborating with the health authority, the College of Physicians and the IWK [Health Sciences Centre] who were doing it for them.

It was said that British Columbia also has a similar process. This announcement, however, does not imply that doctors can be hired within few weeks. To be eligible, it is a must for physicians to have a job offer in the province in hand. They would then need to go through the licensing process with Surgeons of Nova Scotia and the College of Physicians.

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Canada reduces wait time for immigrants’ spouses

Canada immigrants

Canadian Immigration News

The Canadian government has reduced the wait times for spouses of immigrants wanting to reunite with their husbands/wives in Canada. A lot of progress has already been reported on that front, with many backlog applications being cleared.

IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) was quoted by CBC News as saying that currently, the average waiting time is one year for around 80 percent of cases, a reduction from the earlier two-year wait time.

It is said that immigration officials had cleared a huge backlog of files, reducing their numbers from about 75,000 files to around 15,000 in just over a year.

Ahmed Hussen, Immigration Minister, said that they wanted to ensure families were not needlessly kept away from each other, and for their government, family reunification was an important priority. He said that was the reason why spousal sponsorship was important to them and will continue to be so for their immigration system.

Hussen said they managed to achieve results by putting in place a staff of ‘tiger time’ to deal with the backlog, and by easing the application process to prevent delays.

He said no shortcuts were resorted to by the government on the stringent screening process, despite the fact that most claims were from ‘bona fide’ couples.

Hussen said the decision to announce this proposal in the presence of couples who benefitted from faster processing times — that too on Valentine’s Day — was done to demonstrate how real lives were affected by immigration policies.

John McCallum, the former immigration minister, had announced in December 2016 the plan to hasten spousal sponsorship processing. During the same time, the guide of family reunification was reduced to a 75-page document from the earlier 180 pages, and to incorporate simple language, the application form was rewritten.

Hussen said, at a news conference, hastening the benefits assists society overall. He said that their objective was to let new migrants integrate seamlessly into their new communities, and hastening family reunification was helping them to do just that.

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Know how to relocate to Canada from UAE

canada visa

canadian Immigration news

One of the immigrant-friendly nations in the world, Canada invites up to 300,000 people to relocate to it each year.

There are various programs, using which nationals of the UAE can immigrate to Canada.

Here are some main ones.

Under the current Express Entry draw for migration to Canada, applicants having 413 CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) points or more obtain an ITA (Invitation to Apply), making it one of the most lenient CRS cut-off figures. A draw held previously saw candidates under the FSTC (Federal Skilled Trades Class) with a minimum of 199 CRS points being allowed to apply.

This year has been the best year for immigrants ever as on April 2017, as it exceeded the total number of ITAs released in 2016.

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The present dispensation headed by Justin Trudeau, the Canadian Prime Minister, has made immigration to this North American country simpler and quicker.

Some changes made to immigration Canada are: For all Express Entry Candidates, IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) has made job bank registration voluntary; the Express Entry pool candidates who have a sibling in Canada may get extra points under the CRS; candidates having demonstrable French proficiency will earn more points; Express Entry candidates with tied ratings would be placed as per the accurate date and time at which they submitted their accounts; maximum age of dependent children has been raised up to 21 from 24 October 2017.

The GTS (Global Ability Stream) was launched to help employers in Canada to obtain the most experienced and skilled people to work for them from all over the globe. This stream has in place a two-week standard for the handling of applications for job licences for highly experienced sectors.

On the other hand, the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program (QIIP) was reopened in May 2017 for helping more business people and entrepreneurs to settle in Canada. The program has become very popular, as it helps candidates to gain permanent residency in Canada by making a financial investment of CAD800, 000. This program offers more benefits compared to other investor immigration programs of Canada.

Besides these, there are numerous Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) that provide skilled workers, investors and business persons more opportunities of working and residing in Canada.

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Canada is the top-performing economy in the G7 nations; the UK reaches the lowest slot

canada immigration

canadian Immigration news
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Canada has emerged as the top performing economy of the G7 nations after its excellent growth in the first quarter of 2017. On the other hand, the UK has reached the lowest position in the league of advanced G7 nations, as quoted by The Guardian.

Canada submitted its growth figures in the last and this has confirmed its top position while giving the last place to the UK as the nation performing the worst in this year. It also marks a crucial lowering of the economy of the UK that is already shadowed by the uncertain Brexit outcome.

