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Manitoba found 213 new candidates in latest PNP draw



Manitoba did another draw on August 28, 2020. 213 candidates were invited to apply for a provincial nomination. That sums up the total invitations (also known as LAAs ie. Letters of Advice to Apply) issued so far in 2020 to 3,299. This draw was the 97th since the program started in April 2014.

Candidates who belonged to international student graduates and skilled workers categories got invited by MPNP (Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program) via 3 immigration streams namely:

  • International Education
  • Skilled workers overseas
  • Skilled workers Manitoba

The EOI (Expression of Interest) score requirements for candidates were as follows:

  • International Education Stream – 34 LAAs, no EOI score needed
  • Skilled Workers Overseas – 8 LAAs, a minimum score of 824 needed
  • Skilled Workers in Manitoba – 171 LAAs, minimum score of 475

23 candidates who were sent LAAs had a valid profile in the federal Express Entry system. This is the system that collects candidate profiles and gives them CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) scores based on factors like age, work experience, education, and language proficiency in English or French.

The higher CRS points you score, the earlier you could be sent LAAs to apply for permanent residence (PR) via regular Express Entry draws.

If the province nominates a candidate, he/she gets 600 additional points on the CRS score. This earns them a guaranteed opportunity to get an ITA (Invitation to Apply) from IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) in a future Express Entry draw.

Express Entry candidates that got a nomination from Manitoba in this draw in this PNP draw had a valid Express Entry ID and gave a validation code for job seekers.

Those who want to immigrate via Manitoba’s PNP (MPNP) must register an EOI with the MPNP to receive an invitation via Skilled Workers Overseas and Skilled Workers Manitoba streams.

The candidates arriving through Manitoba’s system are ranked out of 1000 points considering similar factors as considered for CRS scores, with the addition of Manitoba connections.

The candidates who seem to be able to support the province’s labor market needs and has connections like friends or family in Manitoba are invited. The successful candidates who got selected must have a permanent full-time job offered by an employer in Manitoba.

Under the International Education stream, international students who graduated from an educational institution in Manitoba may get an LAA, provided they have the required in-demand skills.

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Prince Edward Island hold largest PNP ever in August

Prince Edward Island hold largest PNP ever in August

Prince Edward Island PNP draw

Prince Edward Island PNP draw

Prince Edward Island (PEI) had conducted 2 rounds of draws under the PNP (Provincial Nominee Program) category in August 2020. One of the draws was the biggest one in the history of the program.

In one of the draws, PEI issued 8 invitations that went to Labor Impact and Express Entry candidates. That draw was conducted on August 11, 2020. The other draw was conducted on August 20, 2020. In that draw, PEI PNP issued 305 invites to candidates belonging to all streams.

277 invites issued in the August 20 draw went to Labour Impact and Express Entry candidates. The remaining 28 invites were sent to Business Impact candidates.

The candidates invited by PEI PNP were confirmed to be residing and working in Canada currently. The candidates who had filed EOI (Expression of Interest) profiles before June 2020 were invited in August draws.

The PEI PNP is totally aligned with the federal Express Entry system. It’s the Express Entry system that works as an efficient mechanism to manage applications from 3 major economic classes under Canada immigration. These are:

  • CEC
  • FSTP
  • FSWP

For every profile in the Express Entry pool, scores for ranking are given under CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System). The scores are given considering factors like age, education, work experience, and language skills in English and French.

Candidates who get a nomination from a province like PEI will get additional 600 points on their CRS scores. That will make it even more possible to receive ITA (Invitation to Apply) for permanent residence in a future federal Express Entry draw.

If you want to be considered for PEI’s nomination, you will need to create an EOI profile with PEI PNP. As every profile is given points, the higher the score you get, the earlier you will get nominated.

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Canada’s Express Entry draw no. 160 welcomes 600 candidates

Ontario picks 703 candidates in latest PNP draw

Ontario PNP invites 703 candidates

Ontario PNP invites 703 candidates

Yet another round of PNP draw in Ontario welcomed 703 candidates with work experience in chosen occupations, on August 26, 2020. These Express Entry candidates had to have a CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) score between 466 and 475 to be eligible to receive a nomination from Ontario.

