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Migrate to Germany-Largest economy in Europe with opportunities

Migrate to Germany-Largest economy in Europe with opportunities (1)

Migrate to Germany-Largest economy in Europe with opportunities (1)

Germany has been considered as a fifth largest economy in the world. The environment of the country is safe, and people will also get medical care of high quality. All these facilities attract immigrants to migrate to Germany. The population of the country is 83,827 million. The per capita income of the country is $55,220.

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Options of migration for Germany

Germany provides different options to the immigrants to become permanent residents of the country. Individuals need to meet certain requirements to become permanent residents in Germany.

  • If individuals are living in the country for five to eight years, they can apply for permanent residency.
  • If individuals live in the country for studying and work and they have a legal residence permit, they can apply for permanent residence.
  • If individuals become a graduate from a German university and they worked in the country for two years, they can apply for permanent residence.
  • If immigrants belong to the EU, their eligibility for permanent residence in Germany becomes automatic.
  • If immigrants have an EU blue card, they can apply for permanent residence after working in Germany for 21 to 33 months.
  • If individuals are self-employed and have a temporary resident permit, they will get permanent residence in Germany automatically.

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Benefits of permanent residence in Germany

  • If you become a permanent resident in Germany, you will have the option to work anywhere and apply for any type of job that you like. It does not matter whether the job is related to your studies or not.
  • You will have the option of starting your own business. You will be happy to know that Germany provides a lot of incentives to the start-ups.
  • You will get many social benefits like child care, healthcare, and welfare benefits in the case you lose your job.
  • You will be eligible to do any course in any university. You will also be able to get a scholarship or financial aid.
  • You will get the opportunity to move in any EU country with the PR visa.
  • You will be able to get bank loans to purchase a house in Germany.

Job opportunities in Germany

Germany is facing the problem of labor shortage because the existing population is on the brink of retirement. It has been estimated that the population of the people in the range of 20 and 64 will be 3.9 million by 2030. By 2060, number of working people will come to 10.2 million.

Germany job outlook

This is a big crisis for Germany, so it is inviting immigrants from different countries to migrate to Germany and to live and work. There is an estimation that around 352 occupations may face a labor shortage. The sectors that will be most affected are IT, engineering, and healthcare. The following occupation will be most affected.

  • IT
  • Software and Development
  • Engineer
  • Healthcare

It is being expected that in the year 2022, job opportunities will occur in engineering, mechanical, IT, and electrical fields.


Germany has plans to invite immigrants from other countries as the existing population is aging. Germany is facing shortage of labor in different fields, and it has made the rules easy to make the migration successful.

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Migrate to France -Largest country in the EU

Migrate to France -Largest country in the EU (1)

Migrate to France -Largest country in the EU (1)

France is the largest nation of Western Europe and it has become popular for its wines, cuisine, history, and other aspects. The country has played an excellent role in global affairs. It is also a member of Security Council of the United Nations.

Immigration to France

You will need a residence permit if you have to stay in the country for more than three months. The better option to migrate to France is that you need to secure a job as there is a link between work permit and residency requirements.

France offers different types of options in the case of long stay work visa so that immigrants can stay in the country for longer. The requirements of these visas vary and you need to meet the criteria for the visa that you are applying.

French Salaried Employees Visa

If you want to work in France for a year, then this visa is for you. The work contract has to be submitted for this visa.

French work visa for professionals

The following professions need authorization which is given by a relevant professional body:

  • IT
  • Software and Development
  • Engineer
  • Finance
  • Accounts
  • HR
  • Hospitality
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Healthcare

If you have applied for any of these professions, you need to have relevant authorization before applying for a visa.

French International Organization Work Visa

This visa is given to the immigrants who are working in an international organization, and they have to go to France for an official assignment.

Requirements for this visa

A residence permit and a work permit is required to live and work in France. Here are the requirements for getting a work permit.

