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Canada to expand the pilot to link skilled refugees with PNP



Speaking on the occasion of “World Refugee Day”, Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen said that Canada could admit more refugees. It could do so by channeling skilled refugees through Canada’s economic migration programs. 

Mr. Hussen also said that he would like to expand the pilot that links skilled refugees to various PNPs in Canada. The pilot which was launched last year links skilled refugees from the Middle East and East Africa with existing PNPs. 

The Economic Mobility Pathways Project is modeled on the US-based Talent Beyond Borders. TBB has registered a number of refugees from Jordan and Lebanon, a third of whom have undergraduate degrees. 40% of these refugees are competent in English. The registered refugees with TBB belong to a number of fields like IT, Engineering, Health Care, Education and Accounting. 

The EMPP is run by the IRCC in partnership with the following: 

  • RefugePoint 
  • Talent Beyond Boundaries 
  • United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees 

The EMPP refers eligible refugees registered with the UNHCR to PNPs of the following provinces: 

  • Ontario 
  • Manitoba 
  • Nova Scotia 
  • Newfoundland & Labrador 
  • Yukon 

Refugees who successfully obtain a provincial nomination can proceed to apply for Canadian Permanent Residence. 

The EMPP also evaluates various challenges that these refugees may face while migrating via economic migration programs. 

So far, only a few refugees have been admitted into Canada through the EMPP. Mr Hussen would like to change that, as quoted by CIC News. 

As per a report by UNHCR, Canada has resettled more refugees in 2018 than any other country in the world. 28,100 refugees were taken in by Canada and resettled across 25 countries in 2018. 

The number of refugees who were granted Canadian citizenship increased to 18,000 in 2018 from 10,000 in 2017. 

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Canada reduces CRS by 3 points in the latest EE draw


EE candidates with CRS as less as 300 get invited by Alberta



Alberta in Canada had its latest invitation round on 21st June for its PNP stream aligned with the Express Entry. It issued 262 Notifications of Interest to candidates from the EE pool with CRS as less as 300. 

The Alberta Express Entry Stream gives an opportunity to even low-scoring EE candidates to apply for Canadian PR. This is one of the major advantages of this stream. 

Successful candidates who obtain a provincial nomination get 600 extra points. This significantly increases their CRS score which in turn gets them an Invitation to Apply from the EE pool. 

The 21st June Alberta draw had a cut-off score of 300. This is remarkably lower than the cut-offs in any Express Entry draw that have been held in 2019. The lowest cut-off in 2019 has been 332 which was seen in the 15th May invitation round. However, this invitation round catered exclusively to the Federal Skilled Trades Class applicants. The lowest cut-off in an all-programs draw in 2019 has been 438. 

A candidate who has relevant work experience in any occupation which contributes to the economic progress of Alberta eligible for the Alberta EE Stream. However, there is no such list of occupations which has been released by the Govt, as per CIC News. 

You do not need to have any previous work experience in Alberta to apply under the Alberta EE Stream. It is also not mandatory to have a job offer from the province to apply under this stream. 

However, priority is given by the provincial Govt. to any candidate who: 

  1. Has previous work experience or a job offer from an employer in Alberta 
  1. Has completed a post-secondary degree in Canada and has obtained a job offer 
  1. Has a parent, child or sibling who is currently a resident of Alberta 

The number of invitations issued by Alberta has reached 3,816 so far in 2019. 

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MPNP Canada issues 450 invitations in the latest draw 


How to check if you qualify for an Australian Visa?



The Australian Permanent Residence Visa is one of the coveted in the world. Australia also has an increasing demand for skilled professionals. 

If you too aspire to obtain an Australian Visa, here’s how you can check if you qualify for the same: 

  1. Age 

To apply for an Australian Visa you should be less than 45 years of age. 

  1. English Proficiency 

Australia is primarily an English-speaking country. English is used not only in day-to-day life but also in the workspace. Thus, you must be proficient in the English language to qualify for an Australian Visa. 

  1. Occupation 

Your skills and qualifications should match an occupation which is in demand in Australia. Looking up the Skilled Occupation Lists of Australia may help you to find your matching occupation. 

  1. Skill Assessment 

You should have relevant work experience to your nominated occupation. Before you apply for an Australian Visa you need to get your work experience and qualifications assessed by a recognized Authority. You would be able to apply for an Australian Visa only if you get a positive Skill Assessment, as quoted by SBS News. 

  1. Character Assessment 

You should be of sound character and have no criminal cases against you. You would need to provide a Police Clearance Certificate as evidence of the same. 

  1. Health Assessment 

You have to be of sound health when applying for an Australian Visa. For the same, you need to undergo a medical examination. The results of the medical examination are valid for a year. In case, your Visa application takes more than a year, you would need to re-do your medical exam. 

