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How Dubai tourism serves you best with the right vision

Talk about reinvention and Dubai comes as the best story to tell. Dubai is a man-made wonder today. It only scores higher with time as an international tourist destination. Dubai gives a tourist visa value for every bit of it.    

In the late 2000s, Dubai shifted its image to a tourist destination for good. Steady and planned development saw great results. Many iconic structures delivering never-before experiences were built. Spectacular events only got better every time. The desert turned into dreamland for tourists. 

What led the transformation? 

The strategy of turning UAE into a travel destination was chalked out in 2013. Then, the roadmap was laid to attract 20 million visitors each year by 2020. The vision was to make Dubai the No.1 choice for those traveling for leisure and business.  

The drive to attract tourists involved measures to: 

  • Keep existing tourist sources intact 
  • Improve the prospects of growth to max potential 
  • Take measures to increase repeat visits 

World-class attractions like Burj Khalifa and Palm Island were made. Spectacular events like Dubai Shopping Festival were conducted. The golden prospects of work and leisure created a positive result. People increasingly flocked Dubai for work and leisure. Immigrants entering UAE with a visitor visa increased spectacularly!  

How is Dubai made an amazing experience for you? 

UAE has taken many measures to boost visitor influx. This includes tourist visa policies that attract visitors. The introduction of multi-entry tourist visas is the latest example. Such measures have made a significant rise in tourist visits. The largest number of tourists is from India.  

Another measure that the UAE introduced is the E Tourist Visa. The tourism strategy of the UAE government for the future proposes: 

  • Increased leadership across core and diversified markets 
  • Developing end-to-end and ‘Only in Dubai’ experiences 
  • Promote Dubai tourism through data-driven and personalized marketing 
  • Improve Dubai even more as a business destination 
  • Establish the image of an agile tourism ecosystem 

With these plans, Dubai is looking to bring the visitor count to 23 million by 2025. For tourists, this means a larger scale of tourism infrastructure and attractions to enjoy. 

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Pay for overstay – Penalties in the UAE you should know about

Overstaying Fines in Dubai

Overstaying Fines in Dubai

Millions of visitors arrive in UAE every year. The robust system of visa management clearly lays out and implements the UAE’s immigration and tourist visa policies. An important part of the law addresses the issue of overstay by the visa holders.

Those who arrive in Dubai on visitor visas often skip the expiry dates of their visas. This happens with resident immigrants too.

Ask any visa consultant and he will reiterate the importance of keeping tab of the expiry dates of the visas issued. Still, a delay by a few days or due to genuine reasons can be rectified as per the rules of the UAE.

Grace period:

Visitors/residents get a grace period of 10 days after the visa has expired. In these 10 days, they are free to leave the country without paying any fine. From the 11th day, they will need to pay a fine. The fine amount will increase with the extension of stay.

Penalty on tourist or visitor visa:

The overstaying tourist/visitor will have to pay AED 200 for the first day after the grace period. For every additional day of overstay, he/she will be fined an additional AED 100. While leaving the country, he/she will also need to pay AED 100 as a service fee at the immigration office/airport.

Penalty on resident visa holders:

The grace period for resident visa holders in UAE is 30 days. In these 30 days, the visa holder has the option of leaving the country or renewing the visa without a fine. On the first day after the grace period, AED 125 is levied on the visa holder. Subsequently, for each day of overstay from the second day, AED 25 will be additionally charged.

If the overstay extends beyond 6 months, he/she will need to pay AED 50 as fine per day. After one year, this increases to AED 100 per day!

Avoiding penalties:

To avoid penalties of overstay, the visa holder should do the renewal of the visa on time. He/she can apply for an extension and avoid paying fines. Any type of tourist or visit visa can be extended for 30 days without leaving the country. This can be done twice. They can apply for second renewal before the first one expires, by paying a charge of AED 600. If you are looking to Study, Work, Visit, Invest or Immigrate to UAE, talk to Y-Axis, the World’s No.1 Immigration & Visa Company.

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UAE Immigration – What you need to know about sponsorship

How car rentals offer fun & function for tourists in UAE

Dubai Visitor Visa


Dubai Visitor Visa

Riding cars of your choice in the UAE could be your dream! UAE’s car rental companies help you realise that dream!    

If you are planning to go on a visitor visa to UAE, make use of car rental services. Car rental companies in UAE offer you a variety of cars. They offer services that are flexible in cost and other options. Choose SUVs or sedans and travel comfortably with the right documents and license in hand. Give your tourist visa more value for money using this service.   