The latest statistics for Canadian economy have revealed that its growth accentuated to 0.9% in the first three months of 2017 making it the top performer in the G7 league. The second position was secured by Germany with the growth of 0.6%, third position by Japan with 0.5% growth, fourth by France with 0.4% and fifth by the US with 0.3% growth. The lowest position is jointly occupied by Italy and the UK with just 0.2% growth.

Prices are witnessing a sharp rise in the UK after the Brexit referendum as the UK pound declined sharply after the vote decided to exit from the EU, increasing the cost of UK imports. Increasing inflation has severely affected the budget of households in the UK making a dent in the consumer spending, the chief driver of growth of UK economy.

Canada, on the other hand, had no such issues where the federal statistics agency revealed that the actual GDP increased at the rate of 3.7% annually for the first quarter of 2017. This was largely owing to the increase in household spending and inflows of investment in businesses.

The economy of Canada appears to be on a firm ground even for the second quarter of 2017 as the growth was increasing at an impressive rate better than estimated 0.5% in March that was owing to increases businesses activity in the retail trade and manufacturing sectors.

The growth of Canada’s economy has also been assisted by rebuilding of inventories by the businesses according to the economy experts. On the other hand consumer spending also increased, especially on vehicles. Salaries increased by 1% while compared with the earlier quarter and savings decreased to 4.3% from the previous 5.3%.

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Canada opens doors for Tourists, Students and Business Expats of UAE

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canadian Immigration news
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Canada’s streamlined innovative agenda a blessing to the folks across the globe may it be students for higher education, tourists who wish to explore the serenity of Canada lastly innovative business expats who intend to set up new ventures in Canada. All would experience the benefit of contributing towards a growing economy.

Canada’s primary focus is to fill the skills gap category in the years to come. Recently Canadian innovators have identified that over 200,000 vacancies ought to be filled in the streams of Information Technology, Engineering, Health Care, Teaching, Hospitality, Construction and much more.

A fast track will be soon implemented by the 12th of June 2017 and the processing time will take two weeks from the earlier 12-week long wait-age. This will have a big impact in helping Tech companies based in Canada to be benefitted to meet talent needs.

The good news was recently shared at a press conference with the Gulf News by the Canadian Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Mr. Ahmad Hussen who shared his inspiring experience of making it to Canada, his rise to the top-notch ranks and how he adapted himself to a new country, not only building for himself but also a good future to his family as well. This was shared while addressing a press release during his first visit to the United Arab Emirates. He states that the UAE is a very prominent country to Canada. And that they are all set to welcome more number of international students, Tourists, and Business Travellers from the UAE.

Besides the above-mentioned opportunities, Canada offers opportunities for temporary skilled workers who can make it to Canada for 120 days a year and finish the quick turnaround work assigned. This opportunity can also be used to apply for a work permit visa as well. An open invitation was made for all research scholars to Canada who is welcome to contribute individually in various fields. This paves way for easing visa restrictions as well.

Mr. Hussen has also said that students who acquire degrees from Canada’s top-notch universities can do a lot good for the home country which comes from well-inculcated skill and international exposure. As Canada celebrates its 150th anniversary of a highly advanced nationhood which dedicates a part of its success to the immigration tool which has always been a benefit for business expansion and economic prosperity.

Canada has a launched a streamlined Federal Government Express Entry Program focusing heavily on welcoming Business Travellers, Skilled Professionals, and Students from the UAE to make it to Canada with much ease and feasibility.

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Fewer than three months available for sponsors to submit applications to reunite Canadian immigrant families

canada immigration

canadian Immigration news
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IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) has randomly selected 10,000 sponsors who intend to submit an application to get their parent(s) or grandparent(s) to Canada and make them permanent residents through the PGP (Parent and Grandparent Program).

These sponsors have time only up to 24 July 2017 to submit a complete application, which contains all supporting documentation.

IRCC said that 17,000 sponsored people were being represented by 10,000 sponsors since in one application more than one person can be sponsored. From about 95,000 potential sponsors, who had submitted earlier in 2017 an ‘Interest to Sponsor’ form, these 10,000 sponsors were chosen

IRCC was able to announce only on 25 April that it had randomly selected potential sponsors for this program. All individuals, including those who did not receive invitations for this process, but submitted the application forms have been informed the status of their submission.  These individuals have time until 2018 to express their interest in applying.

