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Australian Immigration News 2018

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Age ceiling raised in the International Experience Canada Program



Australia and Canada have agreed to raise the age ceiling for the IEC program as per their agreement for youth mobility.

The International Experience Canada (IEC) program allows youth to travel and work in Canada. Australian is one of the major participants in the IEC program. Earlier applicants had to be less than 30 years to be eligible for this program. The upper limit for age has now been increased to 35 years for the IEC program. This will allow more Australians to pursue a career or take up casual employment in Canada.

Eligible countries other than Australia have an annual quota of work permits under the IEC program. However, Australia is the only country to have the privilege of receiving an unlimited number of work permits, as per SBS.

The most popular category under the IEC program is the Working Holiday Program. This allows Australian holidaymakers get a 24 month long open Work Permit allowing them to work with any employer anywhere in Canada.

Two other categories under the IEC program which are available to Australians are the Young Professionals and International Co-Op categories.

The Young Professionals category allows young professionals to pursue their careers in Canada. To be eligible under this category the applicant must have a job offer in Canada in any of the occupation in NOC O, A or B category.

The International Co-Op category is for participants who are enrolled at a post-secondary institute and wish to complete an Internship or work placement in Canada. Participants should have a job offer or a contract for internship or work placement in Canada to be eligible for this category.

To be eligible for any of the categories of the IEC program, Australian participants must meet the below eligibility requirements:

  1. Have a valid passport for the duration of stay in Canada
  2. Should be between 18 and 35 years of age
  3. Have access to funds worth CAD $2,500 to cover initial living costs
  4. Take out health insurance to cover the duration of their stay in Canada
  5. Should not be accompanied by dependents

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Quebec announces fresh details regarding online visa applications

Australia Skill Select latest round update for immigrants

australian immigration news

australian immigration news

The details of the latest Australia Skill Select round have been revealed by the Department of Home Affairs. It gives an exhaustive data of the number of invitations for Australia Skilled Immigration that have been offered so far. The contribution of the States is also included. The ceilings and current status of all the occupations are also included, as quoted by the SBS.

The Occupations Ceilings for the fiscal year 2018-19 have been published. There is no modification in the numbers when compared with the past year ceilings.

The below are the occupations that are popular and whose ceilings are exhausting faster:

Sl No Occupation/s Occupation Code Occupation Status
1. Accountants 2211 36 already invited out of 4785
2. Corporate Treasurers, Company Secretaries, and Auditors 2212 13 already invited out of 1327
3. Management Consultant 2247 only 19 already invited out of 3285
4. Landscape Architects and Architects 2321 22 already invited out of 1474
5. Materials and Chemical Engineers 2331 42 already invited out of 1000
6. Civil Engineering Professionals 2332 105 already invited out of 3296
7. Electrical Engineers 2333 48 already invited out of 1042
8. Electronics Engineers 2334 3 already invited out of 1000
9. Production, Mechanical, and Industrial Engineers 2335 17 already invited out of 2178
10. Other Engineering Professionals 2339 7 already invited out of 1000
11. Systems and Business Analysts 2611 14 already invited out of 1574
12. Applications and Software Programmers 2613 69 already invited out of 6202


13. ICT Security Specialists, Systems and Database Administrators 2621 72 already invited out of 2391


14. Computer Network Professionals 2631 21 already invited out of 1318
15. Telecommunications Engineering Professionals 2633 88 already invited out of 1000


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The benefits of Australia Business Innovation Stream…

The benefits of Australia Business Innovation Stream Visa



Australia as a nation offers diverse benefits to entrepreneurs and businessmen for business innovation. This is for the achievement of their anticipated objectives and economic growth of the nation. It offers the Business Innovation Stream Visa with this purpose.

The Australia Business Innovation Stream Visa helps business people to launch new ideas, products, services, and workflows. This is aimed at the success of their businesses in Australia, as quoted by the SBS. These visas also assist businessmen in the creation of value for their organizations.

The Land Down Under offers several benefits to overseas Entrepreneurs and Businessmen. The chief of these are given below for a better understanding of the Australia Business Innovation Stream Visa:

  • One of the crucial advantages of the Business Innovation Stream Visa is that it authorizes an individual to stay in Australia for an indefinite period. The timely extension of the validity must, however, be done by the applicant.
  • It authorizes lawful studying and working in Australia for the visa holders
  • Businessmen can easily enroll themselves in the Medicare of the Australian healthcare system with the help of this visa
  • Application for Australian Citizenship can be easily submitted by Businessmen after they obtain the eligibility
  • The BIS Visa permits the businessmen to sponsor their eligible relatives for Australia PR
  • Businessmen and entrepreneurs can arrive at and depart from Australia for 4 years through this visa

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SA alters requirements of state nomination for Australia PR Visa

SA alters requirements of state nomination for Australia PR Visa

south australia

South Australia

Australia PR Visa requirements for a State nomination have been altered by South Australia. It has also announced that the revised occupation list for the fiscal year 2018-19 will be published soon.