With such provincial nomination in hand, these candidates will get 600 extra points on their CRS scores. This will in effect guarantee that they will get an ITA (Invitation to Apply) for permanent residency in a federal Express Entry draw coming up soon.

The occupations listed for experience by the OINP (Ontario PNP) included:

  • NOC 3012 – Registered nurses and registered psychiatric nurses
  • NOC 1122 – Professional occupations in business management consulting
  • NOC 0111 – Financial managers
  • NOC 1111 – Financial auditors and accountants
  • NOC 3132 – Dietitians and nutritionists
  • NOC 0601 – Corporate sales managers
  • NOC 3124 – Allied primary health practitioners
  • NOC 0124 – Advertising, marketing, and public relations managers
  • NOC 1114 – Other financial officers

It is a requisite for candidates to apply under the Human Capital Priorities Stream to receive Ontario’s provincial nomination. They must also have a minimum work experience of a year in any of the above-listed jobs.

The work experience must be gained in Canada or overseas, within the last 5 years from the date of application. The job must have been continuous for at least a year. What’s more, back-to-back jobs in the same occupation with more than one employer is acceptable.

Finally, the occupation that the candidate got qualified for an invitation in Ontario must match with the primary occupation the candidate has mentioned in the Express Entry profile.

The Express Entry system is a major contributor to Canada immigration. It manages applications from candidates who aim at 3 economy class immigration programs namely:

Selecting candidates are done on the basis of each candidate’s CRS score. The CRS score is granted based on factors like education, work experience, age, and proficiency in English or French language. The higher the score, the earlier the candidate gets selected.

As is the practice in immigration Canada follows, the federal government allocates a certain number of principal applicants for immigration via OINP. This year that allocation was 7,600 applicants. That included 250 nominations for temporary workers in intermediate skilled jobs or NOC (National Occupation Classification) skill level C.

The provincial nomination is a goldmine for international workers. If you are a qualified professional needed by a certain Canadian province, you have a chance with PNP draws.

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Exploring Canada – What to look for and experience

Canada post-COVID-19 Canada in view right now

Canada in post-COVID-19 world

Canada in post-COVID-19 world

If a country is in the best position to look forward to how it’s going to move ahead in a post-COVID-19 scenario, it has to be Canada. The future of Canada immigration is now up to much-deserving speculation.

It’s a well-known fact that immigration is Canada’s major way to develop its social and economic sectors. Immigration Canada has maintained and developed is shaped by the country’s capacity to integrate newcomers, processing capacity, politics, economy, and demographics. While these are internal factors, the external factors constituting global circumstances will keep influencing the country.

In a post-COVID-19 world, Canada will move ahead with its immigration targets set until the year 2023. In fact, Marco Mendicino, Canada’s Immigration Minister, is already discussing these targets with Canada’s provincial ministers. The discussions extend to even international students who are a major part of Canada’s immigration.

It’s also encouraging for Canada that a majority of its population is confident about immigration driving the country ahead.

In terms of demographics, Canada is expected to see 9 million baby boomers reaching retirement age by 2030. The country is also expected to have a further dip in the already lower birth rate due to the uncertain times triggered by COVID-19.

2034 could be a significant year for Canada’s immigration. By 2034, immigrants are expected to constitute 100% of the population of Canada. Their contribution to economic growth, job creation, and labor market participation will be quite high.

An advantage for Canada from the COVID-19 situation comes in the form of increased global interest in Canada immigration. This is because people think that the severe economic hit from COVID-19 will have the least affect on Canada.

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Exploring Canada – What to look for and experience

72 techies get their opportunity via BC PNP Tech Pilot draw

BC PNP Tech Pilot draw invites 72 candidates

BC PNP Tech Pilot draw invites 72 candidates

Yet again BC (British Columbia) opens the gates wide for the chosen 72 tech workers through its latest PNP (Provincial Nominee Program) Tech Pilot draw conducted on August 25, 2020.