Car rental services give you freedom from the hassles of owning a car. For a tourist, it helps to plan trips well and feasibly. Budget options in car rentals help tourists to get smart at renting the right car. For example, renting a hatchback or sedan can cost tourists DH 30 to DH 70.   

When you are going to rent a car in UAE as a tourist, be sure that you:   

  • keep a passport and visiting visa copy   
  • have your native country driving license or international driving permit ready   

Still, you should check that your native country’s driving license is accepted in UAE. Ask your visa consultant about it. Clarify that with your rental service provider. Besides the rental charges, you would need to pay    

  • A certain amount of deposit money. This will be paid back after deducting fines or charges incurred within 2 weeks of returning the car 
  • The Salik or toll fee amount to pay at the Salik gate   
  • Fuelling charges   

Now, you may be having an afterthought about renting cars considering the duration of the visit. For a short visit, renting cars is the best option. Ideally, buy a car for long stays like a year or more. Also, renting cars is a smart choice as it gives you the chance to drive different models!   

There is a daily cap of DH 16 on toll charges in the UAE. This means, even after crossing gates more than 4 times, you spend no more than that. Per crossing costs DH 4.   

Enjoy your stay in UAE with amazing options like car rentals.   

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UAE Immigration – What you need to know about sponsorship

UAE Sponsorship

UAE Sponsorship

‘Sponsor’ is an often vaguely understood term in the context of immigration to middle east countries like the UAE. It has technically more clarity than commonly understood. A layman can get educated about this term from visa agents or immigration experts.  

Can any expatriate be a sponsor? 

Expatriates in the UAE with a valid residency permit are eligible to sponsor their family members in the UAE. An expatriate can be an employer or employee. A male resident employed in the UAE with a minimum salary of AED 4,000 or AED 3,000 and accommodation can be a sponsor. He can sponsor his immediate family members, such as his wife and children. There are other conditions applicable to him as a sponsor. 

A resident sponsor can apply for his dependents’ residence visa if his status is that of a resident visa holder. He should apply within 60 days after entering the UAE with the resident status. 

Visas for family members through expatriate sponsorship 

The family members of the expatriate are issued visas for a duration of 1 to 3 years. This depends on the sponsor member’s labor contract duration. The sponsor member’s capacity as an employer or employee also matters here. 

All family members sponsored will need to pass medical fitness tests. 

Expatriate employees are issued a residency visa for 1 or 2 years. It depends on the labor contract. Expatriate employers are issued a residency visa for 3 years. 

Check up regularly with Dubai GDRFA or the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship. This will keep you informed of any changes in the rules. 

Who else could be a sponsor? 

If you are visiting UAE to work in a local company, the sponsor is a local sponsor. The local sponsor means a UAE citizen who holds 51% of shares of the local company. He will be a silent shareholder. He will be your authorized representative to the UAE government authorities. Your local sponsor will be liable for your actions in the UAE.  

It is always wise to be clear about the updated rules from the UAE’s government sources. Responsible immigration agents like us can assist with the process and procedures of sponsorship. 

If you are looking to Visit, Work, Invest or Study in the UAE, talk to Y-Axis, the World’s No.1 Immigration & Visa Company. 

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Dubai Business Visa – Why it matters for your business today! 

Dubai Business Visa – Why it matters for your business today!

Dubai Business Visa

Dubai Business Visa

Dubai is a fond destination for tourists today. The sheer reinvention of the emirate as a tourist destination is awe-inspiring. So is the development of Dubai as a hub for promising business growth. Along with Dubai tourism, business development in Dubai has flourished.  

In fact, the whole nation of UAE has developed business prospects for the world to thrive with. Today, a UAE business visa is a ticket to great possibilities. The world, with a large chunk of it Indian businessmen, is taking advantage. There are several reasons for it. 

Stability serves right 

Political stability is a major factor for investors to do business in UAE. The country is already projecting its 2021 Vision to become an economic, touristic and commercial capital of the world. The visionary leadership of the country is generating immense faith in investors. 

Infrastructure and connectivity 

Connectivity and infrastructure are essential factors for business development. These are well-maintained in UAE. UAE boasts the eleventh rank in World Bank’s 2018 Logistics Performance Index rankings. It gives tough competition to most of 160 countries counted in the rankings. The superiority of trade logistics is exemplary! 


UAE is accessible from most of the world countries within 8 hours via flight. That makes a lot of difference. 

Ease of doing business 

UAE is ranked first in World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business rankings. This involves listings of countries in Africa and Middle East. 