  • Visa application form should be complete
  • Requirement of two passport size photos
  • Validity of passport should be of three months after staying period in France is complete
  • Certificate of criminal records if any
  • Payment of visa fee proof

Benefits given to the overseas worker

Social security benefits will be provided to the immigrant workers who are working in France for three months. You need to have a social security number which you or your employer has to apply. You will be able to access the social security scheme in France. You will get the following benefits under this scheme.


People who want to immigrate to France for more than three months need to apply for a residence permit. Candidates need to secure a job for migrating to France. People will get social security benefits after they complete three-month stay in France.

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Highest paid professionals in Canada under NOC – 2022

Australia immigration draw: Canberra Matrix draw invites 169 candidates

Australia Draw Mar 28 (1)

Australia Draw Mar 28 (1)

Here are details of the latest Canberra Matrix draw that happened on March 28, 2022, for Australia immigration. It’s the Matrix that ranks highest in each occupation that got invited to lodge an application for ACT (Australia Capital Territory) nomination.

The cut‑off score for the selection of candidates was dependent on the remaining monthly allocation, occupation cap, the date and time of Matrix submission, and demand. Occupations with greater demand get a higher rank on the Matrix score invited.

The least ranking score is just an indication. It’s never amounts to a guarantee that you will be issued an invitation. No invitations will be issued in case you have an application with active status in the system or in case you have received an ACT nomination previously.

Canberra residents

Matrix nominations for Subclass 482 / Subclass 457 visa holders

  • Subclass 491 nomination: 0 invitation
  • Subclass 190 nomination: 1 invitation (110 points)

Matrix nominations for Critical Skill Occupations

  • Subclass 491 nomination: 50 invitations
  • Subclass 190 nomination: 37 invitations

Matrix nominations for Small Business Owners

  • Subclass 491 nominations: 1 invitation (65 points)
  • Subclass 190 nominations: 0 invitation

Overseas applicants

Matrix nominations for Critical Skill Occupations:

  • Subclass 491 nomination: 75 invitations
  • Subclass 190 nomination: 5 invitations

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Jobs outlook in Canada for 2022



Conference Board of Canada has stated that the economy of Canada is recovering from the effect of COVID-19. It has been estimated that the growth of economy will be 4.8% in 2022. Candidates can check the in-demand occupations through the National Occupation Classification.

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It has been estimated that there will be around 15,000 job openings in Canada in the coming years in different sectors, which are listed below:

  • Healthcare
  • Business and finance
  • Engineering
  • Technology
  • Legal
  • Community and social service

Canada is a developed nation, but there is a scarcity of labor in the economic sector. Canada has planned to invite 431,465 immigrants in 2022. Many occupations are in demand, and immigrants will get new opportunities because of labor shortages. The government has also made arrangements for speeding up th processing of visa applications. There are many job opportunities in the provinces like Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba.

The salary details of in-demand jobs is given in the table below:

Top in-demand jobs in Canada Average salary per year
Electrical Engineer $72,891
Network Administrator $64,838
Financial Advisor $59,007
Accountant $53,382
Project Manager $75,420
Software Developer $76,021
Human Resources Manager $72,204


The unemployment rate in Canada is low, and immigrants and residents can get jobs easily. It has been estimated that Canada will be able to deal with job shortage.

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Jobs outlook in Australia for 2022



If you want to live and work in Australia, you should look for a job outlook in the country. The outlook will let the people know about job opportunities and high-demand professions. The outlook will also let the people know about workers who will get high payment. All these aspects will help you make a strategy for job search. This strategy will help you in finding a job easily.

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Job outlook 2022 shows job opportunities in various sectors, which are as follows:

Jobs in healthcare industry

In the past five years, job growth in healthcare industry was tremendous. It is expected that this growth will continue in 2022 and coming years. The occupations that are in demand are

  • Registered nurses
  • Nursing support workers
  • Care givers for the aged and people with disability
  • Personal care giver
  • Receptionists

Software industry

There will be a high demand for software developers who have got the experience in mobile design, user experience, and full stack development.