One needs to meet all of the above criteria to qualify for an Australian Visa.  

It is also mandatory for all applicants to meet the points score on the GSM points test. One needs to score a minimum of 65 points in order to qualify for an Australian Visa. 

The immigration system of Australia targets applicants who have exceptional skills and technical abilities. 

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Know the changes to the immigration rules for ACT in Australia 


Australia dumps plans for tougher citizenship tests

The Australian Govt. has decided not to go ahead with the proposal for conducting tougher Citizenship tests. The Govt. had earlier proposed tougher tests in order to promote Australian values but will not go through with it now. This move has been lauded by many community leaders. 

The Govt. had announced changes to the Citizenship test earlier in 2019. The announcement had been made along with Visa rule changes and a cut in the immigration intake. However, the Australian Media has now reported that changes to the Citizenship test have now been scrapped. 

One of the proposed changes was for immigrants to prove their English language skills. Citizenship applicants were required to score a Band 6 on IELTS to qualify for Australian citizenship. 

After a debacle in the Senate, the Govt. has now reduced the English language requirement to Band 5 (moderate level). 

Among the proposed changes was a ban of 2 years on candidates who had failed the citizenship test thrice. Other changes included appearing for an English test as well as answering questions on Australian values. 

However, it has now been announced that the Govt. will no longer implement the proposed changes, as per Courier Mail. 

Immigration Minister, David Coleman, said that the proposals were intended for future citizenship applicants. However, the Govt. will continue to supervise the current Citizenship requirements and the citizenship program as a whole. He also said that the Govt. intends to provide the best prospects for success for future candidates who wish to commit to becoming an Australian citizen. 

The Federation of Ethnic Communities Council of Australia has applauded the Federal Govt.’s decision of not going ahead with the changes. Mary Patetsos, Chairperson of FECCA, said that most immigrants are already proficient in English. Once in Australia, their skills only developed further, she added. 

Shadow Immigration Minister, Kristina Keneally, congratulated Australia for being “multicultural” and “ for standing up to the Govt.” Multicultural communities across Australia had opposed the Govt.’s proposal of making changes to the English requirement.  

Ms Keneally went on to add that the proposed changes to the citizenship tests were discriminatory. 

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Know the changes to the immigration rules for ACT in Australia 

Know the changes to the immigration rules for ACT in Australia

Australian Capital Territory

Australian Capital Territory

With effect from 1st July 2019, ACT (Australian Capital Territory) has announced changes to the immigration rules for the Subclass 190 Visa. It has also released a new occupation list for its state sponsorship program. 

The new occupation list will be effective for the below: 

  1. Support from RCB (Regional Certifying Body) for the Employer Nomination Scheme  
  1. Getting a nomination from ACT for the Subclass 190 Visa 

Here are the changes that have been made to the current list. 

Occupations removed from the list: 

  1. 263312- Telecommunications Network Engineer 
  1. 234611- Medical Laboratory Scientist 
  1. 234519- Life Scientist nec 
  1. 234518- Zoologist 
  1. 234517- Microbiologist 
  1. 234212- Food Technologist 

These occupations have now been moved to the CLOSED status: 

  1. 351311- Chef 
  1. 271311- Solicitor 
  1. 249311- Teacher of English to speakers of other languages 
  1. 241213- Primary School Teacher 
  1. 232511- Interior Designer 
  1. 133111- Construction Project Manager 

These occupations have now been moved to the OPEN status: 

  1. 232611- Urban and Regional Planner 
  1. 233999- Engineering Professionals nec 
  1. 234111- Agricultural Consultant** 
  1. 234211- Agricultural Scientist** 
  1. 234211- Chemist** 
  1. 234312- Environmental Consultant** 
  1. 234313- Environmental Research Scientist** 
  1. 234399- Environmental Scientist nec** 
  1. 234411- Geologist** 
  1. 234515- Botanist** 
  1. 234412- Geophysicist** 
  1. 263299- ICT Support & Test Engineers nec** 
  1. 234413- Hydrogeologist** 
  1. 234514- Biotechnologist** 
  1. 234511- General Life Scientist** 
  1. 263212- ICT Support Engineer** 
  1. 234513- Biochemist** 
  1. 234516- Marine Biologist** 
  1. 242111- University Lecturer ## 
  1. 263211- ICT Quality Assurance Engineer** 
  1. 251511- Hospital Pharmacist ## 
  1. 261112- Systems Analyst** 
  1. 251513- Retail Pharmacist ## 
  1. 262111- Database Administrator** 
  1. 261211- Multimedia Specialist 
  1. 261399- Software and Applications Programmers nec** 
  1. 261311- Analyst Programmer** 
  1. 263213- ICT Systems Test Engineer** 
  1. 261312- Developer Programmer** 
  1. 262112- ICT Security Specialist** 
  1. 261313- Software Engineer** 
  1. 262113- Systems Administrator** 
  1. 263311- Telecommunications Engineer** 
  1. 261314- Software Tester** 
  1. 132511- Research and Development Manager** 
  1. 261111- ICT Business Analyst** 
  1. 263111- Computer Network and Systems Engineer** 
  1. 263112- Network Administrator** 
  1. 263113- Network Analyst** 