Besides these, UAE boasts of near to 90% migration rate, which is highest in the world! If you want to migrate to UAE for business, you need a UAE business visa. 

UAE Business visa  

A business visa in UAE is also available as e-Visa. With the visa, an eligible entrepreneur can conduct presentations, meetings, and conferences. Any professional with business experience can apply for a Dubai Business visa. It can be applied online also. 

Criteria for businessmen to qualify 

  • The applicant must substantiate his/her entrepreneurial experience 
  • The businessman must have been a  
  • A start-up’s majority shareholder or  
  • A member of its senior leadership  
  • He/She must be willing to move to the UAE  
  • He/She must legally establish a business in any of the emirates 
  • He/She must have a business idea or business plan to realize in the UAE. 

A businessman with UAE business visa can enter and stay in the UAE for 6 months. This is in view of facilitating business operations. To get residency, he/she must nominate 3 senior staff members of the business. 

A variety of business visas for different durations are available. It includes  

  • 14 days (single entry) 
  • 30 days (single & multiple entry) 
  • 60 days (single entry) 
  • 90 days (single and multiple entry) 

So, get on with your plan to invest and conduct business in the UAE!  

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Australian immigration changes in 2020 – The Dubai perspective

Australian immigration

Australian immigration

Australia has always been a haven for skilled professionals. The influx of professionals from all over the world to Australia is phenomenal. The career prospects and opportunities for permanent residency lure the candidates.  

You can go for an Australian work permit from Dubai knowing the updates in rules in 2020. To work in Australia, you will need to know major changes in Skilled Occupation List. Immigration to Australia from Dubai is conducted by the Australian Consulate-General in Dubai. 

The minimum score needed for Australian immigration will remain 65 points. Scoring more will be an ambitious attempt for an advantage. The advantage is a higher chance of being invited by migration experts to lodge an Expression of Interest. 

There are points to be earned for individual status like: 

  • Extra 10 points for being single 
  • 10 points for applicants with a spouse with a positive Skill Assessment Report 
  • 5 extra points for applicants with spouse demonstrating competent English 
  • 10 points for certain STEM qualifications 
  • Extra 15 points for nomination from a state/territory or sponsorship from an eligible family member 

Australia has 25,000 places assigned for regional visas. The new Subclass 491 and Subclass 494 Visas have a provision for Permanent Residency too. That is an attractive scenario. 

The Traffic Light Bulletin 

The Traffic Light Bulletin is issued by the Dept. of Employment, Skills, Small and Family Businesses. The Bulletin proposes significant changes to the Skilled Occupation Lists of Australia. 

Traffic Light Colours & Meaning 

RED  Flagged for removal from the SOLs 
ORANGE  Flagged for movement between occupation lists 
GREEN   Flagged for addition to the lists 

 Here are the job statuses: 

ANZCO Code  Occupation Name  Current status  Recommended Status 
272111  Careers Counsellor  STSOL  RED
324212  Vehicle Trimmer  STSOL  RED 
342311  Business Machine Mechanic  STSOL  RED 
361199  Animal Attendants and Trainers nec  STSOL  RED 
362211  Gardener(General)  STSOL  RED 
391111  Hairdresser  STSOL  RED 
394213  Wood Machinist  STSOL  RED 
411611  Massage Therapist  STSOL  RED 
411711  Community Worker  STSOL  RED 
452311  Diving instructor (Open water)  STSOL  RED 
452311  Gymnastics Coach or Instructor  STSOL  RED 
321111  Automotive Electrician  MLTSSL  STSOL (ORANGE) 
321213  Motorcycle Mechanic  MLTSSL  STSOL (ORANGE) 
323313  Locksmith  MLTSSL  STSOL (ORANGE) 
332211  Painting Trades Worker  MLTSSL  STSOL (ORANGE) 
333111  Glazier  MLTSSL  STSOL (ORANGE) 
333411  Wall and Floor Tiler  MLTSSL  STSOL (ORANGE) 
394111  Cabinetmaker  MLTSSL  STSOL (ORANGE) 
142115  Post Office Manager  ROL  STSOL (ORANGE) 
312511  Mechanical Engineering Draftsperson  ROL  STSOL (ORANGE) 
612115  Real Estate Representative  ROL  STSOL (ORANGE) 
234411  Geologist  STSOL  ROL (ORANGE) 
131112  Sales and Marketing Manager  STSOL  MLTSSL (ORANGE) Salary caveat of $120,000 
135112  ICT Project Manager  STSOL  MLTSSL (ORANGE) Salary caveat of $120,000 
224999  Info. And Org. Prof nec  STSOL  MLTSSL (ORANGE) Salary caveat of $90,000 
599612  Insurance Loss Adjuster  STSOL  MLTSSL (ORANGE) Salary caveat of $80,000 
133612  Procurement Manager  ROL  MLTSSL (ORANGE) 
231213  Ship’s Master  ROL  MLTSSL (ORANGE) 
221212  Corporate Treasurer  OFF  STSOL (GREEN) 
423111  Aged or Disabled Carer  OFF  STSOL (GREEN) 
423312  Nursing Support Worker  OFF  STSOL (GREEN) 
423313  Personal Care Assistant  OFF  STSOL (GREEN) 
121321  Poultry Farmer  STSOL  Salary caveat of $65,000 
351111  Baker  STSOL  Salary caveat of $65,000 
351112  Pastrycook  STSOL  Salary caveat of $65,000 
361112  Horse Trainer  MLTSSL  Salary caveat of $65,000 
323212  Fitter and Turner  MLTSSL  Salary caveat of $65,000 
452499  Sportspersons nec  STSOL  Salary caveat of $120,000 