This reportedly is the first time that PGP has been operated this way by IRCC. Earlier, PGP was given on a first-come, first-served basis. But this created problems for applicants as well as IRCC employees, as individuals wanting to bring their parents/grandparents, were said to be bribing couriers so that their application would be on the top of the applications for the program.

Although the application package and the application process have been revamped for 2017, their eligibility requirements will be the same.

Besides changing the system, another measure taken by IRCC to attenuate the supply and demand issues that have sprung up suddenly in the past was by increasing the annual acceptance of new applications from 5,000 to 10,000.

The Canadian government’s 2017 Immigration Levels Plan determined a target to allow 20,000 new parents as well as grandparents in 2017 as permanent residents. As 17,000 sponsored people have been selected to be sponsored during the next few months, this will let IRCC ease the logjam furthermore of previously submitted applications.

Measures have also been taken to rev up application processing times within the Family Class programs, including the PGP, as John McCallum, former Immigration Minister, promised to reduce processing times in December 2016.

Among the documents sponsors must submit must also include income tax records and documents pertaining to civil status.

It is also needed that sponsors sign an undertaking to pay back any provincial social assistance benefits availed by the sponsored persons for 20 years for a certain duration. This duration is 20 years for sponsors residing in a province and territory of Canada other than Quebec and 10 years for Quebec-based sponsors.

To be eligible for being PGP sponsors, certain requirements need to be met, such as: they should citizens of Canada or its permanent residents, must be aged 18 years or older, need to draw the minimum essential income level by submitting notices of assessment that the CRA (Canadian Revenue Agency) has issued into aid their sponsorship, sponsors need to also prove that they have met for three consecutive years the minimum essential income level. For married people or those in a common-law relationship, both individuals’ incomes may be included, and the sponsor needs to ink a sponsorship agreement that commits her/him to financially take care of the sponsored persons.

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Canada Immigration

canada immigration

canadian Immigration news
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Do you know what are the best immigration options to make it to Canada? Canada has one of the most affirmative immigrations policies in the world. More than opportunities the care shown by the Government towards foreign residents is commendable. The children who are below the age of 12 receive free education and the experience the finest health care facilities are simply amazing. The federal and provincial governments here provide certain fixed pays which are rolled out to support the upbringing of the child.

Canada is well organized in welcoming foreigners first because of its diverse and rich cultural background, moreover a complete under-populated country. Now the measure is to invite people from Dubai and other parts of the middle-east to explore and replenish in Canada. This is simply the best time to apply for Canada immigration.

Besides multiple opportunities for people from all walks of life, the best career opener will be for the skilled worker’s category. The classification for immigrations in Canada is of three type’s skilled worker Visa, Business visa, Investors and Study visas as well. Under the plethora of work opportunities the shortage of skills from various streams such as Engineering, IT, Healthcare, Construction works, and Service sectors.

A Canada work visa permits an applicant to stay for 4 years. After which one qualifies for a permanent residence in Canada. The processing time it takes for the visa application to be processed is two to seven months.

A minimum of 67 points are to be scored by the applicant and points are granted in terms of Educational qualifications 27 points, Age 10 points, Work experience 21 points, English or French language proficiency 24 points, Employment in Canada 10 points, Spouses education add’s 5 points  lastly adaptability to the country 15 points.

A business visa to Canada is the most ideal of all opportunities. For all those who intend to invest and run a business. This kind of innovative opportunities also creates work opportunities for locals. An investment of CDN $ 10 Million as an investor venture capital. The applicant needs to qualify through the English proficiency program. Above all Business visas to Canada are of two types one to start up a new business the other invests on an existing business. You may also find the lowest to pick franchises.

Lastly, as a Student migrating to Canada is also a benefit. The applicant has to receive an authorization from the university or institution. Along with the recent passport, the application has to be submitted with the other documents. Students also get to work and to balance life and other living expenses.

Irrespective of any stream of life in Canada including life expectancy which has enhanced in public health, modern medicine, and nutrition. In conclusion, Canada is striving to make the best outcomes for every migrant who makes it to Canada for immediate family and children as well.

