Australian Immigration News 2018

Australian Immigration News 2018

Australian Immigration News 2018 and Migration Updates by Y-Axis Middle East DMCC. Follow our blog for all latest Australia visa updates.

Australia to roll out a new program for foreign students’ return

Australia foreign students

Australia foreign students

The significance of international students in Australia’s immigration scene is becoming clear with the latest measures planned by the Australian government.

The Australian Capital Territory (ACT) will initiate a pilot program to help the return of international students. This pilot program is going to start in July 2020. The program will gradually be adopted in entire Australia by its states and universities.

This step is an important part of the government’s 3-phase plan for re-opening Australia. To achieve this, restrictions will be eased for the international students at the border allowing them to come to study in Australia.

The importance of students returning to the country is owing to the thousands of dollars they bring to Australia and its universities. This will help to create jobs and power up the economy.

After the impact of COVID-19, the decrease in foreign students in Australia has already incurred a huge loss to the country. The universities themselves have suffered an estimated loss of $8 billion. The economy of the country has had an estimated loss of $30 billion.

An ongoing reduction in international students could create a loss of $40 billion to the Australian economy by 2023. So, bringing back foreign students has been treated as a priority and necessary measures have been taken.

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International students to be permitted into France from July 1

Victoria state keeps up Australia immigration, nomination

Victoria State sponsorship update

Victoria State sponsorship update

Immigration Australia is open even in these times of pandemic crisis. Australia is continuing with its acceptance of applications for immigration for various purposes. People emigrate to Australia for study, work and business. The major immigration programs include states nominating candidates to arrive in the country.

Australia is a popular destination with a reputation for hosting world-class opportunities for a migrant. Australia immigration PR is highly desired by those who go into the country as skilled workers.

One of the major states that sponsor and nominate international candidates is Victoria state. It has been lately announced by the Victoria state that they will continue to accept applications for nomination from eligible candidates. The visas that are currently in process in Australia are:

  • Permanent Investor (subclass 888B)
  • Permanent Business Innovation (subclass 888A)
  • Skilled Work Regional (subclass 491)
  • Permanent Significant Investor (subclass 888C)
  • Business Innovation (subclass 188A Extension)
  • Significant Investor (subclass 188C Extension)
  • Skilled Nominated (subclass 190)

Skilled Nominated visa (subclass 190)

This visa allows nominated skilled workers, to live and work in Australia as permanent residents. With this visa, one can:

  • Work and study anywhere in Australia
  • Sponsor eligible relatives for permanent residence
  • Become an Australian citizen if found eligible

Skilled Work Regional visa (subclass 491)

This is a provisional visa meant for skilled workers who want to live and work in regional Australia. With this visa, the visa holder can:

  • Live in Australia for 5 years
  • Live, study, and work in a chosen regional area of Australia
  • Travel to and from Australia any number of times, while the visa is valid

Significant Investor (subclass 188C Extension)

This visa class allows the visa holder to extend the stay in Australia for up to 4 years. The person will have an original Business Innovation and Investment (Provisional) stream visa (Subclass 188).

Business Innovation(subclass 188A Extension)

The Business innovation visa is for those having business skills. It lets them operate a new or current business in Australia. With this visa, they can stay up to 4 years and 3 months. The visa holder must:

  • Operate a new or current business in Australia
  • Receive a nomination by an Australian territory or state government agency

The holders of the Business Innovation Extension stream can extend their stay in Australia for 2 more years. They can thus stay in Australia for 6 years after the granting of the original Business Innovation and Investment (Provisional) stream visa (Subclass 188).

Significant Investor- Permanent(subclass 888C)

This visa lets the visa holder continue his/her investment activities in Australia permanently. The holder of this visa should have held an investment of AUD 5 million for 4 years in compliance with rules.

Investor– Permanent (subclass 888B)

This visa lets the visa holder continue his/her investment activities in Australia permanently. The holder of this visa must already own the Subclass 188 visa.

