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How to get Canadian PR via Express Entry – a walk through

Express Entry steps

Express Entry steps

Long live the future in Canada. The path to immigration Canada has laid out for you lead you to the right opportunity waiting for you on the other side. There are many pathways that lead to Canada. For permanent residence (PR), immigration pathway like Express Entry exists helping you to present yourself and score to win your chance to get PR.

So, now that we assume that you have a desire to migrate to Canada, you should be knowing a bit or more about Express Entry. Canada immigration has clearly laid out the procedures that are pretty straight-forward and only needs your understanding and timely participation to get through the process. Of course, to get the services of a Canada immigration agency is the wisest choice.

But a basic understanding of the process of getting PR via Express Entry will help you better cooperate and do the needful without hassles. So here we summarise the process of Express Entry for Canada PR.

Know your job and your NOC code

First, know your NOC (National Occupation Classification) code. NOC is, in simple terms, an official listing of all occupations in the Canadian labor market. Each job listed will have an NOC code. Check these codes and learn the code applicable to your area of work. The code also enables you to check if your experience makes you eligible for entry into Canada through Express Entry. Your skill type will fall under any of the types namely 0, A, B, C, or D. You only need to verify it for the immigration program.

Get your educational credential assessed

The ECA (Educational Credential Assessment) is basically about verifying whether your foreign educational qualification like diploma, certificate or degree is valid and is equal to Canadian educational system. This assessment is thus necessary to be fair for you to be taken in for your skills awarded academically.

Get your language tested

This part, many are greatly familiar with. In fact, you identify IELTS sooner than anything we could tell you about here. A test for language proficiency is mandatory for immigration via the Express Entry program. Your profile’s performance has a lot that is contributed to by your language test score.

Check your Express Entry eligibility

Now, you must check if you are capable to meet the minimum requirement to become eligible to apply for permanent resident visa via Express Entry program.

Check how your Express Entry profile ranks under CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System)

Use a CRS calculator for this. It will be good for you to know how your credentials like work experience, proficiency in English or French, and age scores in the CRS rating system.

Enter the Express Entry pool

After all these steps, it’s time to create a profile to go into the Express Entry pool. The profile will have all the elements we discussed till now and will present your level of eligibility to get selected in a round of Express Entry or PNP draw.

Get an ITA (Invitation to Apply)

In an immigration draw, if you meet the CRS cut-off score you will get an ITA. The ITA allows you to put in your application to the IRCC with all the required documents for Canada PR visa. This must be done within 60 days of receiving the ITA.

Wait for the good news

Upon submission of you will get an AOR (Acknowledgment of Receipt) which indicates that your application is under process. The process can take from 6 to 8 months.

The last step to Canadian permanent residence

After successful evaluation of your application, you will be issued a CoPR (Confirmation of Permanent Resident). This confirms that you have become a permanent resident in Canada.

So, now you know what goes on in the process of getting Canadian PR via the Express Entry. This country never fails to amaze you, be it the opportunity to study, investor work in Canada. More so is the kind of opportunity it gives to become a permanent resident there.

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Prince Edward Island hold largest PNP ever in August

Ontario welcomes 21 entrepreneurs to invest in Canada

Ontario’s latest draw invites 21 entrepreneurs

Ontario’s latest draw invites 21 entrepreneurs

Ontario goes at it again! On August 26, 2020, the province conducted a new draw issuing 21 invitations to candidates to apply under the Entrepreneur stream of Canada immigration.

The OINP (Ontario PNP) considered those candidates for this draw who got their EOI (Expression of Interest) scores between 22nd November 2019 and 21st August 2020. Their EOI scores were between 144 and 200.

With this draw, in total, 91 entrepreneurs have been invited in 2020. The candidates invited in the Entrepreneur stream have eligibility requirements that depend on the region of Ontario where the business is proposed to be set up. The good thing about the draw from this stream is that the investment and minimum net worth stipulated have been lowered as part of recent reforms.

In the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), the net worth required for the proposed business is $800,000. Earlier this was $1.5 million. The required investment is now $600,000, which was earlier $1 million.

Potential entrepreneurs looking to set up business outside the GTA must have a net worth of $400,000. This was $800,000 earlier. The minimum investment sought is $200,000. This was $500,000 earlier.

The candidates must have business experience of no lesser than 24 months. The candidate must have been the owner or senior manager of the business within the past 60 months of applying. Here, the number of months has been increased from 36 months to 60.

All the changes made to eligibility criteria have made it more prospective for international entrepreneurs to find better ground in Canada.