As you must be aware, the Tech Pilot draw is a road for international tech skilled workers to immigrate to Canada. British Columbia has been a hub of technology-driven occupations that is sought after by many candidates all over the world. Then Tech Pilot draw helps employers in the technology sector to find the finest talents and recruit them into jobs, solving the labor market shortages that are existing in the region.

This time, invitations were sent to international students and foreign tech workers via British Columbia PNP to apply for a provincial nomination from BC. The candidates involved in the draw came from International Graduate and Skilled Worker sub-categories in both the EEBC (Express Entry BC) and Skills Immigration streams.

The candidates had to have a minimum score of 80 to be eligible for selection in the draw. Also, under the Tech Pilot, it’s necessary for candidates to be registered in one of BC’s existing streams for provincial nomination. They also must have a valid job offer that lasts at least a year in one of the 29 approved eligible tech-related occupations.

Coming to applying for EEBC or Skills Immigration categories, every candidate must first create a profile via the BC PNP’s online portal and go ahead with registration under SIRS (Skills Immigration Registration System).

The applicants will get evaluated on the basis of factors like work experience, education level, job location, and English language proficiency. They will get scores based on this evaluation. If approved, the candidate can apply for Canadian permanent residence (PR) using the provincial nomination he/she got. Applying for PR is done with IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) under the provincial nominee class.

The perks of procuring a nomination? The candidates will get an extra 600 points on their original CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) score. That’s enough guarantee in effect to be sure that they will get ITAs (Invitation to Apply) in a federal Express Entry draw coming up soon.

You know Canada immigration has been happening all through the hard times of the pandemic. In August 2020, BC has conducted 4 draws via various PNP streams and categories. BC has also invited 863 candidates so far to apply for a provincial nomination.

BC needs tech pros like you people. Check the closest opportunities to make it big in Canada.

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H-1B visa approvals goes up in this current Q3 in USA

H-1B visa approvals in USA

H-1B visa approvals in USA

Whatever happened between the US President Donald Trump and H-1B visa lately has been a spectacle in hostility. The Trump administration suspended all kinds of non-immigrant visas including H-1B, J-1, and L-1 till December 31, 2020, in June 2020. That’s the point we will break some more news about H-1B visa approvals from.

The US immigration agency considers October to September as a financial year. So, it was in the third quarter of the present fiscal year that Trump’s decision to suspend visas citing loss of jobs to Americans happened.

The first 2 quarters had registered 83.4% (Q1) and 87.1% (Q2) in visa approval rates. The approvals are for applications filed in the quarters before and H-1B visas extended for a 3-year term a second time.

In the third quarter of the current financial year, it was seen that 95.5% of the total H-1B visa applications filed were approved. This is the highest number of approvals ever since Donald Trump became the President of the USA.

Comparing with visa approval rates in the fiscal year 2016, when the average approval rate was 94%, has come down to 85% in the fiscal year 2018 and 2019. The data collected by the USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) reveals this.

Now, there’s a surge in visa approvals yet again. There are higher approval rates with less RFE (Request for Evidence) compared to the years before. This is a result of multiple factors like:

  • The COVID-19 pandemic
  • Decrease in filings
  • USCIS losing money
  • Multiple wins of litigation

An RFE is a request as per procedure that the USCIS makes on H-1B visa applicants. Such a request may be anything ranging from giving proof of specialty occupation to establishing an employer-employee relationship. Only when these concerns are addressed by the applicant, H-1B visa is granted to that person.

The count of applications approved with RFE decreased significantly to 20%. It was 40% and 35.8% respectively in the first 2 quarters. This was in part due to the litigation led by ITServe Alliance, a US IT body against the USCIS. The litigation was around workers posted at the client or third-party locations.

Now about the number of applications approved after RFE was issued. This number of applications increased from 68% to over 82% in the first 2 quarters.

If you look at figures related to L-1visa issuance, the current quarter had a higher percentage at 77.4%.