Please note: 

**: Employment caveat 

##: Should have at least a 1-year job contract with an employer in ACT for the nominated occupation, as per SBS News. 

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Canada reduces CRS by 3 points in the latest EE draw



The cut-off score in the latest EE draw held on 26th June was 462 which is 3 points lesser than the previous draw. The last draw was held on 12th June with 3,350 invitations being issued with a cut-off of 465. 

The latest draw also saw 3,350 invitations for Canadian Permanent Residence. This was the second consecutive draw which saw a reduction in the cut-off score after the 29th May draw with 470 points. 

The 29th May draw had a cut-off which was higher than the usual. This was because there was a 1-month gap between the draws that included all the main immigration streams. The June draws were held within a gap of 2 weeks. 

Canada has so far issued a total of 41,800 invitations in 2019. It is ahead by 2,100 as compared to 2018 during the same period, as per CIC News. 

The immigration intake of Canada in 2018 was 89,800. However, the immigration targets for 2019 and 2020 have seen a significant increase. Thus, it is expected that the immigration intake would be higher in 2019.  

Canada’s Express Entry program manages candidates under 3 economic migration programs. These are the : 

  1. Federal Skilled Worker Program 
  1. Federal Skilled Trades Program 
  1. Canadian Experience Class 

Eligible candidates enter the Express Entry pool where they are ranked based on their CRS score. The CRS score is based on multiple factors like age, education, work experience, language skills etc. 

It is not mandatory to have a job offer to enter the Express Entry pool. 

The highest ranked candidates are given Invitations to Apply in regular draws. Once they receive an ITA, candidates have 60 days time to submit an application for Permanent Residence of Canada. 


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MPNP Canada issues 450 invitations in the latest draw 


MPNP Canada issues 450 invitations in the latest draw



The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) conducted the latest draw on 20th June 2019. 450 invitations (LAAs) were issued to skilled workers and foreign graduates in this draw. 

The Letters of Advice to Apply (LAAs) were issued under the following streams: 

  1. Skilled Workers (Manitoba) 
  1. Skilled Workers Overseas 
  1. International Education 

All the above streams are part of the MPNP.  

The breakup of LAAs issued in the 20th June draw are as follows: 

  1. Skilled Workers (Manitoba)-101 
  1. Skilled Workers Overseas-323 
  1. International Education: 26 

With this draw, the total number of LAAs issued by MPNP totals to 4,979 in 2019. 

Out of the 450 invitations issued, 133 went to Express Entry candidates. The candidates had a valid job seeker code and had experience in one occupation on the Manitoba In-Demand list. 

EE candidates who obtain a provincial nomination get an extra 600 points on their CRS score. 

To apply under the Skilled Workers Overseas sub-category, you need to : 

  • Have a close relative who is a resident of Manitoba. The relative should be a citizen or PR of Canada 


  • You should have past work experience or education in Manitoba to establish a connection with the province 
  • Have relevant work experience of at least 6 months in any occupation on the In-demand list of Manitoba 
  • You should have a language proficiency of at least CLB 5. In the case, your experience is in a regulated occupation, your language requirement is CLB 7. If your experience is in a compulsory trade then your language requirement is CLB 6, as per CIC News. 

35 LAAs were issued under the Skilled Workers Overseas stream for the MPNP Strategic Recruitment Initiative. 

The Skilled Workers (Manitoba) stream is for temporary foreign workers and foreign students who are already living in Manitoba. It is mandatory for these candidates to have a permanent, full-time job offer from an employer in Manitoba. 

To apply under the MPNP, you have to first fill an online Expression of Interest. You will be required to provide information regarding your qualifications, experience, language skills, and connection to the province. Based on this information, you will be awarded a score by the Manitoba points system. Eligible candidate profiles are then placed in the Manitoba EOI pool. 

Candidates who obtain the highest score receive invitations through regular draws. 

The minimum scores for the 20th June draw are as follows: 

  1. Skilled Workers (Manitoba): 475 
  1. Skilled Workers Overseas: 599 
  1. Strategic Recruitment Initiative: 704 


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