Below are the changes that will be effective once the 190/489 application system reopens this week:

Category – High Points:

As of now, the requirement for high points remains 80, as quoted by the SBS. This may be enhanced. Alternatively, the occupations can be closed for this stream based on available quota.

Chain Immigration:

The immediate family member will have to be staying in South Australia for at least 2 years. The family member can be a Citizen of Australia or Australia PR Visa holder. Those who possess 489 provisional visas nominated by South Australia are also eligible.

An obligation to South Australia:

SA Immigration has retained the requirement that interstate resident applicants are ineligible to apply for state nomination from South Australia for Australia PR Visa. The nomination is only for those who intend to genuinely intend to settle in South Australia.

The below changes will apply to those applicants who have a history of interstate study or work and plan to maximize dedication to settle in South Australia:

  • Those who have worked or studied intestate in last 10 years excluding South Australia will only qualify for Provisional 489 Visa state nomination by South Australia
  • Those who have worked or studied in another state and in South Australia in last 10 years will only qualify for Provisional 489 Visa state nomination by South Australia, and
  • For Subclass 190 Visa the application will be decided based on the merit of the individual case based on time spent in South Australia

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Victoria halts application process for Australia Skilled Visas due to huge rush

Australia Skilled Visa

Australia Skilled Visa

Victoria, a south-eastern Australian state has halted application process for Australia Skilled Visas due to huge rush. The acceptance of the new skilled visa nomination applications is on hold until further notice in order to manage the received requests. This is because of a huge pile of Australia Skilled Visas nomination applications. This is not a permanent halt although. The acceptance is stopped temporarily because the department has to assess and manage the applications received before 15th May.

The decisions to be taken on these applications might face a delay as well. Despite this, the nomination applications for the business and investor visa will not be affected. The Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources of Victoria issued a statement. It said that the department is not accepting any new applications for Australia Skilled Visas. This includes Subclass 190 Skilled Nominated visa or Subclass 489 Skilled Provisional Regional visa. This is to help in managing this demand, and meet service commitments, it added.

Similarly, the Queensland government has also stopped issuing the applications until July 2018 in order to clear the previous logjam of applications. Once this is sorted out, the applicants must issue new EOIs in July so as to apply for the skilled nomination. It is to be noted that the Australian states have their own programs for migration to cope up with their needed skill set and meet labor demands. This helps them to sponsor the applicants.

Australia’s annual immigration intake cap of 190,000 is well maintained because of the strict visa checking procedure. In 2016-17 the intake of people was 183,608 which were reduced to 138,086 as of April 30th, 2018. The application of the skilled nomination became tougher and complex because the technology used indicated more factors which showed more details about the risks of approving an applicant.

The Head of Home Affairs department, Michael Pezzullo said that “applicants get more ‘hits’ in our trade. This is as they couple increased databases into their checking mechanisms. These have to be resolved” he added.

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Australia replaces 457 visas with TSS visas

Australia immigration

Australia immigration

The popular 457 visa program of Australia has been removed, with a new legislation becoming effective from 18 March. It will be replaced with a new visa program known as TSS (Temporary Skill Shortage) visa.

The 457 visa will be annulled by the Migration Legislation Amendment Regulations 2018 and replaced with the new Subclass 482 visa. With the new visa, employers are allowed to access skilled international workers if they are not able to find workers with the requisite skills in Australia.

The new visa, which will be available in two streams (short term and medium term), requires compulsory work experience in addition to better English language proficiency for the medium-term visa. It will hereafter be also necessary for applicants to obtain skill assessments, which are positive before they can begin applying for visas.

SBS Punjabi says that experts are of the belief that many overseas students who could obtain employer-sponsored visas after graduating will find it tough to get these new visas because of the extra conditions.

The short-term visas under the TSS will be granted for two years and the medium-term visas for up to four years with the IELTS (International English Language Testing Service) exam under which overall band score of 5 and at least 5 in each of the four components is necessary.

It also has been made clear that with short-term visas, people do not get a pathway to permanent residency. In 2017, Australia’s Federal Government implemented major changes to employer-sponsored visas which will become effective soon.

Henceforth, businesses wanting to sponsor international workers on short-term visas of TSS can bring them under occupations listed on the STSOL (Short-term Skilled Occupation List). For the four-year visa, they can access them in occupations on the MLTSSL (Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List).

Included in the TSS also is a Labour Agreement stream that lets employers of Australia access skilled foreign workers in line with a labour treaty with the government, where it can be shown that required talent is not available in the labour market of Australia.

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Immigration to grow Australia’s wealthy population by 37%

Australia Immigration

Australia Immigration

The population of ultra-wealthy in Australia will increase by 37 percent over the next five years owing to increasing property and equity values swelling fortunes and as the country continues to attract wealthy newcomers, according to Knight Frank, a popular real estate agent.

Knight Frank’s Wealth Report 2018 estimates that encouraging conditions hastening the growth in numbers of high net worth individuals globally will increase in Australia the number of people having net assets of US$50 million from 1,260 in 2017 to 1,720 by 2022.