So, the bottom line is that when it comes to non-immigrant visa approvals, there has been a good deal of improvement in the third quarter of the current fiscal year.

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Trump sets new rules for H-1B visa, relaxations granted

Canada extends its border closure with the US for good

Canada US border closed

Canada US border closed

The border closure between Canada and the US with a mutual understanding in the context of COVID-19 prevention is already well known. Now, Canada is extending its border closure with the US for another month to achieve the same objectives.

For now, Canada travel visa is hard to come by for US travelers unless they are traveling for essential purposes.

Bill Blair, Canada’s Minister of Public Safety, has announced the extended closure that will run till September 21, 2020. Considering the epidemiolocal condition of the USA, Canada has been extending the border closure 4 times. The current extension is the fifth.

Canada had imposed more stringent rules for US travelers since July 2020. These travelers were those transiting between Alaska and the contiguous states. In the present state of affairs, travelers from the US are only allowed to enter Canada for essential purposes only. So, Canada tourist visa is not yet usable.

The exemptions granted are to certain US students, immediate family members of Canadians, and Canadians arriving from the US.

Even temporary workers critical occupations as with roles to support supply chains and workers in infrastructure projects. But those from the US seeking immigration in Canada could still enter Canada.

Travel for recreation, tourism, and entertainment will have to wait. This policy is in place as it is necessarily adopted by the concerned governments to keep people in both countries safe from the pandemic.

Consider it natural or quite interesting, a Nanos survey from July 2020 shows that the majority of Canadians are in support of border closure extension.

The whole world witnesses the exponential surge in COVID-19 cases that have happened in the US. As of August 17, 2020, 5,258,565 cases were confirmed positive. At the same time, Canada had only 121,652 confirmed cases at that point in time.

There have been surveys that nevertheless revealed an increasing percentage of people worrying about getting infected by the pandemic. Hence Canada has been stepping up border closure to foreigners outside of the US until August 31, 2020. Nevertheless, this comes with exemptions but despite an open letter from international airlines. They urged the Canadian government to ease its restrictions to European travelers.

But there’s a regular monthly review of travel restrictions done by Canada. It’s still to be known what change in the restrictions will be applied to whom, in the next review.

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Canada’s Express Entry draw no. 160 welcomes 600 candidates

Rules to follow for renewing Emirates ID to stay on in the UAE

How to renew your Emirate iD

How to renew your Emirate iD


You could either be a citizen or a resident in the UAE. Both ways, you are going to need an Emirates ID to ensure your legal stay in the country.

When it’s time to renew your residence visa once every whatever the number of years it was issued for, you must renew your Emirates ID along with it. You get just 30 days to do what you need to do.

Now, as already said, from the date of expiry, there are 30 days you have to renew your visa along with your ID. Post that period, you will have to pay late fines of AED 20 per day up to AED 1000. Nothing goes on forever here too!

There’s no way you could miss the visa expiry deadlines as FAIC (Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship) will SMS you notifying the nearing expiry. You must fill the application form and submit it for the renewal of Emirates ID either online through FAIC’s website or in person at an accredited typing center.

You will also need to provide your biometric details. For this, you may need to visit an FAIC service center or a preventive medical center.

In the process of residence visa renewal, the renewal of the Emirates ID is the second step. It follows your medical fitness test.

In the process of renewing the Emirates ID, first comes filling out the form as we have already mentioned.

For the documents you will need for the renewal process, submit these:

  • Details of the expired ID card or a copy/original of the ID
  • Residence visa with original passport
  • A passport size photograph (4.5 cm x 3.5 cm). Keep the background white
  • Original birth certificate for children under 15 years of age
  • Emirates ID or passport of either parent for those under the age of 15

We didn’t talk about the cost of renewal yet. It’s Dh 270 for 2 years and Dh 370 for 3 years.

There’s a lot that Emirates ID enables you to do. Here are a few instances:

  • To access government services
  • To cast vote in elections of Federal National Council (only UAE citizens)
  • To travel in the UAE using the ID as a travel document. Citizens can use it to travel within the GCC
  • To pass immigration through smart gates and eGates at UAE airports using the ID as a valid document

Now that you know what keeps your migration overseas to UAE keeps going, and how to keep the necessary, you will do the right thing to stay ashore.