Business Innovation – Permanent(subclass 888A)

This visa lets holders of the Business Innovation and Investment (Provisional) visa (subclass 188) in the Business Innovation stream to stay permanently. The holder must have a business ongoing in Australia in which he/she is involved.

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Australia starts Jobs Hub for job seekers and employers

How online media keeps immigration real in a COVID-hit world

Online citizenship ceremony

Online citizenship ceremony

In the COVID-19 affected world, everything about social interaction and communication, from a walk to the grocery to international travel has changed. The preventive measures of social distancing and home isolation are globally practiced. Countries have closed borders and restricted travelers. But through all this pain, technology has come to the rescue to ease the difficulties.

As a global phenomenon, travel is the worst hit by the COVID-19. There are many ways of communication, like phones and video calls to converse with people. But it seems impossible to fulfill certain travel-related activities.

Take immigration for instance. When it comes to migration overseas to settle in a country, personal presence becomes important. In today’s perilous situation, such a possibility barely exists. But have the world nations done enough to help applicants for procuring PR visas or even citizenship?

Take Australia as an example. The latest news from the country is that it has announced holding online citizenship ceremonies. Australia is ensuring that those who are desirous and fit to become the country’s citizens must not be waiting because of the pandemic.

The new measure proves the power of implementation of online technology in immigration. The decision was in response to the requests of thousands to the Australian government. They all wanted citizenship to be issued to approved applicants.

Acting Minister for Immigration, Citizenship, Migrant Services, and Multicultural Affairs, Alan Tudge made a very important observation. He said that with the COVID-19 situation, traditional in-person citizenship ceremonies cannot be held. Hence, the Government will conduct online citizenship ceremonies. This will be done via a secure video link. This will enable people to go on to become Australian citizens even in these hard times.

The Australian government has decided to work with those in urgent need. With the full implementation of this facility, it will be possible for 750 people per day to get citizenship. With 85,000 people waiting for the citizenship ceremony, the online method will prove to be extremely efficient.

The new method has been great news for the applicants. It came to them in addition to Australia’s decision to let temporary visa workers who are not laid off to keep their visas.

Such measures with the aid of technology could start a new trend of viable tech solutions in immigration even after COVID crisis ends. That could help immigrants get services faster and more conveniently.

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How Australian government cares for children who study

Online applications accepted for TRA Skills Assessment

TRA skill assessment application

TRA skill assessment application

The present COVID-19 pandemic may seem to affect the plans about Australian migration for work. But there’s a positive update from Trades Recognition Australia (TRA). It has informed that it will go on with its assessment of applications submitted online.

The COVID-19 crisis has led to a delay in processing times. The normal inquiry channels like the inquiry line are closed from 30 March 2020 until further notice. But even then, TRA will continue to assess applications submitted through the online portal in the normal course.

Applicants can still submit inquiries to TRA will make all efforts to respond to email inquiries at the earliest.

Understanding TRA

Trades Recognition Australia (TRA) is a service provider for skills assessment. It specializes in assessments for people having trade skills built in Australia or overseas. The assessment is meant to recognize a candidate’s eligibility for migration and skills.

Introduction toMigrationSkillAssessment(MSA)

The MSA program is aimed at those who are applying for a permanent skilled migration visa. The application is placed with the Australian Home Affairs department. The assessment is based on evidence. The scrutiny will be done on qualifications and work history. It will be checked whether they are compatible with Australian standards for a skilled worker in a particular nominated occupation.

The MSA deals only with instances of migration. The successful outcome of the assessment doesn’t deem the applicant being awarded an Australian qualification. Hence the assessment result itself cannot be used to work in Australia. It can neither be used for licensing or recognition of qualification.

To be assessed for an Australian qualification, one should apply for skills assessment through the Offshore Skills Assessment program.