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Canada Student Visa

Canada Student Visa

canadian Immigration news
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Tomorrows belongs to all those who prepare for it today all you have to do is pursue and trust yourself. And everything in our lives is just a reflection of a choice we make. This determines a student’s ability and efficiency irrespective of what streams of academic excellence they represent. Each year hundreds and thousands of students attend Canadian colleges and universities offering the best quality education for degrees and diplomas from any discipline.

As a matter of fact, students from Canadian universities are highly regarded globally with ultra modern campuses. Undoubtedly Canada is a friendly and safe country with affordable standards of living and additional health benefits. Canada is recognized amongst the top safest countries in the world.

Each year Canada plays the perfect host for 130,000 students who stride from various parts of the world. Let’s make the research feasible for you. Initially, for getting a student visa for Canada a letter of acceptance is first to obtain which is needed before the Visa is applied. Then the students should be completing an application form, including the submission of academic credentials, passport copy and a proof of English language ability. After all, these documents are submitted to the university an acceptance letter is released.

After the student receives the acceptance letter the tuition fees mentioned on that letter has to be paid which can be made through an international wire transfer. Then the respective institution sends an acknowledgment which should be submitted as evidence at the time of applying for the student visa. The best place to live and the best place to study also presents to students a greater opportunity to avail scholarship opportunities which would make the big costs small.

A Canadian student visa authorizes to work on a part-time on and off campus as long as the academic records are satisfactory. The awarded hours of work are 20 hours per week. This would enable the student to meet their educational costs. Students are also advised to acquire a guaranteed investment certificate (GIC) which is an added support for students who get beneficial support on a monthly basis.

A quick walk through the documents needed for a student visa to Canada begins with the visa application form, a valid passport, a family information form, letter of acceptance from the institution, proof of English proficiency test, academic documents, acknowledgment of the tuition fees paid, Proof of the GIC which can be obtained from recognized banks, A student questionnaire has to be filled by the applicant themselves last but not least medical certificate is mandate.

If a postgraduate program has opted, then the students must have a minimum of 50% from the bachelor’s degree, An IELTS score of 6.5 bands, evidence of the tuition fee being paid, and an Educational loan covering 80% of the one-year tuition fees.

International students can also apply for a permanent residency after completing a stay of 15 to 18 months within Canada. The processing time it takes is 3-4 weeks approximately for the visa cycle to complete.

Canada has been an international leader in computer and information technologies and a great amount of reputation in sectors such as telecommunication, transportation, and engineering. Precisely meaning a student’s life will on a higher acceleration after the completion of studies. Studying in Canada opens up a wealth of innovators from various disciplines.

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Canada Permanent Residency

canada permanent residency

canada permanent residency
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The federal government of Canada finished its latest round of invitations for Canada Express Entry Draw recently. The sixth draw undertaken in 2017 saw 3,884 applicants being invited for a permanent residency in this North American country.

Covered under this were all immigration programs that are present in the Canadian immigration system.  It is expected that in the first half of 2017 15 more draws would be carried out in which 30,000 invitations will be offered.

The Comprehensive Ranking System score is expected to be fewer than 500 in 2017 for all the draws to let the Canadian government meet all this year’s immigration requirements. The current draw’s score was 434 points.

Many changes were introduced to Canada Express Entry, of which some were planned to make it less tough for foreign students to secure a permanent residency in Canada. The changes have also been welcomed by all those who are intending to apply for a residency in this scheme because the points’ system is said to be at an all-time low, with a record number of applications being accepted.

As per the new regulations laid down for Canada Express Entry, unlike in the past qualifying job offers do not receive the same number of points any more, while the types of job offers have been broadened to facilitate the applications of those holding a Young Professional Visa.

Additional points are also being offered for pursuing studies in Canada and, on the other hand, the candidate’s job offer’s validity required now is only a maximum of one year.  Other amendments in this system include an extension in the time for candidates to apply from 60 to 90.

Introduced in 2015, Canada’s Express Entry system has witnessed its 56th draw.  The provinces and the territories will be in a position to hire immigration applicants through the Express entry systems to fulfill their immigration requirements.

As the United States and the United Kingdom continue to grapple with visa limitations owing to the anti-immigration rhetoric and the Brexit policy, respectively, the number of applications for Canadian citizenships has risen. In addition, Justin Trudeau-led administration has been among the most liberal for immigrants worldwide. It is also being said that many of those who are considered eligible for H-1B visa of the US have the necessary points to qualify for the Express Entry System of Canada.