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Expired visa holders find their chance in UAE’s amnesty

Returnees to UAE now need approval from GDRFA

UAE returnees need GDRFA approval

UAE returnees need GDRFA approval

Dubai residents coming back to the UAE must have approval from GDRFA (General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs). But those coming back to Sharjah and Abu Dhabi are permitted to enter the country without approval from ICA (Identity and Citizenship). Travelers must upload their data on, This will enable the verification of the authenticity of travel documents.

An announcement about this was made after Air India Express tweeted on August 14, 2020, stating that residence visa holders can enter the UAE without approval from GDRFA or ICA. The airline has given the clarification that this rule is applicable to only those coming back to Sharjah or Abu Dhabi.

Air India made an announcement that federal authority for ICA has approved the travel of residents of UAE on Vande Bharat Mission flights it operated. There are many protocols and approvals involved in the flight.

The documents returnees must carry are as follows:

Documents residents returning to Dubai must carry

  • A valid negative PCR test report for COVID-19 issued by a laboratory authorized by the government
  • A valid approval from GDRFA
  • Downloaded COVID-19 – DXB Smart app
  • Health declaration and quarantine undertaking forms duly filled to be submitted at the Dubai Airport on arrival
  • ICA or GDRFA approvals that haven’t expired

Residents returning to Abu Dhabi will carry the same documents as for Dubai. But such residents must get ICA’s approval. Returnees to Sharjah must have valid approval from GDRFA or ICA.

Residents coming back to Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, or Dubai must produce a valid COVID-PCR test report that’s negative in result. The test result mustn’t be older than 96 hours beforethe traveler’s departure.

Upon arrival in Dubai, every passenger must take a PCR test. They should stay in their residence until the test results are released. The travelers who test positive must go into isolation and follow the guidelines issued by the Dubai Health Authority.

Upon arrival in Abu Dhabi, passengers will have to get their temperature scanning and PCR testing done.

Upon arrival from Sharjah, the passenger will have to get PCR testing done.

Violating quarantine rules upon arriving in Dubai will invite a fine of AED 50,000.

As of now, only resident permit holders can return to the UAE. But UAE residents and citizens can do leisure travel abroad.

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Expired visa holders find their chance in UAE’s amnesty

Exploring Canada – What to look for and experience

Exploring Canada What to look for and experience

Exploring Canada What to look for and experience

So, you want to know what’s so wonderful about Canada. There are millions of people just dreaming of and trying to get to this amazing nation. It’s known for its pro-migrant approach and ranked on top for being the best source of world class education, lifestyle and culture, and work opportunities.

It’s wonderful that probably no other country welcomes you to call it home by helping you with many pathways like Express Entry to become a permanent resident. People fall in love with Canada as it has far less crime rate, a culture that is diverse and multinational, and persona that is amiable and progressive.

Ever wondered why Canada immigration is so active? Well, glance at this graphic that says it all


But Canada is not a desperate nation that lures immigrants with its proximity to the USA. (Does anyone think like that anymore?!) It has genuinely great features you will want to experience. One of it is its rich cultural and natural attractions. It’s a country worth choosing for a tour. Oh! But in these COVID-19 days, be sure of the obligations and instructions if you are willing to travel to Canada.

You-got-to-visit museums

Museums are the treasure troves of a nation’s best things offered to be explored. Canada has so many of them ranging from science and technology museums to museum of nature.

Let’s list a few of them below to warm up your interest:

Canada Science & Technology Museum

Let’s start being science savvy. The Canada Science & Technology Museum opened in 1967. On November 17, 2017, it was reopened after renovation and renewal.

The museum invites its visitors to discover, play, and experience how the observation, creativity, and curiosity of Canada’s people has made the nation ready for the future.