A candidate is qualified for the MSA program if his/her nominated occupation is:

  • Listed on the
    • Short-term Skilled Occupations List (STSOL), or
    • Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL)

on the Department of Home Affairs website and with Trades Recognition Australia (TRA)

  • Having direct relevance to the candidate’s qualification and/or apprenticeship
  • Directly relevant to the candidate’s employment.

It is necessary to be sure that the candidate’s visa pathway needs a skills assessment. It also has to be ensured that the TRA is the right authority to assess the candidate’s nominated occupation. It is necessary to check it with the Department of Home Affairs.

The application for MSA is submitted via TRA’s online portal. The application is expected to be ready for a decision. This means, all mandatory fields in the application must be filled and all the required documents are submitted. The information to be furnished in the application include:

  • Applicant details (previous TRA number (if applicable)
  • Personal details
  • Passport details
  • Nominated occupation
  • Visa type
  • Agent/representative details (if applicable)
  • Qualification details/details of apprenticeship
  • Employment details

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Australia’s immigration processes are right on track

Australia’s immigration processes are right on track

Skillselect Australia report 2020

Skillselect Australia report 2020

Let the pandemic scare not let your spirits down. The immigration activities in Australia are going on schedule!

The latest invitation round of SkillSelect’s immigration process was conducted on March 13, 2020. At this stage of the immigration process, applicants are invited to live and work in Australia. the invitation is based on their skill assessment results.

The skill assessment is an immigration procedure. In it, the applications with Expression of Interest (EOI) from individuals are scrutinized. The scrutiny is done by a skill assessing authority. The skill assessing authority is an organization. It checks if the applicant’s skills and qualifications match the required standards of a relevant occupation.

In the latest round, invitations were issued by SkillSelect in the following numbers:

  • Skilled Independent visa (subclass 189) – 1,750
  • Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) visa (subclass 491) – Family Sponsored – 300

The Skilled Independent Visa (Subclass 189) is for workers invited through after assessment.New Zealand citizens are also eligible. They have the required skills to live and work anywhere in Australia permanently. With this visa, you can work and study anywhere in Australia. It also allows you to sponsor your relatives eligible for Australian permanent residence. The visa could also lay the path to your becoming an Australian citizen.

The Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) visa (subclass 491) allows you to stay in Australia for 5 years. You can live, work and study in designated areas of the country. It also lets you travel to and from the country unlimited times.

The number of invitations sent to clients for them to apply for visa and their respective points earned is as shown below:

Points No. Of invitations for Subclass 189 No. Of invitations for Subclass 491
85 0 48
90 1311 131
95 341 71
100 67 44
105 20 6
110 9 0
115 0 <5

It is customary in this program that clients who get the highest ranks by points are invited to apply for the relevant visa. If more than one client has equal points, their time of reaching their points will decide the order of invitation. This will be specific to the subclass involved.

The stipulated minimum points for each subclass are:

Visa subclass Minimum points Latest date of effect
Skilled Independent visa (subclass 189) 90 29/01/2020 – 6:37pm
Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) visa (subclass 491) – (Family Sponsored) 85 05/02/2020 – 3:56am

Due to the high demand for the immigration streams, certain occupation groups were given pro-rata treatment. This will ensure that the availability of invitations across the program year. Subclass 189 gets the priority in the allocation, followed by Subclass 491. These occupations are:

Subclass Occupation ID Description Minimum points Latest date of effect
189 2211 Accountants 95 19/06/2019 11:45pm
189 2212 Auditors, Company Secretaries, and Corporate Treasurers 95 31/01/2020 07:12pm
189 2334 Electronics Engineer 90 29/01/2020 04:49pm
491 2334 Electronics Engineer 85 15/01/2020 1:58pm
189 2335 Industrial, Mechanical, and Production Engineers 90 18/11/2019 1:36pm
189 2339 Other Engineering Professionals 90 08/12/2019 3:13am
189 2611 ICT Business and System Analysts 90 07/01/2020 3:08pm
189 2613 Software and Applications Programmers 90 29/01/2020 6:37pm
491 2613 Software and Applications Programmers 85 04/02/2020 1:28pm
189 2631 Computer Network Professionals 90 29/01/2020 1:19pm
491 2631 Computer Network Professionals 90 12/03/2020 10:39am