Y-Axis offers a wide range of visa services and products. It serves aspiring overseas immigrants. These include: 

  • Australia Skilled Regional Visa, 
  • Australia General Skilled Migration Program via RMA,  
  • Australia Temporary Graduate Visa Subclass 485, 
  • Australia Temporary Skilled Work Visa  

We work with Registered Migration Agents in Australia.   

If you are looking to Visit, Study, Work, Invest or Migrate to Australia from Dubai, talk to Y-Axis, the World’s No.1 Immigration & Visa Consultant.     

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British Columbia invites 173 in the first draw of 2020

British Columbia in Canada conducted its very first draw of 2020 on 7th January. The British Columbia PNP invited 173 candidates for a provincial nomination for Canada PR. Invites were issued under the Express Entry and Skills Immigration streams. 

To apply under the Express Entry-British Columbia category, you must have a valid EOI in the Express Entry Pool. 

The Express Entry Program is the primary route for skilled immigrants to gain a Canadian Permanent Residency. Candidates who are successful in obtaining a provincial nomination can add 600 additional points to their CRS scores. The added points guarantee an invite for Canadian Permanent Residency in the subsequent draws. 

Skilled and semi-skilled candidates who have work experience in an occupation in demand in British Columbia can apply under the Skills Immigration stream. 

To be considered for a provincial nomination, both Express Entry and Skills Immigration candidates must register through British Columbia’s Skills Immigration Registration System. Eligible candidates receive a score based on factors like a job offer, location in British Columbia, salary, education, language skills etc. 

The minimum cut-off score in the 7th January draw was between 85 and 105. 

Here are the results of the 7th January draw: 

Date  Category  Minimum cut-off score  No. of invitations issued 
7th January 2020  EEBC-Skilled Worker  110  173 
SI-Skilled Worker  100 
EEBC-International Graduate  105 
SI-International Graduate  103 
SI-Entry Level & Semi-Skilled  85 


Y-Axis offers a wide range of Visa and Immigration products as well as services for aspiring overseas students including Study Visa for Canada, Work Visa for Canada, Canada Evaluation, Visit Visa for   Canada and Business Visa for Canada. We work with Regulated Immigration Consultants in Canada.    

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Canada Express Entry: First draw of 2020 invites 3400

The UAE launches a new 5-year, multiple-entry Tourist Visa

Dubai Tourist Visa

Dubai Tourist Visa

Millions of international visitors visit the UAE every year. The UAE Cabinet recently approved a new 5-year, multiple-entry Tourist Visa for tourists from all countries of the world. 

The Council of Ministers approved the new Tourist Visa recently in a meeting headed by the Prime Minister of the UAE, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum.  

The Prime Minister made a Twitter announcement regarding the new Visa. His Highness Sheikh Mohammed said that the UAE had approved a new Tourist Visa for the country. The UAE has increased the validity of the Tourist Visa to 5 years with multiple-entry benefits. People from all countries of the world would be eligible for the new Tourist Visa. The UAE welcomes more than 21 million visitors every year. In the coming years, a key focus area for the UAE is to establish itself as a major tourist hub in the world. 

Earlier, the Tourist Visa of the UAE was granted with a validity of 30 days for a single-entry visa. Multiple-entry Tourist Visas had a validity of 90 days. 