Trades and civil construction industry

Trades and civil construction industry will need skilled as well as non-skilled workers.

Education sector

In 2022, it is expected that there will be a huge demand for teachers in secondary schools. This demand will come from regional parts of the country. Because of this, jobs in the education sector are shown on the ceilings of occupation list.

Management professionals

Skilled workers are needed for marketing, advertising, and sales. It has been expected that there will be a high demand for these professionals.

Automotive and engineering trades sector

There will be a high demand of engineering professionals. Australia is always looking for skilled workers in this sector.

Engineering sector

Engineers from various fields will be high in demand, and the fields include mechanical, transport, electronics, and electrical.

Average salary for different occupations

The following table will show the average salary for each occupation:

Occupation Average yearly  – salary
Information technology 91,200 AUD
Banking 98,700 AUD
Telecommunications 80,000 AUD
Human resources 85,900 AUD
Engineering 76,600 AUD
Sales and Marketing 102,000 AUD
Civil construction 53,400 AUD


Job market outlook 2022

Occupation ceiling

Occupation ceiling means selection of skilled migration from any occupation group. Limited candidates from the total number of Expression of Interests are selected. If the selection reaches the occupation limit, no invitations for that occupation are sent.

In such a case, invitations are issued to the people from other occupation groups in spite of the fact that their score is low on the calculator.

Why occupation ceiling is introduced?

Occupation ceiling has been launched to make sure that biggest percentage of skilled migration program does not depend on limited number of occupations. The ceiling has been introduced to limit the number of invites after an occupation reaches its limit.

This helps the people having low rank to get an occupation and work in Australia. In spite of the fact that job openings are less but still, many occupations are available.

Job outlook sector wise

The table below will show the job outlook sector-wise:

Sector Number of job openings
Healthcare 194100
Software 287,000
Construction 128, 200
Education 118,700
Management 137,500
Automotive and Engineering Trades 148,300
Engineering 353,100



Australia is one of the preferred destinations where people like to live and work. Many jobs for foreign workers are available in Australia. In spite of corona pandemic, there is a great demand of foreign workers.

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Job outlook in the UK for 2022



Job outlook in the UK has been changed due to the Corona virus pandemic. Employment growth in the field of hospitality, business services, and transportation has become low while there is an increase in the job outlook for the healthcare and public administration fields.

Eligibility criteria

*Check your eligibility criteria to migrate to the UK through the UK immigration points calculator.

Condition before the pandemic

Before the pandemic, wholesale and the retail trade have the highest job outlook. This generated around 4.97 million jobs. Health care was the next sector and generated 4.48 million jobs. After the starting of the pandemic, job outlook in the healthcare sector increased, but there was a decline in the wholesale and retail sectors. Non-essential retail establishments were closed as social distancing rules have to be followed.

According to Employment Outlook Survey, in the first quarter, the outlook was 6 percent. The survey revealed that only 49 percent of the organizations have expectations to reach the same hiring level similar to the pre-pandemic period.

Mark Cahill, the managing director of Manpower Group UK, has stated that continued resurgence is being seen in the finance and business sectors.

Sector wise outlook

Employment outlook in business and service sectors has seen an increase because of remote working. This increased the demand for workers in different fields like HR, management, and admin.

Salary details for top sectors

Occupation Average annual


Information Technology £71,300
Finance and Accounting £77,200
Telecommunications £62,600
Human Resources £67,100
Engineering £59,900
Sales and Marketing £79,600
Civil Construction £41,800


Job outlook in the UK, 2022

According to the LMO Autumn 2022, many organizations are attracting the best candidates by increasing their pay, hiring more people, and upskilling them. Employers have reported that it has become hard to fill up the vacancies.

It has been expected that in the second quarter of 2022, positive economic growth will occur. Demand for workers will also increase this year.