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COVID-19 triggers restrictions for foreigners in Australia

IGP 2021 is open, Australians can work with the government

Indigenous graduate

Indigenous graduate

The Indigenous Graduate Pathway (IGP) leads to a rewarding career in the Australian Government. Through IGP a graduate can work in Australia with a prestigious work profile.

IGP is an important initiative of the Australian government. It’s aimed at increasing the number of indigenous graduates across the Commonwealth. These graduates are coordinated by the Australian Public Service Commission. The commission does it in partnership with Commonwealth Government agencies. They participate in the initiative.

The IGP is a recruitment process that is consistent with the

  • Australian Public Service Commissioner’s Directions 2016-2019 (Commissioner’s Directions)
  • Public Service Act 1999

They are centrally coordinated, targeted, and culturally safe, with end-to-end solutions. A pool of eligible candidates is provided to the participating agencies. These candidates are those who have undergone a rigorous assessment process.  Through the process, they are found suitable for employment as a graduate.  They come under the classifications of APS 3 and APS 4.

The Australian Public Service (APS) Work Level Standards for APS level classifications create a consistent platform to classify jobs. They are structured to make a clear differentiation between the duties and responsibilities. This differentiation is at each level of classification.

The applications for IGP 2021 are now open. A single application can connect the candidate with a broad range of opportunities. These opportunities are present across the Australian Public Service and Commonwealth agencies.

Each agency will present the candidate with the opportunity to undertake challenging work. The candidate will have the opportunity to make a meaningful contribution to the Australian community. The opportunities will be available in fields including

  • Health & community services
  • Education
  • Immigration and infrastructure
  • Defense

IGP is looking for graduates holding any degree. The degree must be completed between January 2016 and January 2021. The candidates are expected to have fresh thinking, multi-disciplinary perspectives, and innovative ideas.

The IGP offers the following benefits:

  • An inclusive, robust and culturally safe assessment method
  • Targeted marketing facilitated to indigenous graduates
  • The access to holistic, detailed reports of assessment for suitable candidates
  • A cost-effective, centralized assessment model
  • Culturally appropriate guidance and support for program managers
  • A profile of the Commonwealth as an employer of choice within the indigenous community

The candidate must have a great interest in working with the Australian government. The candidate will have to apply his/her qualifications, knowledge, and experience to do the work.

Applications from people with disabilities are greatly encouraged. They will be offered practical support. This includes making reasonable adjustments. The adjustments will make sure that they can equally participate in the selection.

To be an eligible candidate for 2021 Indigenous Graduate Pathway the candidate must be:

  • An Australian citizen
  • An Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander person
  • Eligible to get a valid Australian Government security clearance
  • At least holding an undergraduate degree from a recognized Australian university. This could be an equivalent overseas institution. The course must have been completed between January 2016 and January 2021

The key steps to the opportunity

Presenting your story

There are 2 steps involved in this process:

Submit application

The candidate can complete the application form along with the documents

  • Current resume
  • The most recent academic transcript
  • Confirmation of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander Heritage

Undergo online testing

The candidates who complete the application stage as stipulated have the chance to complete online assessment tests.

Meet, Greet, Yarn

Candidates may be invited to take part in a Yarning Circle group interview. The candidate may also take part in a ‘Meet and Greet’ with APS and Commonwealth agencies. These agencies participate in the process. Attendance in person is a must.


After the assessment process, the candidate will be invited to attend an interview. The interview aims to discuss the candidate’s suitability for the position offered. It will also discuss the candidate’s preferences. A report prepared from the assessments will be shared with all participating agencies.