Michelle Ciesielski, head of residential research, Knight Frank Australia, was quoted by The Australian Financial Review as saying that they had seen a considerable increase in prices of prime properties.

She said that in addition, recent instability notwithstanding, gains were also seen in the equities market over the past year. Ciesielski states that being the third most desired destination in the world for ultra-rich is drawing them to the country.

The report adds that the numbers of high net worth individuals increased by 10 percent in 2017 globally, making up for over half of the total 18 percent growth over five years from 2012. It also estimated its growth to rise to 40 percent over the present five-year period in accordance with the projected growth of the Land Down Under.

Financial Review Rich List of 2017 showed a soaring property market, a resurgence for manufacturing, bolstering prices of iron ore and good performers in the financial services and technology industries increased the total wealth of the country’s richest 200 people to $233 billion, with the average wealth being $1.16 billion.

Ciesielski said that Australia is included in the world’s top five destinations, where ultra high net worth individuals are eyeing prime property in 2018.

The top source countries of wealthy individuals for Australia are China, Singapore, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and the Philippines, Frank Knight’s report said.

Moreover, the survey also found that ultra-wealthy in Oz was more unlikely to leave the country. While 27 percent of Australia’s ultra-wealthy held a dual nationality or a second passport, only six percent said they had plans to leave the country permanently.

Sarah Harding, head of residential, Knight Frank Australia, concluded by saying that these numbers underline Australia’s popularity as a destination for ultra high net worth individuals.

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Immigration central to Australia’s overall success



If Australia has become one of the top ranking countries in the world economically, socially and culturally, it has largely been because of immigration, says The Age.

It says that it was the reason that the country’s population increased by 50 percent, helping, in turn, its economy to develop and making it so prosperous. Half of Australians were either born abroad or have at least one immigrant parent. This has given Australia a diversity to assist it in building an economy and society that is envied by all other countries.

The news daily says that it has always been a supporter of immigration as it has been conspicuously advantageous, which has been substantiated by every modern study on the issue. This is because immigration intensifies the rate of economic growth by boosting consumption, employment and demand. According to the daily, it also improves their culture and society by creating a heady cocktail of practices, traditions and tastes. Immigration supports human values, as it promotes empathy and tolerance.

If there are infrastructural problems in the Land Down Under, the solution for it depends on investing in its infrastructure. The Age does not think immigration has anything to do with it. Even problems like traffic and hosing can be solved by addressing it. These are pains that accompany the growth of any sort. The exponential changes in technology-abetted by creativity and innovation of humans can surely solve these problems.

On the other hand, resorting to protectionist practices would only undermine Australia culturally, economically and politically, it concludes by saying.

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Immigration essential to counter Australia’s ageing workforce



Australia witnessed over 225,000 people migrating to its shores to settle and live there permanently in the financial year 2016-17. Most of them were younger, skillful and well-educated when compared to the average population of the country.

Population researchers aver that because of these aspects, recent migrants become crucial to the Land Down Under’s economy in the future where the ageing population is high.

Out of the migrants who arrived in the last financial year, 126,000 arrived as skilled employees to work in certain industries and 61,000 arrived through the family stream. Only 24,000 were asylum seekers, most of who were from Syria and Iraq, both of which are beset by internal problems.

Of those who arrived with 457 visas to fill skill shortages, 10,000 were trade workers and technicians, 26,000 were professionals and 900 were brought under a subclass visa to tend to the old and disabled.

Data released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics released in 2017 showed that unemployment rate among temporary residents and recent migrants was 7.4 percent compared to the Australian average of 5.4 percent at the end of 2016. Participation in the labour force was, however, 66 percent in Australia as against 70 percent in recent arrivals.

Liz Allen, a demographer with Australian National University Centre for Social Research and Methods, was quoted by The Australian as telling it that migrants were more risk-prone, and they relocate with their family in a country where their language is spoken only by a few, and they employ themselves or pick up English.

Dr Allen said there was clear evidence that if Australia wants to make up for losses from an ageing labour population, it needed migrants. She added that she found it mysterious that politicians were overlooking this and cribbing about infrastructure spending.

The last financial year also saw 448,000 international students arriving in 2016-17, an increase of over 100,000 from 2014. Of them, 100,000 migrants were from India, Britain, China and The Philippines.

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Australia extends SmartGate service to UAE nationals entering or exiting it

Australia Smart Gate service


The UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation stated that Australia has decided to extend the SmartGate service in its airports for UAE nationals holding ordinary passports who are either arriving or leaving.

Gulf Times said that Emiratis can opt to clear their departure or and arrival using the SmartGate services so long as they obtain a pre-arrival Australian electronic entry visa.

Ahmad Saeed Alham Al Daheri, the Ministry’s Under-Secretary for Consular Affairs, said the usage of departure and arrival SmartGate at airports in Australia would be granted to holders of ordinary UAE passports who are a minimum of 16 years old.

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According to him, such facilities being extended to UAE nationals show that their passport is one of the most valued and reliable travel documents in the world.

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