Different paths to migrate to the UK

Different pathways to migrate to the UK are as follows:

  • Tier 1 Visa
  • Tier 2 Visa
  • Tier 3 Visa
  • Tier 4 Visa
  • Tier 5 Visa
  • UK Business visa
  • UK Visitor Visa
  • UK Family Visa

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Job outlook in the UAE for 2022



Job outlook has been affected a lot because of the Pandemic in the UAE. According to a survey conducted by Robert Half, the affected sectors are civil construction, Sale and marketing, and hospitality. The hiring number of some sectors has increased, and they include software engineers, finance, cyber security, and many others.

The hiring started taking a rise from June as many advertisements were used for essential roles. Employers are also looking for people having superior skills, which can help the companies to become successful and make progress. Reports from LinkedIn have stated that UAE is recovering from the damages caused by the pandemic.

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Job outlook in the UAE for 2022

According to a survey, job opportunities will increase in e-commerce and IT sectors. The jobs in demand will be as follows:

Job roles Salary
Digital Product Developers/Product Managers Dh20,000 – Dh40,000
Data Scientist Dh10,000 – Dh35,000
Software Engineers/Mobile Developers Dh15,000 – Dh30,000
Cloud Infrastructure Expert/Cyber Security Dh15,000 – Dh30,000
Sales and Business Development/Credit Controllers Dh10,000 – Dh30,000
Finance Analyst Dh10,000 – Dh25,000
Education Technology Experts Dh10,000 – Dh25,000
E-commerce Managers Dh8,000 – Dh20,000
Marketing and Social Media Specialist Dh5,000 – Dh15,000


Job outlook according to different sectors

Recruitment firms in the UAE are planning to hire people for different sectors like hospitality, sales, marketing, and this will help in boosting the economy of the country in 2022. Besides this, recruitment firms in the UAE believe that global start-ups in Dubai will also be a great option to boost the economy. These start-ups may be related to e-learning, augmented reality, and digital transformation.

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The hiring will increase in the sectors of education, healthcare, and e-commerce. The FMCG sector will also recruit new staff as the sector is able to enhance the economy. Another sector is e-commerce in which the established firms and the start-ups will make a deal for their progress. They will launch new investments and work on the existing ones.

Business leaders may also hire people for human resource, finance, and accounting. The recruitment firms have told that the government is looking for the people who have soft skills in the fields of pharmaceuticals, FMCG, and utilities.

Popular roles may include finance managers, human resource officers, and financial analysts. Digital professionals may also be hired as they can transform the businesses digitally. Job opportunities will also be available for the technology sector, cyber security, and data analytics.

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Which provinces in Canada has more job opportunities in 2022?

Immigrants account for 33% of all business owners

Immigrants account for 33% of all business owners in Canada (1)

Immigrants account for 33% of all business owners in Canada (1)

According to Canadian Statistics, “By 2036, the immigrant’s share in Canada’s population might increase to 24.5% to 30.0% or above. These proportions would be recorded as the highest since 1871.”

As per the statistics, most of Canada’s population will be filled up with immigrants by 2036. This is because many of them are accounted to be immigrants and second-generation individuals. The second-generation individual is implied as a non-immigrant with at least one parent born overseas.

The number of immigrants contributing to the Canadian economy and society remains unabated. Apart from this, their contribution is predicted to hike because of the retiring population in Canada. Hence IRCC is concentrating on immigration, which is considered an essential demographic growth factor of Canada.

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According to Statistics Canada, “Starting in 2031, more than 80% of this growth is projected to come from immigration, compared to about 67% in 2011.”

To maintain these, it has more than 60 economic immigration pathways allowing many foreign nationals to enter the country along with PRs. The country also invests around one million dollars only for the settlement of the newcomers.

Permanent Status – Canadian Immigration Categories

The popular immigration programs to Canada are listed below:

All these policies are playing a massive role in maintaining Canada’s economic growth, even though it is hit hard by the effect of a pandemic. Immigrants and newcomers play a significant role in filling the gaps in Canada’s labor market needs, supporting employers by filling the vacancies in different sectors.