Appointment offer

Based on the Assessment Report, the participating agencies will contact the candidate. This will be to discuss the offers and employment conditions in better detail.

Any Australian citizen you know who may be unaware of the position can be helped with information about this opportunity.

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Overseas medical coverage options in the wake of coronavirus

First round of SkillSelect invitations 2020, 1300 invited

Australia first invitation 2020

Australia first invitation 2020

This year’s first round of invitations to skilled candidates was sent in Australia recently. A total of 1300 invitations went out that enables them to live and work in Australia. 1000 invitations went to Independent visa applicants, coming under Subclass 189. Subclass 189 is a very recent one. The remaining went to the Subclass 491 Skilled Work Regional (Family Sponsored) visa applicants.

This year, the minimum points required was reduced to 90 points.

The invite from Australia presents many occupational opportunities. The list had mostly information technology jobs than any other category. Other categories are in engineering and accounting. Invitations for certain occupations were issued on a pro-rata basis. These occupations have a high level of demand.

The first preference in allocation went to Subclass 189 Expression of Interests (EOIs). The remaining places were issued to the Subclass 491 EOIs, the Family-Sponsored visas.

The occupations on pro-rata and the scores assigned to are as follows:

Occupation ID Occupation Minimum Score Points
2211 Accountants 95 (SC189)
2212 Auditors, Company Secretaries, and Corporate Treasurers 95 (SC189)
2334 Electronics Engineer 90 (SC189)
2334 Electronics Engineer 95 (SC491)
2335 Industrial, Mechanical and Production Engineers 90 (SC189)
2339 Other Engineering Professionals 90 (SC189)
2611 ICT Business and System Analysts 90 (SC189)
2613 Software and Applications Programmers 90 (SC189)
2613 Software and Applications Programmers 90 (SC491)
2631 Computer Network Professionals 90 (SC189)
2631 Computer Network Professionals 90 (SC491)

The top gainers of this round of invitations

The invitations were mostly sent to IT professionals. These included Software & Application Programmers. As many as 298 invitations went to these verticals. The invitations were issued across the Subclass 189 and Subclass 491 visa programs. Of all the invitations, 53% went to the top 5 occupations. These included:

  • Civil Engineering Professionals – 76 invites
  • ICT Business and Systems Analysts – 93 invites
  • Accountants – 98 invites
  • Database & Systems Administrators and ICT Security Specialists – 121 invitations

On the lower side, the following occupations were included:

  • Cartographers/Surveyors (4)
  • Management Consultants (3)
  • Construction Managers (approximately 3-4 invites)
  • Medical Imaging Professionals (approximately 1-2 invites)

The bottom line

One can expect a high level of competition for invitations by March 15, 2020. These invitations will go through SkillSelect. The student visa cohort will expire on this date. In that case, you may look for alternative visa options like:

  • The Subclass 190 State Nominated visa
  • The Subclass 491 Skilled Work Regional visa
  • The Subclass 485 Graduate visa (for International Students who have finished their studies)

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Australia improves its English language program for refugees

Australia improves its English language program for refugees

Australia refugee language classes

Australia refugee language classes

The resettlement plans of refugees by Australia is facing a challenge. The English language courses for refugees conducted by the federal government have registered a high rate of dropout.

The English language program is offered to the refugees with up to 1000 hours of classes for free! But the participants are dropping out before completing a minimum of 510 hours. On average, they are attending just 300 hours of classes.

The language training intends to help refugees reach a functional level in English. The exercise is vital to the efforts of the Australian government to absorb these refugees.

The refugees are absorbed into Australia through its humanitarian program. The aim is to enable them to reach a level of functional literacy and numeracy. That will help them to find a job in the country.

With only 21% of refugees completing English programs, the purpose of the effort is surely left to be met. This has prompted the government to overhaul the method of running these services. It is now thought of how the program should be coordinated. It must be ensured that the program improves the refugees’ chances of settling in Australia.