There are 11 exhibitions offered by the museum. Visitors can also tinker in Exploratek and visit the demonstration stage. All these will walk you through Canada’s glorious history of innovation, science, and technology.

The good news is that the museum has now reopened with all preventive measures implemented for COVID-19.

Canada Agriculture and Food Museum

This museum is situated on a national heritage site. It’s also the only working farm in the world in the heart of a capital city. It features diverse breeds of farm animals. This is your chance to learn a lot about them.

There are exhibitions and other programs that highlight the country’s agricultural heritage, the relationship between agri-science and technology, and food literacy. There’s a lot of activity that goes on here including summer day camps, demonstrations, school programs, community groups, and much more.

Canada Aviation and Space Museum

Now, are you interested to explore the history and future of aviation in Canada? Do you love to discover the wonders of aerospace technology?

Canada Aviation and Space Museum has it all. The museum’s collection includes over 130 aircraft and artifacts (engines, propellers) from both military and civil service. The collections have a particular reference to achievements of Canada in this area. The museum has the most extensive aviation collection in Canada. It’s also one of the world’s finest aviation museums.

Now, let’s check out a different type of museum.

Canadian Museum of History

The Canadian Museum of History is elated to welcome you all to its exhibition of rich history and activities that makes you a part of the experience of this place. There are dance performances by Indigenous Experiences, outdoor activities, and a Grand Hall guided tour.

Besides these, the museum features:

· Chill time in the Zen garden

· Canoe excursion (Rabaska Canada)

· Spectacular view from the rooftop of River View Salon

· Picnic on museum grounds

· Self-guided architectural tour

These days, the museum practices strict COVID-19 protection measures.

Canadian War Museum

The Canadian War Museum is the country’s national military history museum. It’s one of the most respected museums of the world. It’s used a lot for understanding and studying armed conflict.

The museum dates back to 1880. Its exhibition galleries and programs for visitors are designed to lay emphasis on the experience of war. The museum’s gallery highlights defining moments of military history of Canada.

Canadian Museum of Nature

The Canadian Museum of Nature is a lot more than the obvious. It’s a multi-faceted, multi-layered, and vibrant organization with:

· Innovators

· Collection specialists

· Internationally renowned research scientists

· Education and multimedia specialists

The museum aims at increasing Canada and the world’s interest in, appreciation of, knowledge of, and respect for the natural world.

Wonderous national parks

Now, getting to more interesting places in Canada, you will find Canada’s national parks great destinations to visit. You must be knowing that Canada is a country blessed with natural resources. These national parks preserve and protect the ecosystem, wildlife, and habitats.

National parks in Canada are located on the Arctic, Pacific, and Atlantic coasts. They are situated across the interior mountains, plains, and Great Lakes. They reach till far north and south of Canada.

You not only enjoy the sights, but understand and appreciate the landscape with full respect for the resolve to maintaining their integrity.

Pride of historic sites

Canada’s eventful history, achievements and monumental creations rest in the historic sites of the country. Visiting these historic sites will make you realize and imbibe the true identity, spirit, and unique qualities of Canada. That will only make you love the nation more.

Some of these historic sites are:

· Heritage lighthouses of Canada

· Historic Canals of Quebec, Canada like:

o Chamby canal

o Carillon canal

o Saint-ours canal

o Lachine canal

o Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue canal

· The Plains of Abraham

· World heritage sites like:

o Pimachiowin Aki

o Dinosaur Provincial Park

o Wood Buffalo National Park

o Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks

o Writing-on-Stone / Áísínai’pi

The land’s landmarks

You cannot miss the landmarks of Canada in its capital city. These include:

· Parliament Hill

· Monuments and public art

· The tulips

· Confederation Boulevard

· The Rideau Canal Promenade

These and a lot more may now have driven you to go for a Canada tourist visa. Even if you come to live, study, or work in Canada, these are a lot you can experience and relish, especially as the people of the country will join and help you love your time in Canada. If you are looking to Study, Work, Visit, Invest or Migrate to Canada, talk to Y-Axis, the World’s No.1 Immigration & Visa Company.

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