According to the survey by the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) Report Workers Without Borders Immigration Report – 9%, small business owners in Canada reported hiring temporary foreign workers to address job vacancies within the previous year of participating in the survey.

2022-2024 Immigration Levels Plan

IRCC announced the 2022-2024 Immigration Levels Plan on February 14, 2022. According to these immigration plans, the country is planning to welcome 432,000 in 2022, 445,000 in 2023, 451,000 in 2024.

Year Newcomers to be invited
2022 431,645
2023 447,055
2024 451,000


Permanent residence in Canada

Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) have to grant around 108,500 permanent residence in Canada through the federal Express Entry system. Along with this, approximately 80,800 are projected to acquire Canada PR in 2021 through the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP), commonly referred to as Canadian PNP.

Various Immigration Pathways to Canada

There are more than 80 different immigration pathways or ‘streams’ under the PNP of Canada, many linked with IRCC Express Entry. A nomination – through any PNP streams related to IRCC Express Entry – guarantees an invitation to apply by IRCC.

  • Applying for Canadian permanent residence through IRCC Express Entry is by invitation-only.
  • The higher the CRS score you have, the brighter the chances of you being issued an ITA by IRCC. Here, by ‘CRS’ is implied the 1,200-point Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) used for ranking profiles while in the IRCC pool of candidates.
  • A PNP nomination is worth 600 CRS points for an IRCC Express Entry candidate, thereby guaranteeing an invitation to apply for Canada PR.
  • Other Canada immigration pathways for a skilled worker include – the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot (RNIP) and the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program (AIP).
  • Canada has a high demand for immigrants in the healthcare sector.

Entrepreneurship stream in Canada

The business sector in Canada is estimated to employ over 12 million individuals. It is estimated that around 33% of all business owners in Canada are immigrants.

Sector Percentage of immigrant owners
Transportation 56%
Retail stores 53%
Information and Technology 51%
Restaurants 50%
Data services 40%
Healthcare 36%
Software 30%

Entrepreneurs have become an integral part of the Canadian economy and the business sector in Canada in particular. More than 2.7 million Canadians are self-employed.

As per official statistics, as of 2016, there were 600,000 self-employed immigrants in the country. These were employing 260,000+ Canadians.

In 2019, very recent immigrants’ labor market participation rate was 71%. That of recent immigrants, on the other hand, was 76%. While very recent immigrants are those that have landed in Canada within the recent five years or less, recent immigrants are those that have immigrated in the previous 5 to 10 years.

As per a Centre for the Study of Living Standards (CSLS) Report – The Improved Labor Market Performance of New Immigrants to Canada, 2006-2019 – “new immigrants are on average younger and better educated than the Canadian-born.” Consequently, immigrants’ labor force participation and employment rates were at par with the Canadian-born.

According to the report, “Over the 2006 to 2019 period, very recent immigrants enjoyed an absolute and relative improvement in all four indicators.” These four labor market indicators are – participation, employment rates, unemployment, and the average hourly wages earned by the immigrants.

The report compares trends in labor market outcomes among very recent immigrants, recent immigrants, and workers that are Canadian-born.

Moreover, business owners that are immigrants have been found to be more open to innovation. According to a Research Paper – Innovation in immigrant-owned Firms in Canada – released on June 9, 2020, “an immigrant-owned firm appears somewhat more likely to implement a product or process innovation”.

As per the Research Paper, this is regardless of whether the immigrant owner has recently landed in Canada or been in the country for a longer span of time. Moreover, the fact that the business is in a knowledge-based industry (KBI) in particular or the Canadian economy in general also has no bearing on the findings.

Using data from a survey of Canadian firms in 2011, 2014, and 2017, the Research Paper asks whether small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) owned by immigrants were more likely to implement innovation than those owned by the Canadian-born.

Factors that have a direct relation with innovation. Generally, there is an increased likelihood of immigrant entrepreneurs being highly educated in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) field. Such immigrant entrepreneurs have also been seen to be more likely to file patents.