The refinement of plans is important considering the high refugee unemployment rate. It stands at around 77% after 1 year of their arrival in Australia. It takes 3 years for it to reach 38% and 10 years for 22%.

The new methods of delivering language classes would be rolled out for trial from July 1, 2020. These include conducting language classes in childcare centers, workplaces, and online platforms. There is also a plan to conduct “mums and bubs” classes. Here, parents can learn alongside other refugees.

When the plan succeeds, it will end the long-term welfare dependence. This is because the educated refugees will then be able to find jobs to sustain themselves.

The federal government is also promising alternative methods to bring refugees to their employments. There are incentives offered to refugees for settling in regional centers. A 50% target is planned for resettlement in regional areas by mid-2022.

English and employability are the two vital factors for the refugees to step up, succeed and contribute to Australia. Improved language programs will be a big step in this direction.

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Australia talent & skill visas – Are you using the chance?

Australia talent & skill visas – Are you using the chance?

Australia talent & Skill visas

Australia talent & Skill visas

Businessmen of the world are finding Australia a good destination for business operations. They are taking keen interest in Australia for business investment lately. It’s proof for Australia’s business-friendliness. Investor-friendly options in Australian visas are attracting these wise businessmen. They are now expanding their activities to Australia more than before.

For instance, they find the Business Talent Visa (Subclass 132) a good opportunity. With this visa, a businessman can operate an existing or new business in Australia. The visa offers the chance to work and study in Australia. It lets one enroll in Australia’s public healthcare scheme. The possibility to sponsor relatives, to bring them to Australia is also there. What’s best, if eligible, one can apply for Australian citizenship too!

It’s a permanent visa that lets the applicant stay in Australia for an indefinite time. Even so, it requires a government agency or an Australian state’s recommendation to apply for the visa. Another criterion is that the applicant must have total net assets worth AUD1.5 million or more. The business should also show a total annual turnover of at least AUD3 million.

Australia is keen to encourage businessmen migrating to invest in Australia. Like the Business Talent Visa, the Temporary Skills Shortage Visa (Subclass 482) serves investors right. It allows them to solve the issue of labor shortages in their Australian businesses.

Under this visa, employers can sponsor employees to work in Australia. The employee can work for a maximum of 2 years in Australia for his/her sponsor. The employee may instead work for a maximum of 4 years in Australia. This applies if an International Trade Obligation (ITO) is in effect. The best part of this visa? The visa holder can apply for permanent residence in Australia if proven eligible!

This should motivate potential investors in the UAE to start a business in Australia. More countries are becoming aware of these opportunities. Australia will be increasing the chances of foreign investment too. This will mean a lot to a prudent investor in the UAE for sure!

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Australian immigration changes in 2020 – The Dubai perspective

Australian immigration changes in 2020 – The Dubai perspective

Australian immigration

Australian immigration

Australia has always been a haven for skilled professionals. The influx of professionals from all over the world to Australia is phenomenal. The career prospects and opportunities for permanent residency lure the candidates.  

You can go for an Australian work permit from Dubai knowing the updates in rules in 2020. To work in Australia, you will need to know major changes in Skilled Occupation List. Immigration to Australia from Dubai is conducted by the Australian Consulate-General in Dubai. 

The minimum score needed for Australian immigration will remain 65 points. Scoring more will be an ambitious attempt for an advantage. The advantage is a higher chance of being invited by migration experts to lodge an Expression of Interest. 

There are points to be earned for individual status like: 

  • Extra 10 points for being single 
  • 10 points for applicants with a spouse with a positive Skill Assessment Report 
  • 5 extra points for applicants with spouse demonstrating competent English 
  • 10 points for certain STEM qualifications 
  • Extra 15 points for nomination from a state/territory or sponsorship from an eligible family member 

Australia has 25,000 places assigned for regional visas. The new Subclass 491 and Subclass 494 Visas have a provision for Permanent Residency too. That is an attractive scenario. 