If an entrepreneur needs a nomination from Ontario under the Entrepreneur stream, that candidate will be looking to launch a new business in Ontario or buy an already running business in the province. Successful applicants first get a support letter for a temporary work permit to set up a business in Ontario. This letter is based on a performance agreement. If the entrepreneur adheres to the targets for job creation and investment, they could be nominated for permanent residence in Canada.

The criteria that entrepreneurs must meet when applying for a nomination from Ontario after setting up a business are:

  • The entrepreneur must demonstrate proficiency in official language at a CLB (Canadian Language Benchmark) 4 level or equivalent.
  • The entrepreneur must meet the program’s residency requirements and must be residing in Ontario physically for 75% (9 months in a year) of the period in which he/she is setting up the business in Ontario (i.e. the period of performance agreement).
  • Entrepreneurs must be involved actively in daily business management activities.

It’s also required that the nominees keep on meeting the conditions of the Performance Agreement. This will include the information in the business plan and EOI. This should be done under 20 months of arrival in Ontario.

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Manitoba found 213 new candidates in latest PNP draw

Latest Canada Express Entry draw goes big with 4,200 invites

Canada Express Entry draw invites 4,200 immigrants

Canada Express Entry draw invites 4,200 immigrants

Canada’s Express Entry draw was conducted on September 2, 2020, inviting 4,200 candidates to apply for PR in Canada. Among the successful candidates were those from the Federal Skilled Worker Program. This was also the third all-program draw after March 18, 2020. Counting the overall number of draws, this was draw number 162 held by IRCC.

The draw saw a 1-point drop in the minimum CRS score required of candidates compared to the all-program draw previously conducted on August 5, 2020. In this draw, the minimum CRS score needed was 475.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic struck, an invitation of this volume was the largest. Before the pandemic, it was on February 19, 2020, that 4,500 invites were sent in an Express Entry draw. All we can see from this observation is that Canada has never slowed down on immigration to meet the high targets of immigrant intake in 2021 and farther.

IRCC used the tie-break rule in this draw. If you are new to this, the tie-break rule is used to rank candidates with the same CRS score. In the September 2 draw, the timestamp used was September 2, 2020, at 14:17:32 UTC. This means that if you are a candidate who either scores 475 and have submitted your Express Entry profile before the timestamp or you are a candidate who scored over 475 points, you received an ITA in this round of invitations.

As you may intelligently guess, the time between draws and the size of the draw influences the CRS cut-off score set for a draw. The shorter the gap between draws, the lower the cut-off score. Also, the larger the draw in size of invites, the lower the cut-off scores.

Those candidates who have a job offer in Canada already could be awarded extra CRS points. But a job offer isn’t mandatory for the candidate to participate in the draw.

Well, if you have been tracking the immigration Canada sets great standards for, you must already be aware that the standard processing time for PR applications is 6 months. This is for applications coming through the Express Entry system.

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Manitoba found 213 new candidates in latest PNP draw


CRS – Comprehensive Ranking System

ITA – Invitation to Apply

IRCC – Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada

PR – Permanent Residence

FSWP – Federal Skilled Worker Program

Prepare to stay and study in China, with facts and tips

Facts are facts and it becomes necessary to know as much as you can about a country before you prepare to study abroad. Here are a few things you need to know about China before you fly there to study.

First, let us see why China is gaining popularity as a study destination in the world to study overseas. Here are the reasons:

  • China is a leader in innovation today. The major innovation is happening in fields like technology, engineering, and medicine. Breakthroughs are also being made in the mass production of textiles, furniture, and plastic articles.
  • China has many universities with top ranking on a world scale. It has 106 ranked colleges and universities to boast about.
  • Students will find it great to have low tuition fees, easy processes for university and visa application, and the opportunity to join social activities like concerts, movie premieres, as well as a splendid nightlife.
  • In many areas in which China’s making investments to surge ahead, education is a big one. The “Study in China” plan was launched in 2010. The aim of the plan was to attract 500,000 international students. In 2018, there were 492,185 foreign students in China. The number of students is only increasing by the year.
  • The cultural diversity students will find in China will capture their attention and interest.

Now here are some facts that will help you to be prepared as you reach China for studies. These are some social cues that will help you to live in the country as you complete your studies.