To ensure that there is competition and consumer choice for products and services, entrepreneurs have a key role in the Canadian economy. Looking ahead, immigrant entrepreneurs and business leaders will have a significant contribution to the growth and success of the Canadian economy.

Population type Number or percentage
Business owners in Canada are immigrants 33%
Self-employed immigrants in Canada 600,000+
Paid employees 260,000
Immigrants in senior management roles 47,000+


* All statistics given in this article are from the Statistics Canada 2016 Census.

Entrepreneurs always play a key role in Canadian Economy on the basis of competition and choice of products and services by the customers.

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How many points required for a Canada PR visa in 2022?

How many points are required for Canada PR 2021 (1)

How many points are required for Canada PR 2021 (1)

There are many ways that people can get the status of permanent residence in Canada. The country has introduced many programs which help the immigrants to get the permanent residency in Canada. The applicants have to find out which program will be best suited for them to get the status of permanent residence.

Different programs for getting permanent residence in Canada

Here is the list of pathways through which you can get the PR in Canada.

Express Entry Program

This program was launched in 2015, and it is considered as the most popular way to go to Canada and reside there as a permanent resident. The program comes under IRCC, and it has been made for inviting skilled workers.

Canada PNP

The immigrants will get 80 ways to enter through Canada PNP. Some of these Provincial Nominee Programs are attached to the Express Entry of IRCC. These programs can be accessed through online applications.

The Comprehensive Ranking System score is 600 points. If an immigrant gets a nomination through a PNP linked to Express Entry, there is a guarantee that an invitation will be sent to him for IRCC. The PNP that is not linked to Express Entry comes under the federal Express Entry system. The nominations for these programs are conducted through paper-based application process.

Other Canada PR pathways available include –

  • Quebec Selected Workers Program
  • For Entrepreneur/self-employed person
  • Atlantic Immigration Pilot
  • Agri-Food Immigration Pilot
  • Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot
  • For family
  • As an Investor

Points needed for Canada PR visa

The points needed for eligibility is 67 out of 100. The points needed for receiving an Invitation to Apply or ITA depend upon the type of visa. Minimum points requirement is 75, but in CEC, it is 176. Maximum CRS requirement is 813, and for PNP, it is 171. Immigrants who have to come to Canada have to fulfill the requirements of points.

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Calculation of points

For eligibility, six factors are to be considered  are depicted below:

Factors Maximum Score
Language Skills 28
Education 25
Arranged employment in Canada 10
Adaptability 10
Age 12
Work Experience 15


The total score is 100, and candidates have to score minimum 67 points to become eligible for Canada PR. The candidates whose age is in between 18 and 35 can apply for Canada PR through this program.

For receiving an ITA

  • When a candidate applies for Canada PR through PNP, he gets 600 points for Canadian immigration. In order to get PNP, the candidate has to send his application through Express Entry Pool. Most of the provinces have an automated selection process which is based on CRS score or NOC code.
  • IELTS score of nine points will earn 136 points for the applicant. Such tests will also provide additional 100 points under Skill Transferability. The test in the French language will earn 24 points.
  • If the primary applicant is married, he will receive additional points through the spouse or common-law partner.
  • Getting a job offer will provide an additional 200 points. This job offer must be recognized by the Labor Market Impact Assessment.

Canada has planned to grant PR visas to 432,000 immigrants. Economic immigration programs will be used for providing these visas.


Canada is inviting many immigrants under various programs. The country will give the status of permanent resident to the immigrants. These immigrants can live and study or work. They will also have the option of applying for citizens.

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How many points required for Australia PR visa in 2022?

How many points are required for Australia PR in 2021 (1)

How many points are required for Australia PR in 2021 (1)

People who need to apply for Australia PR are eligible through a point-based system. An applicant should score minimum 65 points to become eligible for Australia permanent residence. It must be noted that 65 points is the minimum score that an applicant has to gain to become eligible for Australia PR. If the score is better than 65, the chances of getting Australia PR increases. The candidate will get an invitation to migrate to Australia if he scores more than 80 points.