The Traffic Light Bulletin 

The Traffic Light Bulletin is issued by the Dept. of Employment, Skills, Small and Family Businesses. The Bulletin proposes significant changes to the Skilled Occupation Lists of Australia. 

Traffic Light Colours & Meaning 

RED  Flagged for removal from the SOLs 
ORANGE  Flagged for movement between occupation lists 
GREEN   Flagged for addition to the lists 

 Here are the job statuses: 

ANZCO Code  Occupation Name  Current status  Recommended Status 
272111  Careers Counsellor  STSOL  RED
324212  Vehicle Trimmer  STSOL  RED 
342311  Business Machine Mechanic  STSOL  RED 
361199  Animal Attendants and Trainers nec  STSOL  RED 
362211  Gardener(General)  STSOL  RED 
391111  Hairdresser  STSOL  RED 
394213  Wood Machinist  STSOL  RED 
411611  Massage Therapist  STSOL  RED 
411711  Community Worker  STSOL  RED 
452311  Diving instructor (Open water)  STSOL  RED 
452311  Gymnastics Coach or Instructor  STSOL  RED 
321111  Automotive Electrician  MLTSSL  STSOL (ORANGE) 
321213  Motorcycle Mechanic  MLTSSL  STSOL (ORANGE) 
323313  Locksmith  MLTSSL  STSOL (ORANGE) 
332211  Painting Trades Worker  MLTSSL  STSOL (ORANGE) 
333111  Glazier  MLTSSL  STSOL (ORANGE) 
333411  Wall and Floor Tiler  MLTSSL  STSOL (ORANGE) 
394111  Cabinetmaker  MLTSSL  STSOL (ORANGE) 
142115  Post Office Manager  ROL  STSOL (ORANGE) 
312511  Mechanical Engineering Draftsperson  ROL  STSOL (ORANGE) 
612115  Real Estate Representative  ROL  STSOL (ORANGE) 
234411  Geologist  STSOL  ROL (ORANGE) 
131112  Sales and Marketing Manager  STSOL  MLTSSL (ORANGE) Salary caveat of $120,000 
135112  ICT Project Manager  STSOL  MLTSSL (ORANGE) Salary caveat of $120,000 
224999  Info. And Org. Prof nec  STSOL  MLTSSL (ORANGE) Salary caveat of $90,000 
599612  Insurance Loss Adjuster  STSOL  MLTSSL (ORANGE) Salary caveat of $80,000 
133612  Procurement Manager  ROL  MLTSSL (ORANGE) 
231213  Ship’s Master  ROL  MLTSSL (ORANGE) 
221212  Corporate Treasurer  OFF  STSOL (GREEN) 
423111  Aged or Disabled Carer  OFF  STSOL (GREEN) 
423312  Nursing Support Worker  OFF  STSOL (GREEN) 
423313  Personal Care Assistant  OFF  STSOL (GREEN) 
121321  Poultry Farmer  STSOL  Salary caveat of $65,000 
351111  Baker  STSOL  Salary caveat of $65,000 
351112  Pastrycook  STSOL  Salary caveat of $65,000 
361112  Horse Trainer  MLTSSL  Salary caveat of $65,000 
323212  Fitter and Turner  MLTSSL  Salary caveat of $65,000 
452499  Sportspersons nec  STSOL  Salary caveat of $120,000 

Y-Axis offers a wide range of visa services and products. It serves aspiring overseas immigrants. These include: 

  • Australia Skilled Regional Visa, 
  • Australia General Skilled Migration Program via RMA,  
  • Australia Temporary Graduate Visa Subclass 485, 
  • Australia Temporary Skilled Work Visa  

We work with Registered Migration Agents in Australia.   

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Upcoming Australia Occupation List changes for 2020