  • You won’t get to access any of the Western social media in China. The control of the internet in China is strictly with the government. That doesn’t include Facebook, Instagram, or even Google, which is a scenario that could come hard on you. Get used to WeChat instead of WhatsApp and Weibo instead of Twitter.
  • The knowledge of conversational Mandarin will become necessary as getting away with English won’t be a possibility if you have to live amongst the native people. The native Chinese aren’t very fluent in English and you must step up to that fact and learn Mandarin.
  • Public restrooms could be anything that you won’t really expect. If you are particular about restroom quality and type, you could have to compromise with average and lower amenities.
  • Crosswalks shouldn’t make you confident enough as it is in your country where vehicles stop when people step on to the zebra line. You will need to step up your caution while crossing the road, even the right way.
  • If you are allergic to spitting or watching people spit on the road, try to overcome the disgust or reconsider your visit.

The prospects of China are on the rise as an educational hub. The way this sector is showing progress in a big way and you could be taking advantage of it now.

If you are looking to Study, Work, Visit, Invest or Migrate to China, talk to Y-Axis, the World’s No.1 Immigration & Visa Company.

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UK’s new immigration system to benefit international students

Malaysia has a plan for working adults to study


Malaysia has introduced a new program. It’s for assisting working adults to further their studies. For this, the HRDF program Strengthening of Lifelong Learning for Skills Enhancement makes sure there’s a continuous supply of quality local human capital. This will be ensured via initiatives that are effective to build and develop a world-class Malaysian workforce.

MSU is an applied university. It features a holistic ecosystem approach to learning and employability. MSU’s vision for an enhanced future is enriched by scholarship, excellence, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

MSU offers award-winning academic programs that meet stringent standards of international and local bodies. The university’s accreditors include MQA, ASIC, ABEST21, and ACEEU.

MSU has many plans on offer for working adults. This means access to undergraduate and post-graduate programs is available. These programs are designed considering the student’s convenience and their professional and educational backgrounds.

These programs are accessible to lifelong learners from all walks of life. They get to choose from different study modes, the one that suits their situation best. This means they get to choose programs conducted on evenings, weekdays, or weekends. They could even choose virtual learning via video conference with the support of online discussions.

The learning process that extends over a long time period and helps the learner advance in professional life. They will also have great personal satisfaction.

For this MSU blends traditional academic curricula with TVET. Competencies are improved with industry internship, creative entrepreneurship, community, and global exposure. These are all that MSU graduates need to empower them with the skills employers seek in their workers.

The MSU students can use the advantage of extensive partnerships and collaborations with institutions in over 40 countries. The students get capabilities and opportunities to stay adaptable with employability around the world.

Isn’t Malaysia a good place to immigrate to work and learn for a lifetime now?

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Long-stays in Russia; migrants to have digital documents


HRDF – Human Resources Development Fund

MSU – Management and Science University

MQA – Malaysian Qualifications Agency

ASIC – The United Kingdom’s Accreditation Services for International Schools, Colleges & Universities

ABEST21 – The Japan’s Alliance on Business Education and Scholarship for Tomorrow

ACEEU – The Accreditation Council for Entrepreneurial & Engaged Universities

TVET – Technical Vocational Education and Training

Croatia to grant digital nomads legit work life in the country

Croatia digital nomad visas

Croatia digital nomad visas

Digital nomads are a real group of people in the world who take the help of technology to work literally from anywhere in the world. They mostly work overseas as they don’t station themselves in the country from where the work originates. Hence, they are mostly foreigners who love to do their work abroad jobs from any place with the aid of digital tools.

Now, recognizing this class of people, Croatia has started the process of launching the digital nomad visa. This will enable international digital nomads to work in Croatia totally independent of location and time.

Andrej Plenkovic, the Croatian Prime Minister, announced this move through his Twitter post. With the aim of implementing the Digital Nomad visa, Croatia will be adjusting the Aliens Act, thus legally regulating digital nomads who stay in the country.

With the amendment of the Aliens Act to bring the new decision into effect, Croatia will become one of the first countries in the world to legally regulate digital nomads who stay in the country.

Though the Croatian Prime Minister is all for the new measure, the Alien Act’s amendment will first have to go through the Croatian parliament and earn the majority to be passed.

As digital nomads are increasing in numbers in recent years. They have emerged as a real entity to consider. World nations have started to amend their laws for foreigners who stay and work in the country, to include digital nomads.

As reported by MBO partners, the US alone has 4.8 million independent workers who identify themselves as digital nomads. In the UK, 0.03% of the job market has job posts offered that support working remotely. That fits right for digital nomads.

The most significant find in this regard is that productivity seen with remote workers is 13% higher when compared to office workers. The cherry on the cake is that remote workers like digital nomads are 23% less likely to days off for falling sick.

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H-1B visa approvals goes up in this current Q3 in USA