Eligibility points criteria

There are various factors that are considered to be eligible for Australia PR. These points are given in the table below.

Criteria Maximum Points
Criteria 1 – Age 30
Criteria 2 – Proficiency in the English Language 20
Criteria 3 – Employment outside Australia 15
Criteria 4 – Employment in Australia 20
Criteria 5 – Educational Qualifications 20
Criteria 6 – Studied in Australia 5
Criteria 7 – Niche education skills 5
Criteria 8 – Partner Skills 10
Criteria 9 – Others 15


Now we will discuss the criteria for getting Australia PR.


The maximum points that a candidate can get through age is 30. The table below will show points in different age ranges.

Age Points
18 to 24 years 25
25 to 32 years 30
33 to 39 years 25
40 to 44 years 15


Proficiency in the English language

The candidate has to attain a maximum of 20 points. The table below will demonstrate the scores.

English Language Proficiency Points
Superior – IELTS 8 or more per band in each of the categories (Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking) 20
Proficient – IELTS 7 or more per band in each of the 4 categories (LRWS) 10
Competent – IELTS 6 or more per band in each of the 4 categories (LRWS) 0


IELTS is considered as the most common English language test which people can take to migrate to Australia. There are many other tests which will make a candidate eligible for Australia PR.

  • CAE
  • PTE
  • OET

Employment and work experience outside Australia

If people have worked outside Australia and gained experience, they will get points for that also. The maximum points that a candidate can attain is 15 points. In order to attain points, the occupation of the candidate must be listed in the occupation list. A candidate can get points if he has worked in any other country on the basis of work experience.

Work experience as a skilled worker in years [in previous 10 years] Points
Less than 3 years 0
3 to 4 years 5
5 to 7 years 10
8 to 10 years 15


Employment in Australia

The maximum points that a candidate can attain while working in Australia is 20. The table below will let the people know about the points according to their work experience.

Work experience as a skilled worker in years [in previous 10 years] Points
Less than 1 year 0
1 to 2 years 5
3 to 4 years 10
5 to 7 years 15
8 to 10 years 20


Educational Qualification

The maximum points that a candidate can attain through educational qualification is 20. The table below will show the points according to the degree of a candidate.

Educational Qualification Points
Doctorate 20
Bachelor’s/Master’s degree 15
Australian diploma or trade qualification 10
Awards or qualifications that are recognized by authority assessing the skilled occupation 10


Education in Australia

If a person has got education in Australia, he will get five points. The candidate should have a diploma, degree, or a trade qualification which he can get from any institution in Australia.

Niche Education Skills

Through the niche education skills, the candidate can attain maximum five points. In this case, he should have a doctorate or research from an educational institution in Australia.

Partner Skills

A candidate can attain maximum ten points through partner skills. The spouse or the partner also has to file for the visa. The candidate can receive term points only if the spouse has fulfilled the English language requirements. In case the partner or the spouse is good at speaking English, the candidate will get five additional points.

The table below will show all the details.

Partner Skills  Points
Single (Not married) 10
Partner is an Australian Citizen or PR holder 10
Spouse/partner has competence in the English language along with Positive Skill Assessment 10
Spouse has competence in English, no Skill Assessment 5



There are many other aspects through which a candidate can attain maximum 15 points. These options are given in the table below.

Others Points
Be “credentialled in a community language” 5
Study either in regional Australia or a metropolitan area with a low population growth meeting Australian study requirement 5
Professional year in Australia 5
Possessing a State Nomination (190 visa) 5


In spite of the fact that 65 is the minimum points that will make a candidate eligible for Australia, but he has to face many competitors. The candidate has to score more to become eligible for Australia PR and compete with others.

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After getting an invitation to apply, a candidate has to apply for Australia PR, which he can get within 5 to 8 months.


A candidate has to score minimum 65 points to get Australia PR, but now there are many competitors, so the candidate has to score more points to achieve the goal. He can do so through educational qualification, employment, age, and many other factors.

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