The UAE would be completing 50 years in 2021, tweeted His Highness, Sheikh Mohammed. The UAE has designated the year 2020 as the Year of Preparation. The UAE plans to use the year 2020 to design the future of the country. 

Y-Axis offers a wide range of visa and immigration services as well as products to the aspiring overseas immigrants including Australia Visitor Visa, Canada Evaluation With Registered Canadian Immigration Consultant, and Canada Express Entry.    

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Mexican citizens can now travel visa-free to the UAE 

Canada Express Entry: First draw of 2020 invites 3400

Canada Express Entry
Canada Express Entry

Canada Express Entry

Canada held the first Express Entry draw of 2020 on 8th January. The first draw issued 3,400 invitations with the minimum required score of 473. 

The Express Entry Program was launched in 2015 and is the largest source of skilled foreign workers in Canada. Eligible candidates are scored on various factors like age, education, work experience, language skills etc. using the Comprehensive Ranking System. 

You do not need to have an offer of employment from Canada to apply under the Express Entry Program. 

High scoring candidates in the Express Entry Pool are invited to apply for Canada PR in regular draws conducted by the IRCC. The current processing time for a Canada PR through the Express Entry Program is 6 months. 

Canada has increased the admission target for 2020 and 2021. It plans to admit 85,800 permanent immigrants in 2020 and 88,800 in 2021. 

A part of the Provincial Nominee Program in Canada is also managed by the Federal Express Entry Program. Canada has also increased the admission target for the Provincial Nominee Programs in 2020 and 2021. The target for 2020 is 67,800, and for 2021 it is 71,300. 

The provincial nominee streams aligned with the Federal Express Entry Program typically have a much lower CRS score requirement. Some streams do not have a minimum score requirement at all. These streams could be a good option for candidates who are not scoring very high in the Express Entry Program. 

The 8th January draw issued 200 more invitations than the previous draw held on 19th December. The 19th December draw issued 3200 invitations with a CRS score of 469. 

The higher minimum required score in the 8th January draw can be attributed to the longer time gap between this and the previous draw. If the time between draws exceeds two draws, the minimum required score tends to rise. 

The tie-break rule used in the 8th January draw used the date and time 27th December 2019 at 13:35:09 UTC. Candidates who had a submitted their EOIs before this time and had a score of 473 or above received an invite in the newest draw. 

Y-Axis offers a wide range of Visa and Immigration products as well as services for aspiring overseas students including Study Visa for Canada, Work Visa for Canada, Canada Evaluation, Visit Visa for   Canada and Business Visa for Canada. We work with Regulated Immigration Consultants in Canada.    

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Canada increases settlement funds requirement for 2020

Manitoba issues 186 invitations in the first draw of 2020

canada express entry draw

canada express entry draw

Manitoba conducted the first draw of 2020 on 2nd January. 186 invitations were issued to skilled workers and international students in Manitoba and overseas. 

The break-up of the invitations issued was as follows: 

  • Skilled Workers in Manitoba: 122 
  • Skilled Workers Overseas: 42 
  • International Education:22 

This is the eighth EOI draw of Manitoba since the program was started in 2014. 

Out of the 186 invitations issued, 24 were issued to candidates with a valid Express Entry ID. These candidates can apply for a provincial nomination to Manitoba which will add 600 points to their CRS score. 

To be eligible for a provincial nomination, Express Entry candidates must have work experience in any one of in-demand occupations in Manitoba. 

To be invited under the Skilled Workers in Manitoba or Skilled Workers Overseas streams, candidates must first submit an EOI to MPNP. Eligible applicants are given a score out of 1,000 points on various factors like connection to Manitoba, education, work experience, language skills etc. 

The lowest-scoring candidate scored 534 points in the Skilled Workers in Manitoba stream in the 2nd January draw. The lowest-scoring candidate in the Skilled Workers Overseas stream had a score of 708. 

42 candidates who were invited through the Skilled Workers Overseas stream received invitations under Manitoba’s Strategic Recruitment Initiative. 

Among other eligibility requirements, candidates applying under the Skilled Workers in Manitoba stream must have a job offer from Manitoba. 

International students of Manitoba who have skills that are in-demand in the province may apply under the International Education Stream. 

Y-Axis offers a wide range of Visa and Immigration products as well as services for aspiring overseas students including Study Visa for Canada, Work Visa for Canada, Canada Evaluation, Visit Visa for   Canada and Business Visa for Canada. We work with Regulated Immigration Consultants in Canada.    

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Canada increases settlement funds requirement for 2020